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85 Gnome Priest
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90 Dwarf Priest
Full name: Betsea Lianne Stoutheart

Gender/age: 45, equivalent to late teens/early twenties in human years.

Race/class: Dwarf Priest

Eyes/hair/skin or fur: Pale skin, strawberry blonde hair, violet eyes.

Markings/jewelry: Silver rings through both ears, and an opal pendant on a silver chain around her neck. No tats.

Demeanor: Easy-going, slow to anger unless she sees abuse of the helpless, like children, animals, etc. Is generally caring and sometimes almost sweet, but has a strong tendency towards sarcasm and bluntness that sometimes gets her in trouble... she tries to reign it in.

Accent/vernacular: She tries to speak in the more "proper" accent of Stormwind, but sometimes she slips and reverts to a dwarven accent and colloquialisms, especially when flustered.

Short bio:
Born a few years before the original Dark Portal was opened, raised by her maternal grandfather in Thelsamar, sent to Ironforge for training by High Priest Rohan as a child and later to Stormwind Cathedral for more intensive training.

Family: Mother was the Priestess Brynne Stoutheart, who was killed in Outland during the Burning Crusade era. Father was Slevin Stoutheart, a hunter whose whereabouts are unknown. Her grandfather, Rann Flamespinner, raised her and is the living family member she is closest to. She also has a younger sister, Paislea, who is a bit of a rogue and a wildchild and is rarely seen (ha!).

Companions: Her most treasured companion is a Sprite Darter Hatchling that came to her after her mother (it's original guardian) died.

Personal Info: She thoroughly enjoys her ale, and can usually hold it well (she IS a dwarf after all!). She's a peace-loving dwarf who will fight when necessary against the Scourge and the Burning Legion, but thinks the whole "war" between Horde and Alliance is ridiculous. She is not a fan of Varian Wrynn and is suspicious of Moira Bronzebeard, though she wants to believe that Moira isn't as bad as she seems. No significant others, as she feels they would be a distraction from more important matters and prefers the freedom that she has now. Her hobby is gem collecting and jewelrymaking, she loves making pretty things for herself and others. She's also not a very good "Holy" priest, to the dismay of the Cathedral, she prefers to harness the power of the Shadow, finding it of more use to her in everyday activities.

Likes: Thunderbrew Lager, Thelsamar, the Loch before it was drained, Ice Cream, Anduin Wrynn, Sheep, Blink Dragons, Gems and Jewelry.

Dislikes: Ogre Lager, Deathwing (particularly since he destroyed the Stonewrought Dam and emptied out the Loch), Varian Wrynn, Scourge, Demons, The Outland, Westfall Stew, and Hatred.

Fears: Her biggest fear is that Thelsamar will be destroyed and that her grandfather will die in pain before his time. The Shattering hit a little too close to home for her. She also is also deathly afraid of spiders after a giant spider came through her window one night and tried to attack her as a child.
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8 Human Priest
Full name: Sarahya Nulement
Gender/age: Female/22
Race/class: Human/priest

Eyes/hair/skin or fur: Though she seems to be a young adult female, a few distinguishing markings make it hard to pinpoint her age. Crow's feet around the eyes and several grey streaks of hair mixed in with the healthy dark red coat further mystify this seemingly former beauty. With her physical assets mostly proportionate, her body seems more suited to the life of hard work than luxury.

Markings/jewelry: She is almost always seen wearing a pair of 'medium' sized hoop earrings

Demeanor: Sarahya is kind and considerate, compassionate and caring, but not very trusting with those she has only just met.

Accent/vernacular: No real accent, though she does tend to speak with a very deep, though still feminine voice.

