The Path of the Peaceful Druid II

90 Night Elf Druid
Still at -- for FP's taken, kills, damage done, heals done, auctions won or bid on. Still running around pvp flagged too.

Keeping the peaceful Horde presence alive on Antonidas.

Summertam - we now have a Horde sister guild that would love to have you! Wsp Saltimbanco for an invite. Or find me on the Alli side, and I'll go log on my toon there and get you in.

04/02/2011 07:43 AMPosted by July
This sounds like a lot of fun! I have to take a break from the game for a while due to some work stuff, but I hope you all are still around when I come back. I'll look you up. :)

We'd love to have you!
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90 Night Elf Druid
04/01/2011 08:11 PMPosted by Sacresha
this is my favorite forum right now.

The guild is even more fun - you should come play.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
i will once i get new computer. wow doesn't like my silly old machine.
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67 Gnome Priest
04/02/2011 04:49 PMPosted by Sereníty
Summertam - we now have a Horde sister guild that would love to have you! Wsp Saltimbanco for an invite. Or find me on the Alli side, and I'll go log on my toon there and get you in.

Yes we need more Horde!

I made a toon named Bilbik there only level 6 for now but the challenge is worth it. Not only do you get to see another side of the game but Horde seems to have a very different mentality about starting quests too.

They don't ask you to deliver stuff as much as alliance does. But they all have a starting quest right away in the beginner's area. (Undead even has 2, but blood elf none)

Saltimbanco has been nothing but the nicest person I have played with on Horde. No need to do it alone. The guild is still new over there and doesn't have as much stuff in it yet but we will grow.

You still get to have a gold to start out so you can buy your mining pick and your training.

And the economy on the Horde server Antonidas is striving and really easy to help you starting selling early herbs and ore.

So if Alliance doesn't do it for you no worries there is the Horde side there to welcome you aboard!
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71 Night Elf Druid
Leveling continues to be steady, despite what my forum avatar says. As I've been exploring, I've found a ton of rare spawns that I never knew existed or that I'd only seen once or twice in some 6+ years of playing this game. It has been refreshing to simply go sightseeing instead of playing connect-the-dots, running from mob to mob.

The money continues to be terrific. I've been splurging on fancy dresses, minor speed enchants and mining/herb bags, as well as pets, mounts and bank slots/bags. I have more money that I've ever had on a leveling toon before. At 23, I've made over 700 gold at the AH.

This guild continues being the nicest I've ever been in. There are some really good people here and I have yet to find a disagreeable one on the bunch.
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90 Night Elf Druid
The Journey Continues......

Like Springreign says, Rare spawns are EVERYWHERE! Apparently, The Shattering made their number go up exponentially.

We now have 118 toons in the guild; we've graduated to a real (no ads) website; added Vent just to hang out, and even have a Horde sister guild, <Peace Cørps> with it's own test squad, <Peace Cørps Death Squad>. (Who knew The Horde were Vikings?)

My journey continues, with tons of gathering and exploring. But I'm waiting for flying before I dig deep into Archeology (pun intended), unless I am high enough not to aggro nearby mobs.

When last we left our pragmatic pacifist, she had reached level 33.....

  • Hero’ Call: Western Plaugelands!

  • Hero’s Call: Dustwallow Marsh!

  • This Old Lighthouse

  • Hero’s Call: Feralas!

Ding Level 34

Explore Desolace!

  • Forces of Nature: Wisps

  • The Lost Apprentice

  • Forces of Nature: Hippogryphs

  • The Darkmist Legacy

  • Forces of Nature: Treants

Explore Feralas!

DING! Level 36

  • Forces of Nature: Faerie Dragons

  • Forces of Nature: Mountain Giants

  • They Call Him Smiling Jim

  • Inspecting The Ruins

  • The Orc Report

  • Suspicious Hoofprints

  • Lieutenant Paval Reethe pts 1 & 2

  • The Black Shield pts 1, 2, & 3

  • The Zeppelin Crash

  • Explore Dustwallow Marsh!

