The Case for Sin'Dorei Separatism

100 Blood Elf Death Knight
[The following flyer, originally in Thalassian, is making the rounds in Silvermoon and Dalaran. Translated copies have made their way to most horde leaders via their agents within Silvermoon as well as SI: 7 and its counterparts via alliance spies within the city and can be obtained by any party with sufficient access.]

My Fellow Sin'Dorei,

We find ourselves in tumultuous times, times of great crisis, cataclysm and challenge. It is not the first occasion on which we have faced the destruction of all we hold dear, nor do I suspect that it will be the last--unless our response to these times causes us to lose our identity as a people. I will explain to you how this might happen and how it might be prevented by addressing our past, our present and the imminent future facing our lands.

For centuries our forebearers withdrew themselves from the affairs of this world to study the mysteries of the arcane. Many of you know and some may even recall that this solitude was interrupted only on a few drastic occasions. Among the first interruptions was our war with the Troll empire that resulted in our reaching out to the humans to bestow upon them the gift of magic in exchange for their aid in crushing this menace. It was this deal that created the foundation for our later alliance with the kingdoms of Lordaeron and Stormwind when the orcs invaded our world, summoned by the tainted Guardian Medivh. With our might behind the human forces, the orc horde and their demon masters were turned back and the dark portal was sealed.

In more recent history, those who were once our allies were tricked and ambushed by the Scourge, which made it to our own gates and corrupted our Sunwell, causing our people to suffer the agony of magic withdrawl. It was in these dark days that Kael'thas, well-intentioned but weak-minded, set out to serve our alliance by joining forces with the remains of Lordaeron, taking with him the greater part of our remaining army. I will not dwell on his mistakes as I know many of you lost what few friends and family remained to you after the scourge and the withdrawls claimed so many of our people. It was at this hour that our alliances failed us, but still we sought to rectify the mistakes Kael'thas was making by forging a new alliance, this time with Thrall and his horde and one of our fallen champions and the mortal remains of our former kin and allies.

Though our people are wise, we are not omniscient and seeing the future is a difficult art in any circumstance. We accepted their aid in avenging the wrongs of Kael'thas. Mistakes were made by us all in these times. We have our share of the blame, but mostly it falls to our good-natured trust that we placed in our leadership coupled with a totally understandable moment of weakness in the wake of the Sunwell's loss. These mistakes were forgiven by the Naaru and our withdrawl sickness cured--not by the Forsaken nor by any member of the horde but by the Dranei Prophet, Velen as he restored our Sunwell.

We stayed on with the horde to avenge ourselves on Arthas and the Scourge, doing more than our part to free the world of their menace.

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100 Blood Elf Death Knight
Today we find ourselves in a new era of the horde. Gone are the wisdom of Thrall and Cairne, replaced by the brash stupidity of Garrosh and the meekness of Baine. Meanwhile, Sylvanas and the genoicidal fanatics that call themselves 'Forsaken' pick up where the Lich King left off, creating new enemies for the horde from otherwise neutral nations such as Gilneas as they pursue corpses to build a new generation of their twisted kind, advancing unchecked through every land around our fair city.

Wisely, Theron has not squandered our forces on any current front, though that is the extent of his wisdom for he has not reacted to modern events with the courage or moral conviction we elves have always demanded of our leadership.

Today we find ourselves in a world at war on every continent, including ones long forgotten: The re-emergence of the old gods, the outbreak of the Twilight Hammer, Deathwing and his minions. As if these menaces were not enough we have to contend with Garrosh's foolish crusade against the Allaince and Sylvanas's impending betrayal of all the living. Do not fool yourselves into thinking she will spare us for once being her own people! She is a twisted thing, corrupted by death and torment at the hands of the Lich King and corrupted further by the power of the legion she once allied herself with.

And around us still more shadows gather. Our ancient enemy the Troll Empire is reforming under the Zandalar banner.

I am no great leader of our people. I'm not famous for anything in particular. I have served our people in the war in Northrend, and I helped avenge us all on Arthas. Despite my humble status, I have seen the shape of things to come. The horde will crumble from the inside, broken by treachery and ambition. If we bind ourselves to this sinking ship, we go don with it. If, on the other hand, we withdraw and go back to the neutrality that our founders held to, our allies of old will know that we only served with the horde for the good of the whole world.

