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85 Undead Priest
Needs more sticky!
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85 Draenei Warrior
Full name: Eristra
Gender/age: Female, age is unknown
Race/class: Draenei
Eyes/hair/skin or fur: Bright blue eyes, brunette, sky blue skin
Markings/jewelry: Rings on her tendrils and her tail, body covered with scars and wounds from fighting constantly.
Demeanor: Bold, courageous, headstrong, mischievous and on occasion, a flirt
Accent/vernacular: Eastern European/Russian

Short bio: Eristra has been fighting for the Alliance as a hired mercenary for several years after the Exodar incident. Many years ago, she was taken away from her village by a pack of ogres and forced to fight in the arena for amusement, which helped her grow strong over time. Upon crash landing in Azuremyst, she encountered night elf 'creatures' with other draenei who were deathly afraid of her, thinking she was just like the Eredar invaders. This stigmatization would unfortunately make relations with other peoples difficult, and her decision to settle in Stormwind for the time being was met with opposition from intolerant humans. She fights for the right of the draenei people to live in peace, without fear of being hunted down by the orcs or the Burning Legion.

Family: Her cousin Ginsey, a shaman. Status: Alive. Parents are both deceased, and information about them is uncertain.
Companions: A worg named Charlie.
Likes: Strong men and women, leaders, martial arts, wealth, food and loud music.
Dislikes: Shyness, cowardice, thievery(when she's not the one stealing), magic.
Fears: Being alone
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90 Undead Warlock
Full name: Lady Annaliese Handhour

Gender/age: Female, late 30’s at the time of death

Race/class: Forsaken, Warlock

Physical Appearance: Despite the lack of life in her, Annaliese is noticeably well-kept together--apparently one of those forsaken who choose to go through extremes to maintain oneself. Still, the unnatural appearance is clear, from the haunting, lantern-like eyes that might stare through you, to the shadowy veil of hair reminiscent of the dark magic that re-made her. She could easily be mistaken for a delicate phantom at a distance.

Markings/jewelry: Besides the very simple silver wedding band on her left hand, Anna might sometimes wear brooches of Nerubian inspiration, or a gemmed scarab clip in her hair. All jewelry seems to be of original design.

Demeanor: The woman is quiet, and unassuming, gentle-mannered with others on a public level. She prides herself on being a lady, despite her vocation or assumed habits.

Accent/vernacular: She does not have a distinct accent, though her attempts at Orcish are often muddled by a very human-esque pronounciation. Most times, she remains too soft-spoken for this to be exposed.

Short Bio: The exact time of Annaliese’s fall to the Forsaken seems blurry at best, for she always has seemed to have a presence among the Horde as an uncommonly pleasant-mannered creature. A known jewelcrafter and collector, 'Lady Handhour' has extended her attention to detail with restoring artifacts she comes in to, whether by through trade or discovery, and thus can be found offering her services most times within the Hand of Fate in Dalaran. Concerning warlockry, the instinct to guard her dark studies is not as prevalent as it was when she was living, and like her artistry, she actively, and sometimes obsessively, pursues ways in becoming more knowledgable with it. After all, what can truly be forbidden to one of the undead?

Family: A husband, (Zamboozle, Priest) and an adopted child, the young Farstrider Laelah.

Companions: Coal, more of a personal familiar than a house cat, the feline hides his fel green eyes beneath a customized hat that for some reason he is perfectly fine with wearing.

(Known Info/Rp bits):
--Lady Handhour was born Gilnean, and her surname was well-known in the upper class society circles before the Greymane wall had been brought up. She remains the last technically surviving member of her own family.

--Lady Handhour's ghostly appearance is caused by her choice to consume life energies instead of consuming flesh on a regular basis. Given the opportunity, she may even devour entire souls to sate her hunger, rather than degrade herself to cannibalism.

--A strange, but fairly amiable human woman has taken to assisting Lady Handhour in Dalaran within the Hand of Fate. She often visits Stormwind to conduct her business, more often found within The Slaughtered Lamb to assist the occasional warlock that might wander inside. Identified by the eye-shaped pendant dangling at her throat, most would know her as 'Anna', a common enough name for a common enough woman.