    DING! Level 37

    • Daelin’s Men

    • Captain Vimes

    • Mission to Mudsprocket

    • All That Skitters

    • Faces of Evil

    • Dark Vessels

    DING! Level 38

    • The Battle for Andorhal

    • Go Fletch!

    • Agamaggan

    • Secure The Cargo

    • Delivery for Drazzit

    Explore Western Plaguelands!

    DING! Level 39

    • Hero’s Call: Eastern Plaguelands

    • Hero’s Call: Thousand Needles

    • Tarenar Sunstrike

    • Gidwin Goldbraids

    LOTS of gathering underwater in Thousand Needles

    DING! Level 40

    Woot! Now I'm going to go back and see if there are any quests I missed because I wasn't high enough to accept......

    What an amazingly rewarding journey, without all the ugly stress!

    COMING SOON: Joint Guild Events!

    Dalaran Dance Party & Shattrath Marathon!
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    55 Tauren Death Knight
    Very cool indeed. WoW needs more people like you to spice things up :)
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    90 Night Elf Druid
    04/04/2011 01:58 PMPosted by Beefsupreeme
    Very cool indeed. WoW needs more people like you to spice things up :)

    Thank you!


    We're definitely a fun group!
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    85 Night Elf Rogue
    very interesting idea. mayb ill get around to making a toon and tryn this
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    90 Night Elf Druid
    04/04/2011 04:02 PMPosted by Naurixoxo
    very interesting idea. mayb ill get around to making a toon and tryn this

    Whatcha waiting for???

    Get over here!!!
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    90 Night Elf Druid
    Everyone should go here, and click LIKE:

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    67 Gnome Priest
    A tiny bit of update on the priest leveling experience.

    I realize, as a holy priest, I really don't need that many abilities to do this kind of leveling.

    - Bubble as soon as attacked. (power word: shield)

    - Renew when the shield goes down and is still on CD

    - Desperate prayer if things get ugly and all the above is not enough (usually more then 5 mobs on me)

    - Lightwell if health goes beneath 50% (it's worth stopping for 1.5 sec to cast it)

    - Healing potions if I am about to die and can try to save myself that way. Will usually use swiftness potion instead to run 50% faster.

    Decided to take psychic scream off my bar (I had 4 accidents due to it at level 15)

    I was surprised to see I only died 23 times and only used 6 healing potions total at level 43.

    4 of those deaths are due to pesky sharks in SW that like eating gnomes as soon as they go for lobster.

    7 to stubbornness to finish 2 quests in Dun Morogh at lev 8 in a cave

    1 due to falling

    1 was suicide when I saw a lev 85 about to help me against 10 ogres in Feralas. (lesson: don't do archeology where 85's can help you out)

    The other deaths I don't remember much but I guess I couldn't do anything to save myself.

    Personally I try as much as possible to treat the life of this toon as precious and I zigzag a lot to avoid fights and possible dangerous encounters.

    Like Springreign and Serenity said, that way you get to see aspect of the games you either didn't see much or never saw at all.

    I can understand that for new comers it is not that easy though. Might be too much gathering not enough action.

    Each of us come at it their own way and there isn't one way to do it. It is a much slower way to approach the game though and the first 10 levels are making it look you'll never get to 10 anytime soon. But once you get the core abilities of your class the boat has sailed and you can enjoy it entirely for what it is.
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    67 Gnome Priest
    Serenity's link is this; Ask the dev questions:

    04/04/2011 05:25 PMPosted by Rohna
    s there any chance of adding an achievement for leveling to 85 with under 50 kills? It would certainly be a challenge, and would promote an inventive new way of playing the game. =)

    50 kills!!!!! lol I have 5 and I feel so dirty! :P

    but any kind of achievement like that would be very cool indeed!
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    85 Tauren Druid
    Sounds like an excellent way to make the levelling process ten times as tedious. I really don't see the attraction.
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    90 Night Elf Druid
    04/04/2011 05:44 PMPosted by Holmiester
    Sounds like an excellent way to make the levelling process ten times as tedious. I really don't see the attraction.

