Low level DK PVP

90 Blood Elf Death Knight
Well after getting tired of damn low arena efficiency on my main (paladin), it seemed like I should start an alt. Figured frost DK sounded good so I decided to try it out.

Only problem is since I started at 55, there really isn't much of a learning curve. I'm glyphed right and I think my talent build is pretty solid, but I'm still not doing phenomenally. I usually wind up with 1st-3rd in HKs which is good, but I always wind up 5th-6th in KBs with is aggravating.

Basically just looking for some advice on things I would have picked up leveling 1-55, unique ways to use skills and things. I already got the basics, lichborn healing and hungering cold -> strangulate -> burst downs, focus macros, all that jive, but still I see people getting 20+ KBs and 200k+ damage and I figure I should probably be doing that too.

Any quick tips? Also, I'd be willing to switch to DW, just picked up 2h cause it seemed like the free runic power would help.
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85 Tauren Druid
up to level 80, blood dk is kicking !@# in PVP right now. roll with a healer (pref a rest drood or shaman) and kick $%^ all day. to get HKs, you'll need to death grip guys and nuke em quick, or just fight by yourself and fight someone who's not good and just own.
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70 Human Death Knight
roll my specs get my gear and pwn faces. Its so fun when everyone even healers follow u when u put out so much dps. You won't regret it ;)
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80 Dwarf Death Knight
KBs mean nothing in this game, it's all about luck in BGs whether you land the last hit or not, so I wouldn't worry too much about your KB/D ratio and instead worry about your HK/D ratio.

As for damage tips, head into large groups and drop all your AoE, that's the easiest way to inflate your Damage Done, and for 1v1 as frost the only advice I can give is keep Pillar on CD and any burst trinkets, don't be afraid to pop ghoul for some extra dps, and if it's going to be a long fight use your diseases.
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85 Night Elf Death Knight
02/09/2012 08:08 PMPosted by Divintry
roll my specs get my gear and pwn faces. Its so fun when everyone even healers follow u when u put out so much dps. You won't regret it ;)

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1 Orc Rogue
Do none of the above realize this is a 10 month necro and that the "new level 55 dk" Has been 85 for quite a while?
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