Likes: Magic, Painting, Drawing (charcoal only), Gemcrafting, Discovering artifacts and restoring them, Nerubian Lore, Children (no, not to eat), Strawberries

Dislikes: Unnecessarily mean or arrogant people, swearing, Demons, Being manipulated, Loved ones or friends being harmed, The act of actually having to dig around over long distances to find artifacts to restore

Fears: Losing self-control, Becoming an inhuman monster, Maggots or other carrion-devouring worms
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85 Night Elf Hunter
-Full name: "Miss" Rhoswen Redcreek
-Gender/age: Female/34yrs
-Race/class: Human(Worgen)/Witch
-Eyes/hair/skin or fur: Grey-green/Bright Red/Tan skin and brown fur respectively
-Markings/jewelry: Nothing particularly notable. A few scars but most are almost completely faded.
-Demeanor: Ill-natured, stand-offish, mistrustful and immature(Intellectually). Very direct in her approach to problems and typically involves violence if she believes it will get rid of the annoyance. Quite impulsive and self-serving as well.
-Accent/vernacular: Speaks a very broken common and hints at accents both Gilnean and Arathi. Very select, narrow vocabulary, and direct way of speaking. Not very descriptive, and little to no 'flowery' words. (Slightly cockney, not much though.)
-Short bio: Most know Rhoswen Redcreek as the companion to Bandran Drammas and though perhaps an odd woman, there is nothing overtly wrong with her. She is quiet, brooding, and doesn't say much at all, but doesn't cause trouble. It is very rare to see her in the city and she is always with Bandran.

-Family: Unknown, but you might count Bandran Drammas as her family...of sorts.
-Companions: Has a small cadre of demons that she can occasionally summon, from a twitchy, frightened imp to a restless but strangely loyal felsteed. Also can occasionally be seen holding a small, very fluffy and very pink rabbit named Nore.

-Long bio: (Though it says long, I'm going to keep it reasonably short.) Occasionally, there are misbegotten children that are born with blood that will not suffice. For Rhoswen, it was whisps of red hair and pale green eyes that sealed her fate. Thrown into the wilds at a very young age the girl grew to be nothing more than an animal, and by all accounts should have died, preyed upong by wildlife, within her first year. It was an innate magic that her depraved and desperate mind warped to suit her needs that protected her, the will to survive combined with the destructive nature of her infantile mind. Understand, reap, destroy, was all she knew was she spent her years roaming through Gilneas but staying far from civilization as she was able. However, she was found, and for awhile she was taken in by a small family that held the name "Redcreek." She was only twelve. They tried to civilize her, tried to show her the ways of Gilneans again, but the broken mind of the girl simply didn't understand. What was worse, she hated it. So she ran, not even letting the channel between Gilneas and Hillsbrad stop her. Though nearly swept out to sea she managed to find herself on land once more. From there she never stopped moving, until at nineteen she was found again, in the Wetlands by a young mage by the name of Bandran Drammas...who wanted not to civilize her, but to let her be as she was, and to study her.
(That's the shorter version. There are a lot of details not mentioned, but that's part of the rp, eh?)
-Likes: Strange sadistic pleasures in watching things bleed and weaving particularly agonizing spells. Also enjoys honey bread, children (oddly), damp dwellings, and giving Bandran ideas.
-Dislikes: Cities, most people, stuffy clothing, and having to be 'civilized'.
-Fears: Losing Bandran. (Not really a fear per say...I don't think she understands the concept of 'fear' very well)
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85 Human Death Knight
((This is Halent, guild leader of <Exclamation Point>. Thank you very much for making a thread such as this one. I have requested it stickied, and hope others will do the same.))

Full name: Halent Lecter Garnesh
Gender/age: Male / 71
Race/class: Human / Death Knight
Eyes/hair/skin or fur: His eyes are a sea green, and do not glow like a normal Death Knight's. His hair is grayed from age, and his skin pale and somewhat wrinkled.
Demeanor: Halent is outgoing, kind, and a natural leader. He is always willing to lend a hand, even if he has to remove it.
Accent/vernacular: Halent's common is very pronounced and dignified. This is kept up in every other language he speaks, which is quite the variety.
Short bio: Halent is an accomplished alchemist, and a Blightmaster of the Ebon Blade. He is not like other Death Knights, and is regarded as the way they should act from time-to-time. He suppresses his Death Knight aura, taking away his glowing eyes and dual-toned voice. Only when it is needed, is such ability brought forth.

