bye for now (in a bit)

85 Undead Warlock
wow, these forums suck now. i feel like im yelling into a big empty room.

anyway, for those who do read these still, im out on the 27th, taking a break for awhile after 5 years of continuous play/raiding. this is for anyone i may not get to say goodbye to in-game.

i feel a little weird at the pretentiousness of this, but there are people i will miss and not be able to talk to before i go. and i have to give any trolls out there their last chance to bash on little ole' me.

C-Dubb fo' Life.
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70 Undead Rogue
Peace out Ele, if you don't come back it was nice knowing you.
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90 Goblin Shaman
Enjoy your long earned break Ele. We'll see you in a while.

I mean geez, even Partyrock missed us after a while and came back - at least to the forums!
Bottled too!

And yes you are a pretentious bastard . . . that's why so many of us love you (in a platonic gaming sort of way).

Thank you for helping to make this bit of cyberspace so colorful over the years.
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70 Night Elf Rogue
Take it easy, I had fun fighting you back when it was still same server BGs.
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85 Human Death Knight
*brofist* seeya man, you will be missed. /wave
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85 Goblin Shaman
Enjoy your break Ele, it was fun raiding with you in CW. See you when you get back :)
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Org won't be the same without Ele sporting the old title "High warlord" sitting on a post, putting trolls in their place. Grats on the intervention, you're free!
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90 Night Elf Hunter
Jeez you hordies gonna start swapping spit in the shower next or what? Shush Law, I own u.

ROFL jk guys, Its sad to see a pvp'er bail. Good luck, hope you find peace. I respect hardcore players no matter what side your on.
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85 Goblin Warlock
04/28/2011 12:34 PMPosted by Critterz
I respect hardcore players

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Never met you but take care fellow hordie.
Ughh.... I need to find some people to recruit to the game. Hardly anyone left on here to play with :(
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85 Troll Priest
pfft, we all know Ele will still be trollin' while on his break. It's second nature to him, can't quit that cold turkey :p
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