    It's funny, it's actually, less tedious, because you don't have those repetitive "go kill [random number] of [these mobs that are annoying me] and I will reward you with a choice of [things you have out-leveled]."

    Instead, you have to get very creative [actually using your brain] to play the game counter-intuitively. It's surprisingly a blast!

    Not to mention the fun group it has attracted.

    But - hey, to each his/her own! That's why the gods made Baskin Robbins. :)
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    90 Undead Priest
    I like it. I don't have the patience but I appreciate the people this type of an idea attracts. Best of luck to all of you.

    I leveled from 80 to 81 using only archaeology and I never wanted to touch the spade again so I know it can be a struggle. But yeah, good luck!
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    90 Night Elf Druid
    Tragedy has struck. I got a kill.

    I was doing a gorram cooking daily.

    More details on my Monday Journey update.

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    90 Night Elf Druid
    The Journey Continues.... to tragedy

    Lots of gathering, lots of cooking dailies, and lots of fun, non-kill quests.

    • Amidst Death, Life

    • Little Pamela

    • Pamela’s Doll

    • Frederick’s Fish Fancy

    • The Brotherhood of Light

    • The Call of Kalimdor

    • Flight To Theramore

    • Traitors Among Us

    • Tabetha’s Farm

    • Propaganda War

    • Discrediting the Deserters

    • Catch a Dragon by the Tail

    • Help for Mudsprocket

    DING! Level 41

    FRAK!!!!! *sob* <insert various forms of profanity here> While swimming along in godawful ugly form in the Stormwind canals, doing the Feeling Crabby cooking daily, and chatting in guild, I did not realize I had acquired the requisite 10 crabs for the quest, when I clicked on an 11th before realizing the mouse icon was an unfriendly sword, and the poor crab made it's hideous death gurgle.

    Total Kills - 1
    Creatures Killed - 1
    Different creature types killed - 1
    Creature type killed the most - Beasts (1)


    So I immediately gave myself a break, created three more alts, and ate some chocolate. Another Druid, a Priest, and a Paladin. I now have 6 alts in <Peace Corps>, 2 in <Peace Corps Test Squad>, 1 in <Peace Cørps>, and 1 in <Peace Cørps Death Squad>

    My guildies have been the BEST when it comes to support through tragedy. We all know we face accidents at any moment. But it really stings when it's from careless stupidity. *sigh*

    This way of playing is very unforgiving.

    I've decided I shall fish, and give each of my characters as much rested exp as possible.

    So, back on the horse!

    • Counter-Plague Research

    • Just a Little Touched

    • Augustus’ Receipt Book

    Explore Eastern Plaguelands!

    More farming nodes.... (saving Archeology for when I have flight.)

    Explore Thousand Needles!

    Ding! Level 42

    <Peace Corps> now has 136 members, (six of which are mine), and more seem to join every day. Sure, there are those who are just not cut out for this, haven't the patience, or the fortitude, and they discover that pretty quickly.

    But we have our diehards - we have one who will ding 70 any day now, a level 50, four in the 40s, three in the 30s, ten in the 20s, and twenty-six in the teens. The first 10 levels are the hardest.

    Our BG team is coming along nicely as well, we have three at level 14, patiently waiting for the other eight to catch up.

    So for those of you still toying with this idea..... what are you waiting for? We even have VENT NOW!!
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    I'm curious is you guys have done any battlegrounds?

    It would be pretty awesome to see a team of nothing but healers doing nothing but healing. Very likely to just end in a draw/loss for your team but would be fun for everyone involved none the less, imo.
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