Halent hates his undeath, his profession more, but he knows his skills are needed to help the world, and would not end himself out of this self-hatred. However, he rarely gets mad at the fact that he's dead, instead choosing to constantly joke about it. Only when he is called a 'scourge' or a beast is he truely upset, but attempts his best not to let it show.
Family: All of Halent's family is dead. His mother and father were dear to him, and he felt the Stratholme priests were just as close to family.
Companions: Halent utilizes ghouls. like many other Death Knights, they are expendable, and rarely have the same name. His Death Charger is Sorrowmane, and his skeletal gryphon Grimwing. He summons them fromt he shadow realm to serve as his mounts, but treats them as real animals.

Long bio: Halent was a farmer a long time ago. He lived with his parents whilst he grew up, on said farm in the Western Plaguelands; what is now the Writhing Haunt. Upon one of the earliest accounts of undead attacking, they were slain. Halent was young and was moved to th city of Stratholme, where he lived in the church with the other orphan boys. He began to read, however, and learned of the Holy Light. He asked if he could study the ways of the priest, hoping it would protect him from more harm. He lived a full life, reaching a ripe age of 63 by the time his death came to the Scourge attacking Stratholme. His fate was met by the abomination, Meathook.

He was risen fromt he grave shortly after the culling. Taken up as one of Arthas' Death Knights, he sensed much from this aged priest. Halent did not disappoint, and quickly rose in ranks until he was stationed in Naxxramas itself. He was a general of an evil army, one he had the power to, should the army fall, lift it back up again. Where he once called upon the Holy Light, he now forced the hand of darkness with equal ferocity. His runeweapon, an axe he carries, was actually acquirred the day his human mind began to return...

(( For that story about his axe))

At the Battle of Light's Hope, Halent was reformed and freed of the Lich King's grasp. He now uses his Unholy powers for good, taking them in the same stride he did with the light. For to him, power is not to be judged for.
Likes: Peace, harmony, and general good times.
Dislikes: Chaos, hatred, prejudice. The sins of man that Halent fights against.
Fears: Losing control of his powers and becoming that which he once was...

((additional)) Fighting Strategies: Halent utilizes his body to strike fear into his opponent. This is not because he wants them weak, he wants them to run. He would rather them fear him and live, than for him to have to kill. If his imposing power does not do the trick, he fully utilizes his class structure. Death Knights were not made to be fair, and Halent is quite resourceful. All the leftover magic from his abilities is drawn into his rune weapon to launch Death Coils, all the leftover energy from the Death Coil is transferred to his ghoul to empower it. All matter is bound by unholy energy, something Halent has a magnicifent command of, and will make use of to drag his enemies across the battlefield; or turn his axe into a boomerang, hurling it and then gripping it with the coils of death back to his hand.
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85 Human Paladin
Sorry to be off-topic Tycho, but I noticed you linked to Apparently wowwiki has been compromised for some time (there was an article recently on stating that a virus was picked up while navigating the site). Many of the former Admins, etc. from wowwiki started up, which is considered the new wowwiki (blizzard even links to it).

Here is some info on the split.
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85 Human Death Knight
Outstanding to see the new profiles popping up. I hope they keep coming. RP is re-emerging and it's a joy to see.
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85 Night Elf Hunter
If we're still playing the game...we'll be here.
Just get the courage to walk up and say hello.

And as Halent has said, I'm glad to see a thread dedicated to the RP community and its members.
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100 Draenei Shaman
Took a break from all forums. Before I went on break this thread was sinking, and somewhere on the second page, now it's at 2 pages. O.o

Swapped the WoWwiki link with WoWpedia.

I've heard the Worgen tavern night has moved to make room for another event on Fridays. Anyone have the details?

