Things you don't want to hear healing pugs

85 Draenei Shaman
Yup. I get heal nervous when doing PVE in Enh. Usually useing MSWx5+ HR.

Tanks- CAN YOU WATCH THE (sensored) mana???!!

Back in wrath- This... this ticked me off.
I was on resto shaman.
TOC 25 man
Me: hey can we find another healer and I go dps?
RL: sure?
One healer later.
Me: sweet let me swap charaters!
RL: oh? No you are staying.
Me: why? U got another healer.
Rl: Oh we need you for Hero.
Me: What??!! ..... Fine.

Me: can we CC?
Tank: No- I've got great gear!
Me: and we aren't CCing because why?
Tank: CC is for entry level people.
Me: and I enjoy a small repair bill.
Tank: shut up and heal.
85 Draenei Priest
I love when I've been casting thru an *entire* fight, just to keep everyone alive, the tank turns to me and says " you didn't heal enough" lol I'm @ 20% mana everyone is alive but because the "almighty tank" wasn't @ 100% I was a fail heals. That and people yelling out for "HEAL PLZ" like I suddenly forgot.
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85 Troll Priest
03/16/2011 8:44 PMPosted by Tannaa
Tank: shut up and heal.

It's at this point I would have stayed back to stay out of combat and let the tank die. If he hadn't said this I would have grit my teeth and just done my job, but if you're gonna be rude to me when I'm suggesting something to make all our lives easier then you are going to die.

I've actually brought a couple tanks back to earth with this method and I have also been removed from several groups. But when you get kicked its not a big deal.

85 Blood Elf Priest
tank: "never been here before"
85 Troll Shaman
I prefer groups that don't say anything. As long as the group is working together, I find it fun trying to heal their mistakes.

I hate it when the DPS talks crap to the Tank, when the Tank is causing no problems.
85 Night Elf Druid
tank: "never been here before"

I hate hate HATE people who bail without even attempting the instance or trying to help the person out. We've all been new to dungeons at some point, and they no one will improve without practice and assistance.

This post is a perfect example of the "me first, me only, screw you" type of mentality that makes the dungeon finder such an exercise in frustration.
92 Tauren Druid
I have 10 minutes, so I'm gonna pull really really fast...

I've had this happen multiple times, so I just pop kitty, and sit in stealth and wait.
100 Blood Elf Paladin
When the tank dies in from the fire on rajh(sp) and says "nice heals yo" and we kill the boss without him and at the end i say "Dont stand in fire yo"
"Healer is wearing all purplez, we're not CC'ing."

Sure, it's possible, but it feels like it felt with a 333 iLvl all over again! Blast you!

QFT, the better my gear gets the worse people in the finder play (on average, I get the odd good group)

85 Orc Death Knight
All of this makes me really scared to start lvling my holy pally. Any advice for dealing with this kind of stuff?
85 Troll Shaman
The worst thing the tank said was: 'oops i didn't mean to q for heroic lol'

this but with the added "just learning how to tank" healed through it and 2 randoms later...

tadaa! mr. tank shows again, /leave
90 Tauren Druid
"ugh another druid, I hope you know how to heal"

or this one we were in HGB a Spriest and me and tank asks: "who can heal better you or Drua" and I say: "well i guess me, since I'm the healer..." and priest says: "ehh well the healer.. you know the druid..." and tank says: "ahhhh I saw the priest and I was like WTF two healers..."

Omg I love this thread.

Not so much hear, but see.

Join Heroic Pug, before I'm even half a sec in zone, tank starts pulling. My favorite is in SFK, they are pulling outta my heal range to begin with up the stairs doh. I've left a few groups in my time but that was the only time I left in the middle of a pull. I always wondered if the tanked learned anything from that.
90 Human Rogue
03/16/2011 5:48 AMPosted by Janaire
I've found that most people who say they've never been here before are awesome players.

Same. Good players acknowledge their limitations and make others aware of it, so they can be educated as necessary. Bad players stay quiet even when you say "Does anyone need the fights explained?" Then they wipe repreatedly, and if by chance they make it through the instance, get the achievement (surprise surprise).
90 Human Rogue
^ I love this too.

What I hate is the DPS who starts ragging on that guy afterward.

Yesterday I was healing H BRC. Wife and I came into an existing run with a tank, mage, and hunter. Someone (I suspect the mage for his venomous attitude) immediately tried to kick the hunter for being "terrible", but we hadn't seen it so we didn't vote and he stayed.

After a few more wipes (two due to mage, one because tank over-dipped Karsh) the mage started with his attitude again and we kicked him. I like to think he was punching the wall in rage to think that we kicked his whopping 8k DPS for his terrible attitude, but didn't kick the hunter's 4k DPS for his terrible damage. At least the hunter was polite :)
90 Blood Elf Priest
I pugged a BWD with a friends guild on my resto shammy the other night. It was 9/10 guildies with a pug healer. We had a holy pally, myself, and a holy priest (pug) healing.

Anywho, we roll up to Chim and we split up healing with the pally on tanks, myself on melee, priest on ranged. we do a couple of attempts with wipes after one or both of our locks go down. I offer to take over healing the hunter as well so that the priest can just focus the locks and himself. Same thing happens and people start gumbling about said priest. I start troubleshooting what could be causing the warlocks to die each time.

Warlocks dying each time...
Warlocks dying...
.... surely they have more common sence then too *checks recount* ughhhh /facepalm

So I then proceed to get on vent and say "Warlocks, please refrain from LIFE TAPPING during this boss as you will DIE".

The sad thing is they BOTH denied they had done so, even after myself and two others posted the 'Mana Gained From' sources from recount.

Next attempt we one shotted him.

85 Human Priest
I came into heroic HoO today to find the very first set of mobs half dead, the group clearly having wiped. The tank says "I hope you're better than the last healer. I don't CC"

I said that that was probably his problem, but that I'd do my best. After getting the first boss down without much problem, we wiped after a terrible pull. That and a number of very... offensive comments made me leave the group after apologizing to the rest of the group.
85 Draenei Shaman
"I sure hope you're better than the last 4 fail healers we've had in here!"

/leave group...
85 Night Elf Druid
QFT, the better my gear gets the worse people in the finder play.

03/17/2011 12:20 PMPosted by Drua
"ugh another druid, I hope you know how to heal"

03/17/2011 3:23 PMPosted by Azralith
"I sure hope you're better than the last 4 fail healers we've had in here!"

Yeah, all of the above there.

I also have had the "I saw someone's health bar drop below 50% on the last boss, so I'ma gonna switch to heal and help you out." From a shaman whose highest healing gear was 306 nonetheless (my PvE heal gear is 345 equipped). I really was insulted.

Did we wipe? No. Did anyone die? No. So focus on your DPSing and let me worry about the green bars! If someone dies or we wipe, then we can look at who-done-it or who-didn't, but stay out of my role otherwise.
85 Blood Elf Death Knight
As a healer, I love all these stories because I have so many similar experiences.

As a tank, it makes me sad. It makes me sad that I share a role with so many jerks and morons, but more importantly, it makes me said I'm not playing with you guys. If its my first time in a dungeon, or in that dungeon on Heroic, I let everyone know, and ask if anyone will explain the fights. 1/4th of the time I'm instantly booted, 1/4th of the time most of the group just leaves, and 3/8ths of the time people just say nothing or tell me to "suck it up and figure it out." That leaves 1/8th, and even that seems awfully high and inaccurate in hindsight. Why don't I get paired up with any of the nice/helpful people? :(
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