Short bio: Sarahya was born, raised, and grew up on a small farm plot in Westfall. Her family was decently acquainted with the Saldean family, mostly due to their equal actions of providing much for the farming community. Sarahya never really got along with other children, save her siblings, but she, from an early age, adopted a motherly disposition and helped take care of the kids when her mother could not, or when her parents were busy. She was a hard worker, and developed a rather strong physique. She had a reputation for being a bit of a tomboy because of all the rejections she would throw onto hopeful, young, "one day" suitors, and the physically painful rejections she put upon those who tried bypassing the flowers or produce gifts. It wasn't until she was around the age of sixteen when her parents discovered her turning point in life. She would wash and clean the animals on the farm, and her parents noticed that the animals never got sick, or even if they got small injuries, they would amazingly disappear after Sarahya had been tending to them. This was all lost on the girl, but the parents knew what was going on. They sent word to the priests of Stormwind Cathedral, wanting their daughter to be trained as a priestess. A priest came down from the capitol city and watched Sarahya, talked with her, tested her "gift". It was confirmed, and Sarahya ran away from the priest in tears, not wanting to leave her life. She loved it, she didn't want to go to the big city and leave her work. When Sarahya was approximately eighteen years of age, she finally agreed to go, if the priests would still take her. Reluctantly, she packed up her things, bid her family a tearful goodbye, and left for the cathedral to start her training. it was barely few years later when Deathwing broke from the world. Her family was caught in his wake and didn't survive.

Family: (Family members your character was close to. Classes, races, names, and whether they're still living, if applicaple) Imelda Nulement (Father), Sarah Nulement (Mother), Keelara Nulement (Sister), Robby Nulement (Brother), and Suzina Nulement (sister). All were commoners.

Companions: None, as of yet.

Long bio: I have to agree with Frivolous on this one. Though I don't expect everyone to be someone to use this to metagame with, it's just my experience it'll happen.
Likes: Healing those in need, wether it be through the light or counseling of emotional and mental pain; cats; fruit.

Dislikes: Undue brought on pain; The Scarlet Crusade "order"; Deathwing (That's kind of a gimme for a lot of people, I know, I know)

Fears: Only one, really. Dying truly alone as she feels now.
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86 Human Warrior
Full name: Lynaea "Lyn" Haglund

Gender/age: Female/30

Race/class: Human/Warrior

Eyes/hair/skin or fur: Brown eyes, tanned skin, black hair

Markings/jewelry: Pierced ears, cog tattoo on right hand

Demeanor: Stoic.

Accent/vernacular: Speaks like anyone born and raised around Westfall/Stormwind would speak.

Short bio: Former Guardian, now wife of Lsrei Haglund. Lynaea now uses her skills as a warrior to aid the Alliance on the front lines, though claims no fealty to the crown.

Family: Lsrei Haglund, husband. No other living family.
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85 Goblin Rogue
Bonus!: A Tricki sketch I did

Full name:Tricki Bloodgold

Gender/age: Female/Mid twenties

Race/class: Goblin Rogue

Eyes/hair/skin or fur: Green skin, purple eyes, dark hair.

Markings/jewelry: Plenty of piercings.

Demeanor: Always eager to make a gold coin. She's extremely friendly and extroverted despite her greedy cutthroat nature. If she isn't making a maceroon she's throwing a party. She'll talk to anyone who will listen and try anything once.

Accent/vernacular: She speaks with a thick Gilnean accent

Short bio: Born in the Undermine but raised in the city of Gilnea, her parents ran a barber shop that catered to the human population there. However being terrible barbers, the goblin family was often poor, and Tricki resorted to being a pickpocket on the streets to feed herself.

When the curse began making it's way through the city, her parents used and ingeniously hidden goblin escape rocket and fled the city before being infected. They then slipped into Orgrimmar along with the Bilgewater Goblins, and have been claiming allegiance ever since.

Family: Father was Earlop Bloodgold, and mother Sweepy Bloodgold. Tricki has so far mentioned one sister, Sticki Bloodgold.

