Pre-BC Wildhammer players?

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02/08/2012 09:39 PMPosted by wheredwhogo
hey this is toress i was in covenant lead by leaky. (best rouge on the server pre bc) then i joined fatal with thwong my cousin, just now getting back into the game i played a little bit on a shaman called resistt during wrath. just now getting back at it hmu old schoolers

This is false.....Wambulance/Kremlin was the best rogue on the server Pre BC

Dennis was definitely #1
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08/23/2011 01:53 PMPosted by Snugglepuffs
Not on Wildhammer anymore but was here when it was first created and for quite a long time..was off and on horde/alliance named Butterzz :)

I am so glad I came here and saw this thread. I miss you, pal.
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It's been quite a while seeing some of these names.


Well well well, look who it is!
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man i was such a fanboy back then but im not afraid to admit it. i used to play a tauren warrior named readyforwar.
i remember just chillin outside org and watching players such as glorin/ez/vorak/convert/wamb/rathorse/sazbawt and a crapload of other great players dueling. i also remember being in silithus and i think it was Ez and glorin getting outnumbered by alliance and they ended up killing them all. ahhh the glory days. then i hated running into alliance such as ppl like glaise, murda, thaeds, tj, ayria, boilermaker, and whiteknights premade group. and then i hated nox players as well.

but now looking back to those days, id rather be in pre-bc wildhammer than any server right now.

This made me smile
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This is also false...everyone knows it was Pallbearer.


Man, I wish someone had saved his rantings about rogue mechanics from the old forums. those always made me laugh.

Didn't he have issues with blinking mages or something?

Whatever happened to SPoon??

Convert was better than all 3.

Southxsouthw, anyone from Womb Demons/reformed still lurk?

Oh man Raiyn and Force(sort of) in the same thread, it's like it's really 2006 again.
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Womb Demons isnt around any more right? I used to lead the raid heals back when they did 40 man MC (on this character). If anyone from back in the day is round holla! - Chimmy
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Cronox here from old school FoE :) still alive and kicking!
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I still have the same name ...but I played a night elf priest in the guild Aftermath, and I was there during the change from that guild to Oblivion, left right at the nax opening.

Still play the priest he is just a goblin now ;)
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<3 Miss FoE, best times I've ever had playing wow, was with FoE =)

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I have been on wildhammer since vanilla. Been in the same guild (azeroths elite) since about 2 months after I joined the server (back in 2006). I am just too lazy to change guilds.
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I was on Wildhammer back pre-bc known as Shammoo Tauren Shaman. Whats up Almach, glad to see AE is still around. Do you ever talk to Wart anymore?

anyone remember the Nextel/Pineapple(i think was his name) fued? Or better yet does anyone have a link to the vent recording?

I remember
Thaeds- aka the 4k hp rogue in Bg's
nofear/sazbawt- I loved seeing Conquered in BG's because I knew when that BG started we were going to win.
glorin- Found him playing blackops a couple years ago.. We could duel for hours and hours
looloo- /dance
butterz,pallbearer,eternium, redux
lyon and rorix- Played with them on a new realm back in BC in a guild A Turtles Hiccup
leaky- i ran MC/BWL with Covenant on my Rogue Dntkillmyalt

can't remember anymore right now.

Wildhammer pre-BC and right into BC was the best times on WoW ive ever had.

EDIT: Almost forgot Tacitus, the insane Warrior leveler
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Been here since '05, back and forth between my hunter and shaman - Enthnal.

Mostly been with Dark Ronin through the years, but I've been GM of Dark Catalyst (Classic), a short period in Blacklisted (BC), and Grind (WoLK) with my shaman.

Good fights with Cornfountain, Megalon, Wambulance who used to camp the Simon Daily in Blade's Edge, and near the end of classic there was this female undead warlock who spend alot of time in Silithus that was near impossible to beat.

The most memorable pvp fight I ever had was with Joebo vs my hunter in Nagrand the first week of BC. We fought for 20-30 minutes north and south of Nestingwary's camp and couldn't kill each other.
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Many i had the best times in womb demons, just started playing again!
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I played Pre-BC in Dawn of Wolves then Monolithic that was the best time in wow!
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dang i posted in here already but lots of old names
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I was on Wildhammer back pre-bc known as Shammoo Tauren Shaman. Whats up Almach, glad to see AE is still around. Do you ever talk to Wart anymore?

I realize you posted like 2 months ago, I dont check the forums very often. To answer your question, the only original members I see from AE online anymore are Ehngus and Saintash/Trackudown. Even those I havent seen around in a month or more. Both had quit for a while and came back. Everyone else has quit. AE isnt very active anymore, though with the MoP we do have more online then we used to.
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Oh hello fellow Wildhammerians.

I see some oldies here.

Wildhammer was a good time in 2003?2004? whatever it may have been =].

Im still in contact with Glorin / Zixx / Wambulance / Undeadhead / Knowm / Convert / Hawnz / Noobism
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