Super Busy Hospital (Raid Group 2)

85 Worgen Warrior
Guild: <Super Busy Hospital>
Server: Auchindoun US (EST)
Raiding: 10 Man
Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursday 8-10pm, Friday Saturday and Sunday 10pm-12am

Blackwing Descent 3 / 6
Bastion of Twilight 2 / 4
Throne of Four Winds 1/ 2

Raid Group Info
This is the secondary raid group of Super Busy Hospital. This is not to be confused with Raid Group 1 “Best Friendz” whom are currently on Heroic progression. Due to some raiders having IRL issues, I am looking to rebuild this group and get back to raiding as fast as possible. We are looking for raiders that can commit to being on time, bringing their own food and flasks, and as soon as it hits 8pm, everyone is ready to go for a few straight hours of raiding. Downtime sucks for everyone in the group.
I understand that people might not have raid experience, however, we expect you to look up the fights and take note of what role you might have in that fight. Come raid time, I will answer whatever questions you have about that raid. Our goal is to be equal with the primary raid group within a month and to do that we need dedicated raiders. We are also looking for raiders willing to be on standby on fights that require a change in raid composition.

Raid Group 2 (“insert cool name here” )

Tank1 Hajek (Prot Warrior) (Leader)
Tank2 Open (Blood DK)
Tank3 Open (Prot Paladin/Feral Druid)
DPS1 Landarin (Mage)
DPS2 Matricks (Mage) (Leader)
DPS3 Open (Hunter)
DPS4 Open (Warlock)
DPS5 Open (Rogue/Warrior)
DPS6 Open (Unholy DK/Frost DK)
DPS 7 Open (Enhance Shaman)
Heal1 Vashnar (Resto Druid)
Heal2 Somalaind (Disc Priest)
Heal3 Open (Resto Shaman)
Heal 4 Open (Holy Paladin)
Heal 5 Open (Holy Priest)

Before you apply, make sure you meet the following guidelines
We rotate raiders per boss based on loot needs, you must be willing to sit sometimes.
-Will be on time
-Will bring your own flasks
- Will bring your own food
-Will be fully repaired beforehand
-Will look up boss fights before hand
-Will be able to connect to Ventrilo
-Will be full Cata gemmed and enchanted
-Will be in minimum full 346 gear
-Will listen and follow instructions
-Will want PHAT lewt and progression all the way through heroics
-Will NOT ragequit

Who to contact?

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85 Worgen Death Knight
Immmmmma Tank <3
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