I know we are a loyal, honorable people but we owe the orcs nothing. We owe the tauren less still. We cannot trust the trolls, and no living thing can trust the Forsaken. Of course, only the highest bidder can trust a goblin. If we side with fanatics warmongers and the easily cowed who serve them, we have lost our identity as elves and defenders if this world.

On the other side, the humans and dwarves and gnomes we once stood beside and defended this world from the fel horde with will remember us. The Dranei who have already done so much for our kind will welcome us. Our cousins the Night Elves have mended the rift of these many millennia by admitting their folly and taking up the study of arcane magic--we can guide them. The Gilneans seek just retribution for the homeland, we are positioned to help them strike back. Or we can do as our ancestors did and remain neutral, serving only the best interests of our world and our own goals and not being mired in the pointless squabbles of less than useless allies whose weight we have carried far too long.

I call on the soldiers of Quel'Thalas to desert horde fortifications. Return home and prepare the defense of your homeland. I call upon the champions of Silvermoon to withdraw from horde battlefields, leave the defense of orc strongholds to the orcs and fortify our borders in preparation for the inevitable betrayal of the Forsaken. I call upon all you Sin'Dorei to act now, before it is too late.

[The message is unsigned]
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100 Human Mage
((As impossible as this would be...I think you make a rather convincing argument Kiloaeda. Lorewise, now would be an amazing time for Quel'thalas to abandon the Horde.

King Wrynn counts a Sindorei amongst his personal friends, for instance.

There's the longstanding friendship and alliance between Quel'thalas and the Wildhammer Clan, too. In fact the only reason that the Wildhammer joined the Alliance during the 2nd war was because they trusted Quel'thalas and so followed them when the elves joined.

You have the night elves softening their stance on arcane magic and the reintroduction of the Highborne to night elven society.

Huh, with the increasing unease that any neighbor of the Forsaken would likely be feeling about now...yeah, the blood elves might just want to re-examine their politics.))
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100 Undead Warrior
It isss not betrayal when we only want to eat your liver, yesss.
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
Kiloaeda, that was beautifully written and historically accurate. Thank you. Your words are also a solid assessment of the situation in which we find our race with the still-remembered threats of Arthas and Deathwing now past, but the looming confrontation with Garrosh bearing down upon us. There have been mistakes enough to go around, among all the races, all the factions and their leaders. In most instances, there have been mitigating factors, at least at the moment, to justify what took place. Nothing, however, has matched either the ongoing and ever increasing threat of the Forsaken to every living being, or the horrific abuse of the Sin'dorei and our vast knowledge by Hellscream's insistence upon completion of the mana bomb that destroyed Theramore.

There will always be detractors, those in power who use their position to influence the masses. The orcs are an extremely good example of sheep being led by a maniac; however, neither the Sin'dorei nor Farstriders nor any of our people have ever been so ill-informed or mindlessly bloodthirsty. It IS time for the Blood Elves to evaluate again our alliances and seek to mend old fences where possible. Not all may wish to do this, but there is no place or time in the history of any people where race was the sole deciding factor in one's political position, standing or allegiances.

The common enemy of everyone in Azeroth is continued, ongoing and unabated conflict. In the past that came from outside and we could comfortably console ourselves within faction lines. Now we have seen the enemy and he is our own. My "business" contacts in Stormwind assure me that Wyrnn seeks to right many old wrongs. Still, with the sincere hope that Anduin Wyrnn survives Garrosh's last attempt upon his life, we may still expect that Varian will not look kindly upon any ally of Hellscream. While the unilateral actions of Jaina Proudmoore in Dalaran may have given Rommath and his zealots some ammunition to further rile the Orcs, let us not forget that Vereesa Windrunner is Elven and not without her own following. Lor'themar Theron wasn't blind to Rommath's intentions and neither are most of the Sin'dorei.

You have spoken eloquently on our behalf. Let us hope that our people are given options which allow for choice rather than merely survival.

