I am Bored with WoW

Hey koop!! Haven't seen you in ages!! hope life and wow are treating you well.. took a break from horde and have been stuck on alliance for a while. so how many oldies are left? does gorz still play?
well, good seein' your name up here.. sad how many old school folks are long gone :/
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90 Draenei Shaman
I miss the old vanilla 40 man raids in The Epic Crusade, with the old gang. Good times.
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90 Worgen Rogue
I know i don't know any of you, but i I do agree with the fact that this game has gotten boring. I started playing during Wrath and I loved it. I miss the 2 separate lockouts with 10/25 man raiding. I feel like they have just completely dumbed the game down for the causal raiders who complained about not getting into endgame content. I hate the dailies and have no real reason to play anymore. The first week of the DS raid 5 guilds downed it. And it felt the same with all the content of cata.
And the lfg/lfd has made me some friends from other servers, but not many that i would talk to on a regular bases. I wasn't there for the whole hr long posting in trade for a dungeon group( but I think it would have been fun).
I just don't see the point to this game anymore. It has gotten to repetitive and the whole grinding thing is just like a job now. The dailies became boring after the first week of doing them. And as for alts, not any more. This is just getting to boring and to old to quick. I feel like we were ripped off of a whole patch of content with blizz not putting in the Rise of Neptulon raid. And the new 5 mans that would have come with it. They know people will be leaving as soon as swtor hit live this week(7 million pre orders). And they know that people are disappointed with cata. So they are trying to push to the next expac to fast and to early.
i know that i may be rambling now and what i have said has already been said before. But I still felt like I needed to get it out.
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100 Human Priest
WORST OF ALL: these new forums are ugly :(
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85 Night Elf Hunter
I've felt that Blizzard really dropped the ball with WOTLK sans Ulduar.

The heroics were jokes. I tanked them on my Frost DK after the talent changes towards the end of wrath.. It was horrendous. When Cataclysm hit, not many pugs relied on CC to help kill mobs and many times it wiped the group and people raged. I, for one, enjoyed CC. I miss raiding being hard to do. I miss not being able to zerg through a new raid IN A DAY(Yeah that's right Firelands).

Let's face it, WOTLK was a joke because no xpac can or will compare to BC.
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85 Tauren Druid
I will have to say I agree with everything said here OP, i miss BC when you and your friends would go do dungeons not because it was fun which it was but because you had to lol like there was no dungeon finder. Everything back then seemed like it took longer to get or achieve, now like you said its all force fed into your mouth for all the babys to make sure they are full and not qqing. Which has in term ruined this game, even though blizzard seems to not realize have the qqers are trolls who have nothing better to do then sit in org and blabber on then wonder why they have no gear like the rest of the hard working wow players. So what does blizz do they give it to them, cause there the only ones with the time to voice there opinions on the matter.

I wont lie i have wondered around for the last year just searching for a reason to continue playing this game, and i will still continue playing it cause this current teir interest me but its still dont have the magic and wonder that BC had. Its missing something idk what it is, but it honestly depresses me alittle bit. A game that Ive spent so much time and effort in has made me so !@#$ing annoyed and dissapointed.

They have done this by so many things...and i like to go back to the fact on how this game has turned into heroics this heroics that. One thing bc did was u started out doing 5mans, then 10man kara, then ur guild would have 2 10man kara then all of a sudden ur going 25man ssc hyjal and bt...and so on. Now you can choose and it makes it kinda less ammusing now, its like oh we never have to strive to get to the goal we had to reach end game content. now its just handed to you...but this paragraphs probley has multiple spelling errors and topics go all over the place but it was just something I wrote as thoughts came to my mind so be easy trollers...
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85 Dwarf Paladin
I agree. I'm in the same boat. I get bored with Warcraft and I leave. I tried out Aion, LOTRO, Warhammer, and Rift. Each game are compelling but at the same time they put you off. Why? because they feel too much like Warcraft with a new paint job on a old Car. We need a new car.
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85 Orc Warlock
This thread was a really good read.

