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Hey, fresh 85, never had a max level toon before. Well fresh-ish, I have ilvl 346 at the time of posting. Herb/Alch/Cooking 525. The issue is that like I said, never had a maxed toon before, so I'm looking for a raiding guild that will take someone with no raiding experience. EVEN IF YOUR GUILD ISN'T THAT GUILD, I'D APPRECIATE RECOMMENDATIONS! <BANTOWN> was nice for extra leveling xp and all lol, but apparently we've killed one raid boss and the guild leader hasn't been on for a month, so I'm definitely looking for a move.

I'm more than willing to study up and learn the bosses; I've already started reviewing boss guides. I finished heroic guides before I even queued for one. I very frequently receive compliments on my healing, so don't doubt my innate skills, even though I currently lack experience. Ah, and I'm gathering together some Shadow gear, but right now I'm at 8-11k dps in 2/3rds healing gear, which out-DPS's the heroic scrubs... as a shadow priest lol... so I can fill in for DPS if I have to, esp for heroics anyway. Shadow priests suck at aoe though. And I prefer healing.

Senior in Electrical Engineering at UMD, College Park. No lacking in brains or strategy here either. However that does mean that some nights will be a complete or tentative no for raiding, depending on the week, but my availability totally depends on the day of the week cause I have a weird class schedule, so if you're interested, post here or whisper me and we can discuss the intricacies of raid scheduling, and if my raid attendance would be viable.

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Hey woah throwback
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