Personal Info: A goblin in every sense of the word, Tricki can often become quite obsessed with profit. She runs a trafficking business out of the Wyverns Tail- primarily selling the outlawed substance bloodthistle to the large Blood Elf population that frequents the city. However she has been to known to take more dangerous and profitable work like assassination contracts and heist. She isn't against violence but generally will not partake in it, unless she deems it is somehow profitable. Instead she'll seek to de-fuse the situation with a grin and a friendly slap on the back.

Likes: Gold, jewelry, charms, trinkets, poisons, bloodthistle, cigars, high society life, potential customers.

Dislikes: Idiocy, profit loss, wasted time and effort, tough sells, pointless fights.

Fears: Her biggest fear is a return to poverty.
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90 Worgen Hunter
Added a link to Zam's offsite RP forums, as per his request.

Debating adding my list of skimpy RP clothings, but since I made the list in Wrath, chances are at least half of them don't exist. :x
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85 Draenei Shaman
Name: Niluuna 'Firetotem'
Race/class Draenei Shaman
Ocupation: Trying to calm the Maelstrom at the moment before the Cataclysm iwas working with the Earthen Ring.
Proffession Earthbinding
Apperance : Short hair blue with light blue eyes and a terrifying gaze with a accent of the South Seas as if ive spent my life down there (hint hint hint next xpack refernce) and i always have a bag of my different totems weither it summons a earth elemental or just to enflame my enemeys.

Bio: Before the Catalysm i was working with the Earthen Ring to try to find the Island of Pandaria to see if we could find the Pandaran to help calm the elements (as the cataclysm was going to happen) since they have been here almost as long as the planet has been cleaned up by the Titans.And now im just trying to help the Earthen Ring calm the Maelstrom so it doesnt pull all of Azeroth into it and destroy Deepholm along with all of life on Azeroth.

I was born on Argus but as Sargeras was trying to get us into his 'Legiong' i was fled with Velen. And i crash landed in the South Seas on a Goblin/Gnome island and was taken into the city and was taken care of until i could venture the Seas with the gnomes and goblins .

pssst i tried to keep it short
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90 Night Elf Priest
Full name: Thorinsage Twistroot
Gender/age: Male, approximate age 374 years
Race/class: Half Night Elf - Half Dwarf
Eyes/hair/skin or fur: Glowing eyes just like his mother's. Known to occasionally wear longs braided hair.
Markings/jewelry: Demeanor: Quite fashionable, yet slightly reserved.
Accent/vernacular: Speaks with a very heavy dwarven accents due to being raised in Ironforge for many years.
Short bio: A friendly priest that sometimes wields great power using his teaching in the shadow arts. A force not to be crossed, yet a good friend to have.
Family: Only known relative is his fraternal twin brother Thorinstar. His brother took from his father's side of the family and is a quite stout dwarven warrior who likes to drink too much and adventure too little. His brother has been missing since the Burning Crusades.
Companions: Has many companions including a gift from Therazane named "Pebbles". That pet is as dumb as a box of rocks and the two are often seen arguing over which path is the shortest while traveling.
Personal information: One of very few known night elf/dwarven offspring to have ever survived childbirth. His mother and father met in long ago in a now defunct tavern in Ironfroge that was called "The Twisted Root"....but that is a story for another time.
Likes:Dislikes:Fears: Respects All & Fears None (Also a common phrase often uttered by him)
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70 Human Paladin
Full name: Fafhrd Nalgronson

Gender/age: Male/ Mid-20's

Race/Class: Human of Skraeling Descent, Paladin/Ret -- Champion of Tyr

Eyes/hair/skin or fur: Blue Eyes, Copper-Blonde hair

Occupation: Mining/Blacksmithing

Description: Fafhyrd is a slighty-short, thick-bodied fellow, heavily muscled as if he had grown up wearing the extra weight of arms and armor - which indeed was the case, as he was pledged to the service of Tyr at a young age. His armor is a mixed bag of improvements and patches taken from enemies and hammered into fitting his body. His long, copper-blond hair is currently braided.