/equip rose colored glasses

I've played on dragonblight on and off for about 5 years now. It was my first server, this character was my first toon actually. I began as a blood elf. I remember questing through ghostlands and bumping into random people and hooking up with them for awhile, chatting and completing our quests together. Like killing the huge trolls, man that was epic the first time! Eventually our roads would part ways, but we became friends and I began building a network of friends. Overtime these encounters would keep happening or I would be introduced to other people via friends or guild mates. Sometimes we would meet up and play together but other times we would just talk. I began participating in dungeons halfway through my leveling experience, you would hook up with people via general chat in the zone that the dungeon was in. Remember that? There were good groups and there were bad groups but we learned who was fun to play with and who wasn't. Leveling was a blast the first run through and I'm sure as many of you can relate, it's something I wish I could re-create.

Closer to the end of my leveling experience I remember going through shatt and seeing the big name players/guilds in their BiS armor/mounts and being incredibly awed by their accomplishments. They were LEGENDS. I slowly aspired to be like them, and now, 5 years later here I am. It was a long road filled with on and off play time, guild hopping, realm hopping, toon hopping, but I never really gave up on trying to raid. I have joined a successful US top 25 guild on another server. It is fun playing with talented players, the raiding schedule can be very demanding at times, but I'm hoping the sense of accomplishment will be worth the effort. One by one we are knocking out server firsts, establishing ranking parses on WoL, getting loot, but it all feels cheapened. I'm not getting the sense of accomplishment I thought I would be getting. I've hardly made any friends on my new server outside of my guild. I feel like I'm floating in my own little realm that just happens to have some NPC's that fill the AH with things I need to buy or other npc's that specialize in buying my vp boots/bracers. People aren't impressed by my raiding accomplishments, they don't even recognize who I am. I don't really care about that, it's just I thought that meant something to the players of a server, that they had their own "legends" to look up to. I don't have anyone to share my accomplishments with.

I think the WoW i knew died with the introduction of que's. It feels like less of an adventure every time I log in. Theres no sense of community, outside of guild raids. The world has become a lot smaller with my character being instantly portal'd to wherever I need to be. Like honestly at this point with all of my toons above level 80 and prof capped they could take out all the zones in the game, and it wouldn't make a difference to my gameplay experience. I have a problem with that. And the friendships...to me, friendships are forged through a journey or a shared experience. Thats something orgrimmar can't provide.

I signed up for the annual pass, it's something i feel i may regret doing, but at least i get D3 out of it so it would only be a waste of 50 bucks if i decide to move on. I hope MoP changes my mood about the game, but they haven't released any information that gives me hope. So heres to another year of wow, may it bring better times.

A special shout out to the old time buddies:
Aleil, Kelthe, and Prymul. None of you play anymore, nor frequent this forum, but thanks for everything in the chance that you my read this.

If you have played horde side for a few years you will know me as Agitowarrior, Butako, or Pummelo.

Good Luck Dragonblight. You'll always be home.
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85 Dwarf Warrior
i agree that the looking for dungeon ruined the social aspect of the game. when i was on DB i knew lots of people but now on the other servers i never meet anyone lol.

just poppin by the db forums to see whats goin on...
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Found this thread with the google search "I want to play more WoW but the game doesn't let me". What do I mean? There's literally nothing to do. You cap valor fast. You cap rep fast. The problem here ARE the caps. The fact that there is no grind is what's killing this game. I remember the good old days when you'd be out in the world grinding a rep, or perhaps farming for some item that took tons of mats (an item that wasn't invalidated 2 months later by a patch). While you were doing this, you maybe got into some world PvP. Or maybe someone in guild chimed in "Hey lets go do this dungeon/world boss/raid/camp this guy". Or maybe you just sat there and talked to people. There was always something to do and always a meaningful reason for doing it.

