Where has all the Dark Iron OLD SCHOOLS gone?

90 Draenei Warrior
DI has been dying for 4 years now!
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100 Troll Priest

DI is def dying lol and ppl are just server transfering to more populated ones can't blame them.
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2 Draenei Hunter

also somewhat relevant. i (HEART/FLAMINGO) will be at blizzcon this year if anyone else from old school dark iron crew wants to meet up.
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Hey, you wana buy a run for 10g? Full clear!
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85 Night Elf Rogue
It's been too long, Dark Iron.
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85 Undead Mage
Maddex here,just leveled my druid on DI to play with rl friends that still cling to this once manly beast. Its sad to see it like this. TBC was so legit here! My favorite times include.

-Premades with Findal.
-Trying to !@#$ing hard to kill Hexnub back when I keyboard turned and clicked.
-Miir/Ownski drama.

I still talk to Kon and Aba, there addicted to League of Legends now =( le sigh
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85 Undead Mage
Digable around?
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88 Gnome Mage
09/08/2011 06:55 AMPosted by Tdoolz
addicted to League of Legends now =( le sigh

It's the only way to be these days!
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5 Human Mage
It's the regular face of reformation clutching all this nostalgia.
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90 Troll Shaman
Still here. Not sure why.
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80 Undead Priest
Soooo many memories... Prolly one of the most old school player left but the DK is my main these days! Any real old school horde pvpr remembers way back... how awsome it was to win a bg aginst the likes of alliance such as Wowlife, Findal, Malfurious, Pennoyer or Hyuuga lmao ! Heros of the horde have come and gone! What ever happend to peeps like Garr, Orcaik, Roider, Foul, Naturalenemy, Chewechewbaka, Mastrbenz, Radius, Cleaved, Genetics, Hexnub, Gleek and of course the great Miniberf?! Lol oh and pve lets not forget Fillet, I was a member of the "Malice" guild and although Push got all the credit.. my brother Garr was who originally made the guild "Hi My Name is Amy" just to cut up in the one night running bg trains and kill ally all while wearing pink tabards! damn alot of memories.. I'm pretty sure I got the last kill on you Findal in Borean Tundra when I seen you out there lvl'n HAHAHA and like always you had to call your goons to come jump me!
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60 Troll Warrior
12/30/2011 01:04 AMPosted by Azaile
im here, returning fresh from a few months of being perma banned form the forums.
Hi Azaile
3di7 4 iliana hur
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