<WINNING> is a group of friends that have played together since BC. We know how to not stand in fires, max our DPS, and have fun in a semi-hardcore atmosphere. Our members are 8/13 experienced, but our first official run as a guild is this Saturday (March 19).

Our Raid Times:
Saturdays, 12pm-4pm ST
Sundays, 12pm-4pm ST

Monday through Friday from 3pm-6pm ST we work on achievements, PvP, heroics, old content farming, and alt leveling.

Classes/Specs Needed For 10 Man Core:
- Off-Tank/DPS (Death Knight preferred)
- Holy Paladin
- Assassination Rogue

Please visit us at http://winning.wowstead.com to apply. Pro players from any class or spec are welcome to post an application. You may also contact myself or Dvalentine in-game for more information.
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