I've always been a top tier raider...always had the best stuff ever since BWL. Even when we finished the current "end raid zone" we were on, I still logged on almost every night to do the other raid zones. For friends, for strangers, it didn't matter. I even loved just running heroics with people. I loved just hanging out with guildies/friends. The reason is because doing those zones for people really did help them out because they had a real need for that gear. Back in the day, there wasn't this ridiculous "only one current raid zone at a time". Everyone had to go through each raid zone. You couldn't do Sunwell without doing BT; you couldn't do BT without ssc/TK; couldn't do them without Kara. That's literally 6x the raid zones we have now. Sure we have just as many raid zones right now in Cata, but they are WORTHLESS. So worthless they may as well not even exist in the game anymore. Time spent in those raid zones is almost purely a waste because you can get way better gear with way less effort (valor, new heroics, LFR). There was NOTHING like that in BC. If you wanted to do Sunwell and have Sunwell gear, you needed to gear up in the lower ones. There was no way around it. This formula also kept world drops and crafted epics relevant longer because there was always someone out there on that "step" of gear progression. If you were a new player, you had tons of content ahead of you.

Now what does a new player have to look forward to? Get to max level, run heroics. Don't even know where the dungeon is (I really wonder how many people actually know where the cata dungeons are in the game world)? That's cool because you can just teleport there. Forget about interacting with other humans or exploring the game world...just click that queue and off you go. Now get enough gear to raise your item level high enough for the last set of dungeons. That's right, the items aren't exciting because you feel they are powerful. They are just a means to an end to be able to get into the zones that give you valor. Nothing but an arbitrary item level number to hold you back from getting that tasty valor...not skill, not a boss, but just a number. How fun.

Eventually, and probably far too quickly, the new player will get to where we all are. It's a fresh tuesday. Log on, do your guild raid. Let's assume you clear it on normal. Only takes a night. Normal for every raid zone in the game. Now what about the rest of the nights? Already valor capped from the raid. Don't need LFR because the gear is worthless to you. Even if it wasn't, you don't need friends to help you. Now that you've done normal raid and LFR....now what? Man I sure wish I could keep raising my valor points....oh sorry there's a nice cap to artifically stagnate progress. Want to do another raid? Sorry but it would just be a waste of time, if you could even find people to go with you. Who wants to waste time on gear worse than the faceroll LFR? Want to do a dungeon? Well you're already capped and the gear is even worse than the lower tier raids. Want to do a 10/25 man raid for fun (like in WOTLK), or to help some pugs out? Sorry Emperor Blizzard has decreed you're only allowed to choose only one raid size per week. Want to raise rep? !@#$ I capped it accidentally while LEVELING. Farm mats? Useless craftables thanks to valor points and the chinese farmers will have everything on the AH for you anyway.

So then what CAN you do? Nothing, absolutely nothing. You want desperately to play the game more, to hang out with the people you enjoy in the game setting, but there's NOTHING LEFT TO PHYSICALLY DO. It's like the game comes and says "Sorry, recess is over; gotta wait till next week". I loved this game so much. I logged on every single day and always had something to do. It really did feel like a never ending game. Now the game ends in 6 hours every week. Great. This game is so full of god damn lockouts, caps, homogenization...all this stupid limiting crap just to make sure Tommy doesn't have an unfair advantage over Billy because he plays more. That's LIFE %^-*!@#s. Maybe its not healthy to pour countless hours into the game but I'd at least like the OPTION to do so.
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60 Gnome Mage
01/11/2012 10:24 AMPosted by Foshoiam
The reason is because doing those zones for people really did help them out because they had a real need for that gear.

There are a significant number of players who don't even understand why anyone would want instances to last for more than a single patch.

As one poster politely put it on a thread discussing this specific topic,
01/11/2012 08:25 PMPosted by Nepenthe
Why would being able to solo old instances drive players away from the game? I rather enjoy being able to go back through old content and farm it for either gear that I like the look of or reputation -- and I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels that way. What was difficult to accomplish at a particular level or gear cap shouldn't continue to be so once the game has progressed past that plateau.

