Things you don't want to hear healing pugs

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03/15/2011 3:25 PMPosted by Barand
Heroic GB: I've never been here before! - says the tank.

That's fine , GB is easy for the tank, it's the DPS who have to pass the retard-check.
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tank: "never been here before"

WTF? Everyone has a first time and many people are quite capable of learning.

I'd rather someone who hasn't been there before says it up front (so that the others can fill them in on mechanics knowledge they need), rather than say nothing and fail spectacularly on the mechanics.
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My favorite from the other night in heroic stonecore

tank: healer is good/geared, we don't need cc

I've gotten this before, and honestly, it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. We even had a couple Earthshapers transform and were fine. I keep being amazed at what a few new pieces of gear and the LotD buff can do.

So my new stance is ... fine, don't use CC, but you better be able to back it up with the appropriate skill (11k-ish DPS, decent damage mitigation from the tank, etc. etc.), so I'm not the only one working.
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Just spent part of my weekend being reminded why weekends are bad for leveling via LFD. My favorite group was: warrior tank, me (shammy heals), very important hunter, and a mage and kitty druid from the same server.

First off, all three dps were worgen who popped their racial speed boost on cd between pulls, so the tank and I spent half the run chasing them through Dire Maul while the hunter pulled everything. Still, we always caught up in time to prevent any deaths.

I guess the tank got sick of chasing after people, so he went afk halfway through the pillar room. When the rest of us made it to the boss, the hunter decided that tanks are optional anyway, and suggested that the druid go bear form and play tank for the boss fight. The druid said that he couldn't tank, but Mr. Hunter proceeded to pull anyway, and I spammed my butt off for a few seconds before the druid (still cat) grabbed aggro and got his face smashed in. The subsequent wipe was pretty quick.

As we're running back in, the druid plays the "I told you so" card, to which the furious hunter points out that he was in the wrong form. He finally ragequits, muttering something about how many idiots there are, after the druid claims that cat form is better because it does more damage. I point out that bear form gives him more armor and health, and he sputters angrily for a while before triumphantly linking the Thick Hide talent and declaring "i &%@$ing told you i not spec it." He drops group, and the mage follows. I votekick the still afk tank for good measure, and then go get some ice cream.
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"Don't HoT me until I get some aggro."
90 Night Elf Druid
I was in a pug Herioc Deadmines with a DK tank and 2 people from his guild. When I zone in I see one person is a ghost and the others arent full hp. They didnt even get past the first trash pack. The ogres bring the tank to about 50% hp with one hit. I look at the tank's gear, its a mix of dps, pvp and 1 tank piece. He has gems but they are strength & hit.

A lock said that he is teaching the DK how to tank. I have no problems with that but on the second boss the tank pulled the boss with one person dead from getting aggro and no body was in the reaver thing to get the adds. We wipe. I was fine with that. Every body runs back but the tank. He asks for a rez. I hate lazy people and that pisses me off. I am like "Every body else ran back why cant you stop being lazy. Also if your gonna have a new tank for your guild please run with all guides so pugs wont have to go threw this. GL." I left group.
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To all of those of you who've said that if a tank says he's never been in a particular heroic before, you instantly leave, I have to ask; did you just skip your first time in those instances and go straight to the second? If so, please teach me how to do that. I find that I actually MUST have a first time in order to have a second.
On Heroic HoO, first boss.

Tank says "Okay healer (me) and dps1 go left and hit switch, dps2 and dps3 go right and hit switch. I will stay up top. Okay r?"

Then pulls before any one can respond.

After everyone tears him a new one and informing him on his lack of intelligence on the run back from the wipe, he promptly gets kicked.
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03/16/2011 6:17 PMPosted by Amy
When a dps pulls and dies asking why you didnt heal them and then after explaining they ask for a rez it makes me want to go to their house and snap their computer.

85 Dwarf Priest
Me: "This is my first time here on heroic"
<silence> or "np, this is easy".

Tank: sorry guys, this is my first time here what do i do?
DPS 1: if you needed me to interrupt/cc tell me first
DPS 2: ya I'm new here I didn't know that
DPS 3: I never had to do that before, wtf
Me: ... uh hold on let me lookup the fight on wowhead...