EDIT: Working on editing Iolana's post for her profile, then I'll be posting 2 more profiles.
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90 Human Hunter
Name: Karenne Eschen
Gender, age, race, class: Human, female, hunter, 32
Hair, eyes, skin: Medium brown hair, brown eyes, tan from being outdoors. Average appearance.
Jewelry, markings: Usually wears hoop earrings
Demeanor & personality: Doesn't take herself seriously, likes to joke around with people she knows well, a bit shy with strangers, interested in the natural world. Enjoys reading. Very independent. Values self-reliance in others. Considers herself stupid, but enjoys being around smart people so she can learn from them. Nothing special about her, she's a very ordinary, everyday sort of person.
Professions: Engineering, learned to keep herself supplied with weapons, but she's not really interested in it except as a convenience. Mining is more interesting to her, the landscape of Azeroth has changed in many areas due to the recent events.
Accent: Standard Stormwind Common
Short Bio:
Karenne hung around the Keep Library, where her mother was a night-time cleaning maid, while she was growing up. Her mother was unable to send her to school, but a sympathetic library scribe, who caught her sneaking peeks at the library scrolls and books, taught her to read and write. She became fascinated by the natural world, although unable to afford a proper education, she now studies and observes as she travels though Azeroth.

She decided to become a hunter because she thought that would be the best way to see the world in a self-reliant way, and yet not be too lonely, because she'd have an animal companion.

Geographica is Karenne's guild. She founded it to encourage research and exploration of the natural worlds of Azeroth and Outland and of their people groups. (( Shameless plug: Geographica seeks solo players to join our society!)) Geographica sends the information it collects to the Stormwind Library, the Explorer's Hall Library and Museum, and any interested scholars.

Family: Mother was a cleaning maid, now retired and supported by Karenne, father, a ne'er-do-well who ran up gambling debts, abandoned the family and hasn't been heard from in years. Many cousins ( my alts). No sweethearts.

Companions: Karenne is a hunter who prefers cat companions, the independent nature of cats really appeals to her and you will usually find one of her lovely cats padding along by her side. (( And for tough fights Kar has a bear, Karsbear. :D))
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100 Draenei Shaman
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90 Draenei Warrior
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85 Night Elf Rogue
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81 Worgen Priest
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91 Human Warlock
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91 Human Warlock
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85 Human Mage
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70 Worgen Warlock
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100 Draenei Shaman
Added a link to Scath's thread about RP clothing, I hope to have more links to clothing resources at some point, but Cata changed the models of a lot of items and completely removed others.

Also, in the Events and Guilds post, I added a section for the in-game chat channels. I don't remember the Horde channels off the top of my head, so if anyone knows them, please do tell.

Still need more info on ongoing events.
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85 Human Rogue
Name: Ju-Long Tse
Gender, age, race, class: Human, Male, rogue, early to mid 20s
Hair, eyes, skin: Black hair, Dark Brown eyes, tan from being outdoors.
Jewelry, markings: None you might see with him in his armor
Demeanor & personality: Fairly serious. A slightly detached and aloof demeanor.
Professions: Engineering. Enjoys tinkering when he has the time. You will only see him on engineered mounts of one form or another. Can't trust those nasty live ones, you know. (they leave messes everywhere)
Accent: Common
Short Bio: Ju-long grew up pretty much learning to take care of himself. Grew up as your basic street rat to survive. Learned to pickpocket and pick locks to feed himself. He wouldn't say he enjoyed it, but you had to eat somehow. One day in the Dwarven District of Stormwind saw an engineered mechanostrider and became enamored. Followed the gnome back to Ironforge and apprenticed himself to various gnomes and dwarves to learn what he could of the engineering trade.

He traveled back to Stormwind and decided to join the army. Learned the art of fighting, and due to being fairly agile found he fought better with light armor and light weapons as it lended to more of his strengths. From there he went on to become a scout until he finished his duty and now travels seeking adventure.

Ju-long has a slightly irrational tendency. He will attempt to kill any Horde he can. (love to PvP, when I'm on that's what I do)

Family: Mother died when he was young. He never knew his father.

Companions: Ju-long does not have any steady companions. He has a few on again off again comrades in arms he joins in his adventures against the Horde from time to time.
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