In the ancient times of King Ymiron, after they were abandoned by their titan gods, the Vrykul clans began to be affected by the condition now known as "The Curse of Flesh", in which Vrykul children began to be born "weak and ugly", and became known to the Vrykrul as "Skraelings". King Ymiron called for those whose children were thus born to be killed, but some of the parents could not bear to thus slay their children. Those parents who rebelled began to raise their children in secret, and instead sent them "to grow up far away from Northrend."

These "Skraelings" formed several settlements on Azeroth, notably in the northern parts of Lordaeron. Initially guarded and taught by their full-blood Vrykul parents, within generations these settlements became self-sustaining, until the upheaval of the Sundering broke the spine of the world. Remnants of these settlements survived, to eventually become the people of Arathor, but by then the memories of their ancestors had become the stuff of myth and legend.

Fafhyrd was born in a Skraeling settlement, several generations after their founding. His family were blacksmiths, and as he was raised in the service of the god Tyr, learning the crafting of runes, and the ways of battle. Of the Titans, Tyr was particularly revered as the protector of the Skraelings, a god of order and justice who sacrificed his own hand in the battle to protect the weak from the ravening of worgs. Tyr replaced the lost hand with a closed fist made of mithril, a symbol to that true justice may only be accomplished through personal bravery and sacrifice.

One day Fafhyrd was engaged in battle, protecting his settlement from a marauding attack by forest trolls, when he was struck down by a Troll warrior. When he awoke, he found himself in the Caverns of Time, being cared for Alexston Chrome in the Tavern of Time, having been taken there by agents of the Bronze Dragonflight. Recovering, he worked for the Tavern for some time, brewing mead for Alexton, assisting the blacksmith Yarley at the forge, and occasionally helping Galgrom with his supplies, all the while learning the Common Tongue of the prevalant age.

Soon Fafhyrd was able to convince a mage to allow him to accompany her to Stormwind via portal. As he bade farewell to his few friends, he was stopped by the bronze dragon Chronormu, in her gnome guise; when she was informed that he intended to leave the Caverns of Time and never returned, she intoned:

"Forever and Never are neither for Men,
You'll be returning, again and again."
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85 Night Elf Druid
Full name: Floretta “Fiore” Sugarmoon
Gender/age: Female, between 400-ish. She’s middle-aged in night elf standards.
Race/class: Night elf, druid.
Eyes/hair/skin or fur: ”The eyes of a lover”; soft, amber eyes, short, white hair, a ghastly grey pale.
Markings/jewelry: She has the “leaf” marking in-game. No jewelry.
Demeanor: She’s incredibly anxious and prefers conversations to be short and sweet. She’s shy and introverted.
Accent/vernacular: She speaks softly, and often times under her breath. Rarely does she speak louder than a whisper.

Short bio: Though Floretta was raised as a druid by her mother and father she always aspired to be a priestess. She’s come to accept her specialty with nature spells, but unlike most druids, she refuses to shapeshift; she dislikes animals and would much prefer to stay indoors.

Family: Like mentioned before she had a mother, her father is still living.
Companions: Also mentioned in the bio, she hates animals.
Personal information:

Though she is an incredibly introverted person, nothing gets her more excited to be who she is - a healer - then when she is aiding a companion in slaying the opposing faction.
Though her heart is set on a completely different classification of healing, she truly does take pride in being “the giver of life.” She feels it holds a great deal of power.

She never really dwells on her relationship with her father. She more or less fights frequently with him about never becoming a feral druid.

Pertaining to the last tidbit, she was never really close to her parents. She didn’t really hate them, more so she disliked them for forcing her into something she didn’t want.

Floretta very rarely talks about herself, and her wants and likes. You must pry her open to get her to talk.

