Tol Barad Defense 101

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Hi, my name is Salty Takanit and I'm a Blood Furnace superstar.

If you're one of the braindead mongoloids who like to spam raid chat about having the entire raid defend one node, this post is directed at you.

It doesn't work.

"But Salty Takanit, it used to work fine!"

Yes, because in its original design, defense had a massive advantage and it was ridiculously easy to prevent the attackers to cap that last base.

However, patch 4.0.6 brought this change in order to even the playing field.

Attacking forces will receive a 200% capture speed bonus when they control 2 keeps.

Now, combine this with the fact that attackers rezz much closer to the attacked base and it's pretty simple maths that assuming equal forces, the attackers WILL capture that base. Defense rezzers just don't have the time to go back before the base is captured.

Besides, Alliance may have a lower population, but it seems like the average player is better at PvP than the average Horde. Quality over quantity, as they say.

"In that case Salty Takanit, what strat should we use?!"

It's simple Jimmy. Since the attackers will generally move in a large group, you want a group of people to quickly recapture the bases as soon as the zerg leaves them. This means that they'll make very little progress, or that they'll end up spreading their forces which works out in the defense's favor. Meanwhile, you can have another group that tries to slow down the zerg, but it's not necessary if your recap group is fast enough.

"What about the spires Salty Takanit?"

Ah yes, the spires. How delightful to check the map and see a handful of useless mongrels scattered around the roads trying to kill the siege engines while you're only holding one base. Generally speaking, it's not worth it to waste time on the sieges since it's too easy for the attackers to get the respawns and reposition them at the spires. They will go down the vast majority of the time and your forces are better used on nodes to affect the capture speed. I'd say it's only worth it to go for sieges if horde has all three bases and none seem to be in immediate danger (aka if the attacking group is terrible).

"This guy I'm attacking just doesn't seem to die! Why is that?"

See that wussy-looking dude back there with his hands glowing? That's a healer. Kill him.

You can send additional questions at

Salty Takanit
Improving the Blood Furnace PvP experience since 2007
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Mmmmm. Salty. ;)
My name is Nobb and I approve of this message.
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Takanit is correct, single node defense is no longer a viable strategy to use for an entire battle. However, there are strategic times it may be used but it shouldn't be very often (specifically when there are large defensive forces at the other 2 bases).

Overall when on defense, you want to hold 2 bases at any one time; also don't make the mistake of spreading too thin by trying to cap 3 bases. Rezzers should always group up and move as a pack in an effort to overrun the base; do not stream in and get killed one at a time, stop outside the base and wait for more to arrive.

Take note that Tol Barad battles are very fluid; you may need to switch strats during the course of a battle if the enemy reacts with an effective counter-strat.

Lastly, I would also like to recommend the following article I wrote about Tol Barad:

Good luck!
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03/25/2011 3:07 PMPosted by Takanìt
Besides, Alliance may have a lower population, but it seems like the average player is better at PvP than the average Horde. Quality over quantity, as they say.

all sound advice to both sides...and i think the only reason your quote seems true is that its always the same 20 dudes on alli where as horde its 20 randoms thrown together.

Normally,i run in to wv...check map..and see everyone at icg...say in raid "need someone to go slags" and noones moves :)

Salty Moonra says its no fun when Salty Takanit holds nodes against 3 or 4 attackers :P
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Lol it's always fun to 1v3 and win

Locks really blow 1v1 against certain classes though, can barely outdamage the self-healing while I'm killing myself with taps :(
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Salty Edmund Fitzgerald approves this message

i dont pvp real good, but take direction and if you let my glowy hands work long enough someones gonna die
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Ugh... do I have to get the salty title to be allowed on this thread... if only there was a title for LNR orchestrator
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salty takanit has nugs, do you?
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03/29/2011 03:46 PMPosted by Krizzix
LNR orchestrator

I like it.
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OP is full of win (or loss? ;) ... its ok though ill continue to rake honor for my alts because the mongoloids are easy to farm.
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"Besides, Alliance may have a lower population, but it seems like the average player is better at PvP than the average Horde. Quality over quantity, as they say."

This part made me smile. :)
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It is extremely true.
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