What we are:
A small group of people all ready to start raiding.

We have:
1. DPS / Healer Druid
2. Paladin Tank
3. Priest Healer
4. Hunter
5. Mage

We did not want to all apply to the same guild and have some get rejected and some accepted. We also understand that no guild out there is looking for the exact same classes that we can produce.

We are not looking to join a guild that already has over 9000 members in it. Our preferred location would be medium sized guild looking to place people in a group 2 or 3 raiding schedule. Many of us also have lives, so a 2 day a week raiding schedule is preferred.

If you have interest in us, please send an in game message to either Team or Kanga, or just respond with posts below.

inb4 everything
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