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90 Human Priest
We're still recruiting, now for Firelands! :( We need several DPSers, and would consider good non-pally healers. We're full on tanks.

Our requirements:
- At least 5-man heroic gear (iLvl 346+) that is gemmed/enchanted appropriately, but at this point Valor/BoE epics are preferred.
- An understanding of your class mechanics, and a willingness to learn and improve.
- A basic understanding of current raid/boss mechanics.
- An ability to make it to the majority of our raids.
- A good attitude and patience.

About us:
- We raid Tuesday/Thursday from 6:30-10:30p server time, and Sunday from 5:30-9:30p.
- In T11, we're 11/12 in normal 25s (Al'akir only down in 10-man). We do Heroic Halfus, H Magmaw, H Chimaeron, H Maloriak, and H Atramedes. We've also done heroic Valiona & Theralion, Omnotron Defense System, and Nefarian in 10-man. We're hoping to have a steady, somewhat-experienced 25-man raiding team when we start pushing into Firelands heroics.
- We try to make bosses die, but we're not super hardcore. We're generally pretty nice, fun people (really!).

Please apply at http://forums.bbbursin.com
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90 Night Elf Rogue
Our normal recruitment policy is that we want people who can be on two out of our three raid nights. But as time has passed, we've been expecting people to show up every night- this is a natural result of having *just* enough raiders. We've just accepted three melee trials, so what I was going to post about needing a second rogue and one good dps DK may not be as valid, but we would still like a mage, and another ranged. We are likely full on hunters and warlocks because we have 2-3 each raid. An elemental or even a second moonkin would be nice.

We are seeking a priest healer. As a priest healer, you will get to listen to Ari's baby girl voice tell you what to do. If you rolled a priest, you obviously like being dominated, so this should work well for you. Failing the priest healer, we could use any other healer, so our existing healer crew has a bit more breathing room.

Longer term, we are looking for a tank. We have enough tanks for this whole tier (4), but one will likely have no time for raiding due to med school in a few months. I will tell you right now, we have very high standards for tanks, both in performance and ability to attend every raid, but our existing tank crew is excellent and can train you, though only Tianced has a sexy voice of that crew, and you have to like the masculine voice to really enjoy it. If you want in for this role, app as melee and mention that.

All blabbing about classes aside, what we really need is some more good players who want to raid. Gear is completely free to anyone who is not just a torso this expac, with bosses dropping their whole loot table like it's some dumb private server. We have raiders who are willing (or eager) to change mains if you are bringing in a class that we don't exactly "need". We currently have JUST enough raiders to clear progression content, when everyone is on (we can do farm with less obv). Someone missing a raid can mean reg modes, or a canceled raid, or 10s.

As a Bloodbath raider, you want to clear content and find it interesting, and can stick to a schedule for months. We are a 3 night a week raiding guild, which is just hardcore enough to do cool stuff each tier. The nights are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. The times are 6:30->10:30 on the Tu and Thu, and 5:30->9:30 on Sunday (all times server). We don't always raid the full four hours, but we expect you to be able to for the many times we do. We also expect you not to suck. Mostly, sucking is being unable to learn fights, or being really super slow to learn them- like I said, gear is largely unimportant at this stage in the expac (and likely most of this expac, if it's anything like the last).

The guild is not composed of raid loggers (except for Kyabetsu), and we have a crew of folks who enjoy and are skilled at pvp as well. I can't promise you'll enjoy your stay in BBB because Starfun might yell at you, but I'd say your chances are high of finding other great players who like the same things you do.
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92 Draenei Shaman
bump! Still looking for 2 dps and 1 healer. =)
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86 Human Death Knight
im a 2Handed Frost Dk 10-12k dps.
Im ready to raid, bolth tank and dps set is 350.
open to suggestions and changes. im cool with raiding all the time anytime.
my current guild doesn't raid as much as i would like, so i would like to be put into yours.
I have vent, good standing character with 2 guilds {the risen} & {Devious Gaming}
I Pvp alot and im very quick and good :D , but dont do arenas, sometimes raid org with 4 people including my friends from {devious Gaming}.
i have DBM and other addons. i like to play with a clean screen(not a ton of addons blocking the view) I also have an authenticator. Im ok with giving out contact info too.
im normally on Andit 10:am server time (ursin) - 10:pm server time
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86 Human Death Knight
i forgot to add im getting a epic dps chest peace in a day 359 bs crafted :D woot me
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86 Goblin Warlock
im a 2Handed Frost Dk 10-12k dps.
I Pvp alot and im very quick and good :D , but dont do arenas, sometimes raid org with 4 people including my friends from {devious Gaming}.

Which spells/abilities do you click and which do you keybind? And how is raiding Orgrimmar comparable to raiding a PvE raid, such as Bastion of Twilight?
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90 Human Priest
As far as key binding goes i do so when i feel its needed. for example my warrior or my paladin. as for my dk i haven't needed to make one for him just yet. however just because i dont use key binding on my dk doesn't mean im a failure of a dps, just only means i haven't found one that i feel is useful
(if u know of one feel free to whisper me in game)

And as for raiding. ive played since before BC, ive raided in BC Wolk and did my first raid with Andit in cata downing the trons in bwd tanking. the Pvp thing was a small bit about me, what i enjoy doing sometimes and that im good at it (witch means im not slow to react)
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85 Night Elf Death Knight
03/29/2011 8:00 PMPosted by Abandonation
As far as key binding goes i do so when i feel its needed. for example my warrior or my paladin. as for my dk i haven't needed to make one for him just yet. however just because i dont use key binding on my dk doesn't mean im a failure of a dps

q, shift+q, ctrl+q
e, shift+e, ctrl+e
r, shift+r, ctrl+r
t, !***+t
f, shift +f
g, shift+g
c, shift+c
v, shift+v
h, shift+h
z, shift+z
1, shift+1, ctrl+1
2, shift+2
3, shift+3
4, shift+4
MB3, shift+MB3
MB4, shift+MB4, ctrl+MB4
MB5, shift+MB5, ctrl+MB5
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85 Human Paladin
what addon is keybinds? i don't see it on curse.
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