01/11/2012 10:24 AMPosted by Foshoiam
So then what CAN you do? Nothing, absolutely nothing. You want desperately to play the game more, to hang out with the people you enjoy in the game setting, but there's NOTHING LEFT TO PHYSICALLY DO

They have mentioned world PvP in MoP. But it's difficult to say whether they will be successful in promoting it when their attempts the last three expansions (can even include towerslol and sand in vanilla) have been unsuccessful.
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1 Goblin Shaman
All I want to say has already been said. I miss having a community, grouping with random people from my server who wanted to make as much of an effort as myself to make connections (or at the very least not burn bridges.) Most people in cross-server dungeon pugs don't talk, and the ones that do are friends from a server and when they do its like I and the rest of the group wandered into a private conversation. I remember 2am scholomance runs running on nothing but coffee because a nice person I met at one time or another wanted to complete his warrior set so he could tank MC. And when a lvl 60 Paladin helped me (my warlock) find my way from ironforge to the barrens for my succubus quest. I remember offering him gold to help me do it and he told me "lol nah, do something nice for someone else and we'll call it even." I felt like I was privileged to be part of a community that was willing to make time to do those things for no other reason than it was a nice thing to do. I try to do that now but most people don't bother asking in trade for fear of being mocked. I don't feel fortunate anymore.
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90 Tauren Druid
Wow its late, I just came home from Gigantour (megadeth, lacuna coil, volbeat, and motorhead) in Canada (i live in buffalo ny)

This thread was a good read. I know its old but it still applies. I know that the tools I have used to grow a guild have been wiped out.

Some folks may remember but I originally met people doing lowbie 29 wsg gulch, and eventually 60 bgs. Then cross server bgs came, and it was hard to meet folks that way.

I used to meet folks doing 5 mans up until DF came out. I am all for a server only switch. Now you get tossed in with strangers. Not to mention there is less of point of doing 5 mans then there ever was before.

In wrath, you could run 10 and 25 mans, this would allow us to invite some pugs to a raid and maybe we would find a cool new guildmate. Or it allowed me or others to join pug and maybe meet folks doing that.

Now, b/c 10 mans offer in general easier road to loot (via less organizational requirements) it has shattered meeting new folks via raiding You can't even find pugs often to fill for a 25 man, b/c many folks have a 10 man run they are saved to or planning to attend. B/c of the shared lockout, you do less raiding, and when it comes time to play your alts you tend to do 10 man w/ gmates. It really has borked finding new members.

I am now out of good tools to find casual raiders, and left w/ realm forums, guild recruit forum, and trade chat :(

With dragonblight population getting smaller, its hard to even recruit the friend of the friend, b/c they stopped playing the game!

Good comments in this thread! We can only hope that MoP will fix it!
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86 Troll Warlock
Lawl beat ya'll ta' da chase' already quit wow
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90 Draenei Shaman
For those who still want to play WoW, but find there are no challenges left....
Try multiboxing... There's nothing quite like doing instances "solo" with your own group of 5 toons. =)
Especially if you're trying for achievements!

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100 Gnome Mage
Fully agree with what you say, and after 7 years of WoW am finally bored enough to want to quit subscription.
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85 Human Death Knight
good thread, as the op stated, once you gear out in raids, nothing much else to do

Really don't care about acheavements

my answer is, I will be leaving wow once I find a suitable new MMO that isn't a wow clone. Problem is there are few good ones out there, and I doubt many can match the rate blizz can put out content.

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55 Blood Elf Rogue
i get bored with my class by level 50 or so.. delete the toon start over. i get bored with the play style of the classes. but i love the game.
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55 Blood Elf Rogue
also i hate looms.. befor i make a character i have to get full looms or get one hit in bgs.
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