Patch Solution - Norton High Security Threat


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Well, what if you do that and it still doesn't load?
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Worked for me as well. Thank you for finding the solution. Perhaps Blizzard should send a broadcast email to all players .. not likely.
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Jeepersz, try running your WoW as an administrator.
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Hell yeah i got thanked by a GM. Wheres my 2000k gold reward and auto level 85 button??
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03/15/2011 12:00 PMPosted by Dante
Hell yeah i got thanked by a GM. Wheres my 2000k gold reward and auto level 85 button??

You get the warm fuzzy feeling you helped several dozen of your fellow players patch, and get back into the game. :)

*awards warm & fuzzy feelings*
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It kinda burns. Makes me wanna throw up a bit....bleh.
Id prefer the money. lol
thank you so much! i figured that if i just turned it off it work download just didn't know how to get to it. :)
Thanks. Had same issue and this allowed me to install. I was going to turn off Norton for install but this is better to just turn off the one part causing the problem. In game and working fine. Once you've installed you can turn it back on. It's just the update it's blocking, not the game.

Last month Norton disabled Internet Explorer with a bad patch, now this. Maybe time to hit cancel button on Norton.
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You guys need to make sure the download going out is the one you uploaded. If I get a trojan from a WoW patch, I will be pissed.
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Blizz commented earlier that they did release a patch..and i have been playing now for about 2 hours and nothing bad so far. So either we all downloaded a trojan with down syndrome or were all gonna be just fine.
03/15/2011 12:12 PMPosted by Zanatose
You guys need to make sure the download going out is the one you uploaded. If I get a trojan from a WoW patch, I will be pissed.

The same thing happened when they were sending out beta invites for Cataclysm. Norton wouldn't let me install the beta, kept blocking it saying it was a virus. Had to turn off Norton to install that one too and had zero issues once it was installed.
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Anytime there are automatic updates to a program you can run into security programs having problems with it. Security programs are made to look for things changing on a computer.

In this situation, all of the reports have come back as false positives. I am recommending the steps mentioned earlier to get around the false positive.

Please keep checking for updates from Norton as well. The latest virus definitions from Norton will most likely alleviate this issue too.
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Want to speak with someone directly?

How's my driving?
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Hey thanks friend. :)
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if you have the most updated one go into norton>settings>antivirus>the scroll bar turning on and off sonar protection.
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This is still not working for me.

It downloads about 1/16th of the way then just exits. It doesn't even seem like Norton is doing anything.
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Well, this did work for me. However since I've never had Norton red flag WoW before, I am a little nervous about it. I would like to know what Blizzard did differently this time to make my anti-virus take these actions and shutdown a download from them.
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It worked for me. thx for the info
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This was found by Dante. Thank you Dante, you have saved lives.

Open Norton. Click 'Settings' - Scroll down to 'SONAR PROTECTION' - Click 'OFF' - Click 'APPLY' - Set the duration for 15 minutes - Run WoW.

Everything should be working fine, if not, leave a comment and I'll be glad to help!

i freaking love you man thank you so much!! LETS GAME!!
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Hi, I dont have norton at home..I tried to put antivirus off...but it dont change anything I cant download patch, it say.....: Blizzard updater failed with an internal error.Please contact Blizzard technical support.

Please help me......
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WOW. And I don't mean "WoW"..

Blizzard now wants everyone to start dropping functions of their antivirus programs in order to use their software.

That's real secure.

Does Blizzard not have a room full of computers with different setups, ONE OF WHICH has Norton Antivirus on it, and test their stuff out BEFORE releasing it to the public? Apparently not.

And I trust these people with my credit card # ???

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