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I didn't see a post that quite answered my question or I missed it, but here is my dilemma.

My main is a Holy Human Priest. I have been Holy since the beginning and leveled as Holy until I got enough money to go dual-spec. I leveled to 85 about 50/50 dungeons and quests and probably more on the dungeon side. I am (was) a good healer. Until 85, I didn’t need to rework anything because what I was doing was working just fine for what I was doing in dungeons. I should mention I am late comer to WoW so never got into any WOLK raids which is part of problem. I hit 85 about a month or so ago and heroic Cata dungeons ate my lunch! On my own, I reworked my methods until I got pretty good at heroics. I ran a dungeon with the guild and they invited me to do BH … utter failure. Twice I ran out of mana about half way through the fight and voluntarily left before they had to find out a way to politely ask me to leave. As a result of that, I took to the forums and totally revamped my method and tried to upgrade my gear. I reran BH (with another group as practice :) ), did well and never came close to having mana issues. I now feel like I have a good base on which I can start tweaking/perfecting my style and that is why I am here. For the healers who run raids, I mainly need your advice on what spells I need to incorporate, secondarily (NOT THE FOCUS) and advice on where to head with my specs on gear. I am going to start raiding soon and I don’t want to embarrass myself … again :)

My spell rotation/usage is mainly:
1. Prayer of Mending (as much as possible) but not right after cool down, mainly when tank is taking a lot of DPS or just before hand.
2. Renew on Tank at all times and then on DPS who have taken a hit but not under constant agro.
3. Heal spammed on tank and thrown on DPS if renew isn’t quite cutting it
4. Flash Heal if anyone is taking damage faster than heal will help.
5. Prayer of Healing and Circle of Healing if 3 or more in the group take damage. If it is only two I Heal both or Flash heal if necessary.
6. Occasionally Greater Heal if there has been a big hit and I have time to cast it.
I do use Lightwell, but I don’t count that since I can’t control if they use it. I have a good trinket I use the whole time, but need some advice on big boss fights, mana consumption, and better techniques.

Here is my character info as well:

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90 Draenei Priest
Don't use Flash Heal so much. You mentioned it several times, and that concerns me. I almost never use it. Greater Heal is a better choice almost every time.
In 5 mans, stay in Serenity Chakra most of the time.
In raids, you'll generally want to stay in Sanctuary Chakra (but do not use Holy Word: Sanctuary because it suuuucks).

There isn't much of a reason to not use PoM on cooldown. You're glyphed for it, and it heals for quite a bit. It's an extremely smart heal.
If you put a renew on a dps and it's "not cutting it", use Greater Heal instead of Heal. Though generally this issue shouldn't arise - PoH/CoH cover most of that.
PoH followed by CoH is a great AoE healing tool. I use them both a lot.
Don't forget about Binding Heal!

I noticed that you are gemming completely incorrectly. Gem for Int and Int hybrid gems (int/spirit for blue and int/mastery or int/haste for yellow). Also, Glyph of Flash Heal should be replaced with Glyph of Lightwell. Lightwell is extremely powerful. Put it down for every boss fight and put a new one down once its cooldown is over.
Spec out of State of Mind (has been made useless) and get Body and Soul (extremely helpful and actually important on some encounters).
Work on replacing your PvP gear, and getting better trinkets. Even though the pvp gear is 352, a 346 pve piece will be superior.
Get your hat and shoulders enchanted.
Regemming and getting full enchants would definitely help you a great deal.
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85 Night Elf Priest
^ That, and also, each raid fight will come with its own strategies. Thus, we can give you different tips depending on which ones you're going to do. So ... which are you starting out with?

As far as general tips go that weren't mentioned ... do not forget about Desperate Prayer and Guardian Spirit. (I didn't look at your spec, so I don't know if you even have DP, but if not ... consider it. It's great now.) GS is a life saver (haha, literally) on Magmaw, as well as many other "Oh %!%!' moments.

^ I'm sure you know this, but I see so many people panicking and neglecting their CDs. =/
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90 Human Rogue
Here's the rotation I came up with naturally, not sure if it's ideal or not, but it works for me.

Pre-fight: renew the tank, throw him a prayer of mending, chakra, heal (to trigger chakra state and restart renew timer). I do these early enough that my mana is full by the time I need to heal him again.

During the fight: Holy Word: serenity when the tank needs healing and it's available, follow up with heals. If he's being spiked, flash heal (although everyone else has me thinking I should use GH more). If your chakra is about to fall off, cast Chakra again so your next heal puts you back into state. Personally, I like to throw the tank a heal no matter what if renew is about to fall off just to keep it rolling without having to cast it.

For DPS, I don't use renew unless they took a lot of damage. Remember that your mastery echos back a lot of health after a heal, so I'll usually just toss them a heal and if it gets them to 80-85%, I'll let mastery work for me unless I think they'll be taking more damage soon. If the tank is a breeze to heal, and the DPS is beat up, sometimes I'll throw DPS a heal followed by PoM as a cover in case they take further damage.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
I liked this guys thread on basic holy rotations, maybe it will also help you ^.^

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90 Night Elf Priest
Well, since you stated your intention is to raid and you want to be able to do well while raiding, let me state this: You will almost always get put on raid heals as a Holy Priest (as opposed to tank heals). In a raid healing situation, your rotation as described in your post isn't going to cut it most of the time.

To give you a better idea of when to use PoM, I'd highly recommend you get this addon:

As for raid healing rotation, you'll want to be in Chakra Sanctuary and do something like this:
PoM -> PoH Group1 -> PoH Group2 -> CoH -> PoM (if necessary), else maybe throw out a Renew or Gheal if someone is especially low on health -> PoH Group1 -> PoH Group2 -> CoH -> PoM (if necessary) -> .... (basically repeat)

If it's a fight with a lot of movement, you'll end up throwing out a lot more Renews while on the move.

Don't forget about Desperate Prayer and BH if your health ever gets low. BH has good hpm and stacks Serendipity which can then be used for a cheaper/faster PoH or Gheal. Also try and use Divine Hymn once per fight when a bunch of people are low on health, it benefits from Sanctuary, and can pump out some quick healing.

The other two things I think you need to know when moving from 5mans (where you mostly use Serenity) to raid healing (where you mostly use Sanctuary) are these:

1. Remember that who you have targeted matters for PoH. It will heal your current target and the 4 other members in your target's group. That's why the rotation above (assuming a 10 man raid) has you alternate which group you are casting it on. In 5-mans you can just blindly cast this, for raiding you gotta keep in mind that who you have targeted matters.

2. Our mastery ticks on 3 seconds and 6 seconds (for a total of two ticks). The reason why I have you PoH group1, PoH group2, then CoH/renew/gheal/whatever is because for optimum efficiency you want 3 seconds to have passed before you recast PoH on a group again. The reason for this is because if you don't, you will clip your mastery HoT. There are situations where you will need to spam PoH for throughput, and that's fine, you just lose some mana efficiency.

There has also been much debate over Haste vs. Mastery.
Personally I'd recommend you go with Mastery. Dropping my haste from about 11% down to 6.5% only slowed my cast time on Heal by 1/10th of a second and I gained 4% additional healing from mastery for it.
Note: there is a magic haste objective of 12.5% in raids because at 12.5% you get an extra tick on renew, however, with proper raid buffs, you only need something like 4.5% haste unbuffed to get there.

P.S. All the advice Intrigue gave is excellent!
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