Likes: She enjoys sitting in Stormwind, watching the hustle and bustle (she never gets too close to anyone), she enjoys sitting in taverns and drinking, music, palm reading, and when she gets the chance, baking.
Dislikes: She dislikes the outdoors, talking, animals and Moonkin. (“Feathery monsters…”)
Fears: She fears death a great deal; it consumes her in her dreams. She has night terrors about not being to save herself and her companions.
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90 Worgen Hunter
Alright, this thread seems a bit... dusty.

I don't think all of the guilds listed exist anymore, and for all I know, there could be some new ones floating around. I won't touch the list for now, but if your guild is inactive or not looking for new members, please let me know. As for updates...

    -Removed the "s" in <The Hammer of Magni>. No one pointed out that typo!
    -Added Tongues to the addons list.
    -Added more links including more WoW Insider, articles for specific races and classes, and a VERY useful tool to look up gear sets which can also be useful for non-RPers with interest in transmogrification.
    -Removed Worgen tavern night from events. Haven't heard a word about it in ages. Let me know if it's still going on.
    -Inspired by a recent thread, added a little info on the RP channels.

I'm also considering doing a few more write ups- I've been meaning to do several including:
    -Elitism and other conflicts that seem to show up within the RP community and how to be respectful.
    -How to pull off a "unique" character and how to make one without being too outlandish.
    -A list of adjectives that could help put together your character's personality.
    -How to balance the good and bad traits of your character.
    -How to use accents and vernacular in text.
    -Sexuality and gender identification of your character, including any information available on their race's views on the subjects, as well as marriage.
    -Naming you character- common naming conventions, surnames, and maybe a list of words to put together to make those two-word names that some races like Dwarves and Elves tend to have.

And on a more personal note, trimmed out my character profiles as they're all long overdue for a rewrite since several of them have had appearance or surname changes, and I'd like to make my Mage into a real character rather than just a silly parody.
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28 Worgen Hunter
11/26/2011 08:55 AMPosted by Intention
-Removed Worgen tavern night from events. Haven't heard a word about it in ages. Let me know if it's still going on.

We lasted about 6 months and then interest faded. I have word that Betsea might be starting something at the tavern in Stormwind's dwarven district.
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7 Night Elf Warrior
Full name: Fenderatto Tienavail
Gender/age: Male/ young for an elf
Race/class: Night Elf/ warrior
Eyes/hair/skin/fur: blue-gray/white/dark
Markings/jewelry: scar from forehead to chin/ a few rings and a necklace
Demeanor: easy going
Accent/vernacular: he has no distinguishable accent. Speaks when necessary. Not overly talkative.

Short bio: Fenderatto was raised by a group of Night Elf priests and monks after his village and family was killed by a host of demons and devils. Fenderatto is thought to be the only survivor. He has now begun a journey of his own to become a warrior and fight to protect others.

Family: Fenderatto is thought to be an orphan. He had a brother, sister, father and mother who's bodies where never recovered in the village. But no bodies were found.
Companions: non at the moment

Personal info: Fenderatto is trying to find his way in life and figure out who he is. He vows to battle the demonic whenever faced with a chance to avenge his family. He will partner with warlocks reluctantly as long as they control their demon if not he will attack the conjured being.

[ I am new to RP so any help I can get please give it and thanks. Hope to see some of you in game. ]
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90 Draenei Warrior
@Fendratto: Feel free to join Zam's RP forums if you haven't already. If you have any questions feel free to make a thread there.


Small update, as I found a very good guide to roleplaying on DA this morning when looking for some Warcraft templates and brushes. The link has been added to the Tips section.
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90 Human Paladin
Our guild, <LHC> should probably be added to the list - we do a lot of things, but a great number of our members (including myself and our other guild leader, Yzreal) do roleplay!

Also, I'll get a bio up in this thread when I have a bit of time to do so.

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70 Blood Elf Mage
Is this still active? if so [space reserved] / [insert RP profile]
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