I have horrible luck with heroic pugs, somehow I always have to explain the fight even if I have the least experience doing it.
90 Draenei Priest
The other day I was healing Stonecore and had a hunter die on Slabhide. As soon as the encounter ended, he says "res plz" or something similar. I respond "Yeah, because I was totally planning on leaving you dead and 4-manning the rest of the instance." After I res him, he asks "Do you want me to leave?" to which I and the rest of the group basically say "omg, it was a joke, it's annoying when dps ask for a res immediately because the healer is already planning on doing that."
He really didn't get it.
85 Goblin Shaman
I had a DPS get pissy with me because I went OOM. It was the last boss in Heroic Grim Batol. The fight lasted 9 minutes and the boss was at half health before we wiped.
85 Night Elf Druid
Scenario 1: Heroic SFK. Tank, who was a death knight, thought frost was still a legit tanking spec (well he was in BP....) and still had his 2 set of heroic sanc and a few lvl 80 epics. We told him he wasn't geared enough for heroics (especially this one), and he responded with "oh don't worry, i'm a good tank" i spent the next 10 minutes spamming HT to try and keep his ass from dying. He was promptly kicked before the boss.
NOTE: i know this sounds like 'HURR GEAR > SKILL DURR' but when your gear isn't patch relevant, hell EXPANSION relevant, it just doesn't go over well

Scenario 2: Again, Heroic SFK. this time is was the ret pally. Guys, i really do love you, but Seal of Insight really isn't the best choice for a dpsing seal. His excuse was it will help on healing and stops him from going oom, which i guess is ok but i don't think he read his talent specs (Judging gives 30% base mana over 10 secs for those who don't know). He also had a few lvl 80 epics (why is it always me?). Luckily, the group i was with weren't a bunch of !!#@@#!s yelling at him because he still had gear from the previous xpac. This group (who could have easily carried him through the heroic) told him about his class, stats, talents, glyphs, etc. Well i guess he took offense when we told him to change his Seal because he spouted off a slur of words that was...well...hard to decipher (8 year old mehbeh? >. > ) and then left. Well we finished the heroic after getting a 'fresh to heroics' hunter', who was promptly carried and rolled need on everything possible ^_^

Welcome to Cataclysm bois and gurrrls :3
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My favorite is dps who pull subpar dps, don't interrupt, don't understand the concept of getting out of bad !@!*, then talk mad trash to the tank/healer and/or other dps in the group. I've tanked runs on my pali and dk where I'm by far the top dps and had a dps yell at the healer or tank for letting them die. Usually followed by a group vote to kick said dps from me with "because I'm the tank" as the reason. When they have threat on no mobs, and die to avoidable damage... that pisses me off more than anything, on any toon I'm on.

When I'm healing, I tend not to get a lot of hate towards me, I have a decent mana pool and can pull without cc in most instances and still keep mana just by cycling cooldowns, or using more efficient heals. I've had some compliments on fights where idiot rogues face pull bosses while I'm at 20% and we end the fight with everyone at 10% hp, but alive!

Should be a requirement to play a healer and tank before you're allowed to dps anything, just so you see how often 40% of your group is doing 90% of the work.
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My favorite from the other night in heroic stonecore

tank: healer is good/geared, we don't need cc

I've gotten this before, and honestly, it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. We even had a couple Earthshapers transform and were fine. I keep being amazed at what a few new pieces of gear and the LotD buff can do.

So my new stance is ... fine, don't use CC, but you better be able to back it up with the appropriate skill (11k-ish DPS, decent damage mitigation from the tank, etc. etc.), so I'm not the only one working.

You'll find, sadly, that is exactly the problem...often they don't back it up and you do end up being the only one working.

People will mouse over your character frame, see your geared, and instantly revert back to Wrath mode...ignoring CC, interrupts, pats and fight mechanics whist pulling a whopping 6k DPS "because our healer is geared".
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Also, ever get this little gem after combat?

random group member: "couldnt u at least heal us up b4 u sit dwn an drink"
ooM healer: "...please tell me you clicked the Mage table at the entrance." (Like we don't know what the response will be.)
random group member: "mage tabel gives mana food it doesnt resstore health"

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"Your going to have to carry me, I suck."

Least he was honest.
90 Blood Elf Paladin
Healer: "don't stand in fire"
Dps: "Shut up and heal"

These guys are my favorite. Instant death ticket for them.
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03/21/2011 2:43 PMPosted by Shoshon
"Don't HoT me until I get some aggro."

"Don't shield me, I need the rage"


Pallies can possibly get away with this, since their regen mechanic is based on effective healing done...
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