Terror In Nagrand

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Actually I think it's the apathy that seems to run rampant on this server where Alliance is concerned. For every 1 semi-skilled pvper Horde brings we have - as Daisy would say - 2 or 3 "pve heroes" ripe for the slaughter.

If this happens again though, horde players should be kept in check and invited accordingly to make the ratio a bit better at the same time not announcing the location until it's time for the fight to begin (obviously a location other than halaa).

That’s the thing though. All our PVE Heroes stayed home, and even some of the PVPers looked at the odds and decided to skip the massacre. We even had a bad turnout within DoA. No one thought we had a chance, so only the most foolhardy came.

You are absolutely right though, to make a PVP event work on Coilfang you have to control the Horde attendance somehow, and not announce the location of the battle until the last moment. In fact, it would be best to have the raid go to a location outside of any major city before announcing the location of the battle, so that no one shares the information on trade chat.
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Yup sounds like a plan, only other thing I would suggest is to maybe have your guild organize the next world pvp event and then contact someone horde side (i.e. Snuffles), once DoA has spoken to its members/other guilds/other players and determined a time and player count for the event. While that time might not work for all the horde wanting to attend, it might assist in limiting horde turnout as well.

One other fun but maybe unfeasible idea is to host the event in one of the PvA arenas (stv, blade's edge, nagrand, dire maul...) which would allow horde and alliance alike to deal with any unwanted intrusions from people outside the two opposing raid groups.
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I get the impression that Damaru is just tired of having to organize everything, so I would probably have to organize it. I have some ideas on location. Keeping accessibility and PVP significance in mind. I had thought about the Arenas, but I don’t think I would use them for the first one. I have some other ideas.

I have some house renovations coming up, so it might be a month or two before I get around to this.
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Contact me in game. I can rally some Trademarked people to show up for an event if given enough warning.
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A location that not include 5 min corpse walking would be nice :D.
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04/12/2011 09:55 AMPosted by Simplehuman
A location that not include 5 min corpse walking would be nice :D.

Great point, so maybe an area near an instance since both factions are usually able to use those graveyards? Auchindoun as an example would be pretty decent, lot's of LoS potential there too :P
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Contant me in-game if there anything good too.
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After speaking with several people involved with the last one, I found that the best idea is to do as you have mentioned and act as if there isn't anything going on as far as the Horde is concerned, while spamming the hell out of it for Alliance to read.

A second major point is incentive. Halaa is great because you get to go for mounts instead of just a slaughter. Prizes make people want to participate. As said, some people are purely raiders, plain and simple. They aren't going to show up to do PvP, they're going to show up for that cool thing they can win.

More after the break.

The third thing you need to keep in mind is fun factor. The other Halaa battle was fun and exciting because it had (at least not recently) been done. It's tough to find another suitable world PvP area that has the same level of reward and is fun for both sides.

If you can minimize Horde participation, give both sides a reason to participate, and keep it interesting, you've got yourself a battle.
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