What is the best raid healing class.

41 Troll Druid
i was just wondering what the best healing class was in the game as of now. I've tried shaman,druid,and paladin. so far i think that the shamans are a good healing class, but i wanna know if there is a better healing class that i might want to lvl.
85 Human Priest
Priest, either spec
90 Human Paladin
All of them are fairly good, and each have unique styles of play, so it depends what you like.

That being said, if you have any desire to raid heal don't roll a Paladin.
85 Night Elf Druid
Priests - Arguably best raid healers. 2 specs to pick from. Lots of raid-wide burst heals + spot heals + great CDs. Tons of spells though. And arguably takes the most skill to play really well.

Shamans - Great spot heals and HR is awesome raid heals when people are clumped up. Lots of synergy between their spells. Can do adequate tank heals if they have to. Totems provide lots of buffs, hero is still useful, MTT and raid CD in 4.1, still no tank CD.

Druids - Lots of instant cast goodness - so pretty mobile. Pretty good tank heals if they have to. Their HoTs can kill the meters when raid healing. But they have very little burst heals (Chimaeron is teh suck). Have B-rez, fun Tree form, and Tranq is best heal in the game - but mitigation CDs are better and prevents more damage. Still no Tank CD.

Paladins - Best tank healers. LoH, Aura Mastery, and Bubble are all uber CDs. No HoTs or Shields, but best single target heals. HR + LoD to help out raid healers, you can do some spot healing on the raid while tank gets Beacon heals.

Paladin - Best Tank heals + some support raid heals/spot heals + Tank and Raid CDs
Holy Priest - Tons of Burst Raid Heals + Spot Healing + Tank CD
Disc Priest - Burst Raid Heals + absorbs + Tank and Raid CDs
Shaman - Good Tank Heals + Spot Healing + Clumped Raid Heals + MTT, Hero and Raid CD
Druid - Good Tank Heals + Raid Heals/Buffering + HoTs + B-rez + Superbig Raid Heal

So pick what playstyle you like best, since they're all pretty balanced.
85 Human Priest
Hyacinth nailed it. Great post, man.

Read that, its all you need to know to make an informed choice.
91 Goblin Shaman
i have this sham, a hpally and a druid. i dont know about priests (as i dont have one) but druids would be my vote from my experience.
It also depends on 10 man vs 25 man
86 Troll Priest
considering that priests have more heal spells & ways of healing than the other three should answer your question...druids, pallies & shams are specialist healers while priest have a little of everything & then some...but as said above, arguably takes more skill...
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