Rhowenna Hawkspear
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100 Undead Warrior
But, if you leave, we will no longer be able to drain your sssweet, sssweet angssst-juice, yesss!

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100 Night Elf Rogue
The warden set the notice down after taking a minute to review it, thanking the SI:7 courier as she politely dismissed him from the barrow dens. The sentinel that attended him watched Kyalin curiously as she turned and poured herself a small cup of rice wine, lifting it to her lips before she glanced over her shoulder. "You're still here?"

"I was just... do you have any messages to take to my commander?"

"No." Kyalin said abruptly. "I do not."

"I just thought..."

Kyalin raised an eyebrow, setting the cup down and turning to face the sentinel. "You know... in ages past, those in my station were not so lenient. We didn't like being questioned at every turn and we didn't stand for it. But since every commoner, and even the outlanders now seem to believe that our every decision is subject to their own personal inquiry, go ahead. What do you think I should do?"

The sentinel averted her stare, like a terrified expeditioner trying not to make eye contact with a gorilla. "I just thought that... we need all the allies we can get, right? We need to stop Garrosh, don't we?"

Kyalin frowned and was silent for a moment. She handed the letter back and turned away. "They merely don't want to see the consequences of a war that they called for, and that they supported. These are no allies, and it's time for them to reap what they've sown."
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92 Blood Elf Warlock
"Mistress, Lady!" The imp squeaked, a parchment within his grubby little hands.

"What is it this time?" Armaya looked up from her desk, parchments and books covered the table.

"Lady requested for Ziltuk to be on lookout for interesting things!" He jumped up onto the table, knocking over a journal as he did so. "Oops! Ziltuk so sorry Mistress!" He offered her the paper within his small hands.

The warlock groaned, grabbing the parchment and then staring at the Imp until he jumped off her desk. "And what do we have here..." She unrolled the paper, and began to read, clicking her tongue at certain things, smiling at others. "My my. A brave soul wrote this. Especially in this time with Garrosh sending his Kor'kron out to behead those who even share a small distaste for his...highness." The last word is said with utter distaste. She rolls the parchment back up and places it to the side. "Go listen into the chatter in Silvermoon regarding this parchment. See if you can find the author. I would enjoy chatting with them."

The imp bowed lowly. "As Mistress wishes!" And then disappeared in a ball of green flame.
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100 Draenei Death Knight
Gondorin sat at a table in Acherus, horrific, ripping screams echoing off the halls of the eternally gloomy fortress in its perpetual vigil over the Plaguelands, as horrific experiments were performed by the Ebon Blade's wetsmiths to create ever-new atrocities to be called to bear at the inevitable time the Ebon Blade would be called into action again. His brow furrowed as he read over a copy of the missive from the elves, just a short distance to the north. His geist stood obediently at his side, its one eye roaming back and forth, though whether out of idle hunger or simple stupidity, he could rarely tell.

"They dropped a bomb on Theramore," he said, his voice swallowed by the sounds of torture that rattled the Ebon Hold at all hours. "They still wear the symbol of the Horde. They still walk freely in Orgrimmar, and even in the ruins beneath Lordaeron."

He set the missive down, the icy blue luminescence in his eyes dimming slightly as he thought back to his time in Gilneas, before King Greymane had erected his wall. "There was a time we traded peacefully with Lordaeron, and there was a time the elves of Quel'thalas taught us to use magic in the enchanted byways of Dalaran. I was able to sell a small selection of my potions there once, before the wall arose, before the horrors of the Scourge descended on us all."

He pinched his nose in thought, the clatter of an abomination pushing a cart of meat near him not piercing his reverie. "There was a time not so long ago that we told people to see us as allies in the present, and not reminders of the Death Knights of the past."

He glanced down at the black fur adorning his arm, and the talons at the ends of his fingers. "The night elves chose to see people afflicted with a curse, not monsters who would as soon devour them as not. They went to bat for us before the leaders of the Alliance."

He rose, reaching to settle his runeblade on his back as his geist dutifully crouched beside him. He glanced down at it, smiling ruefully. "You're falling apart; I'm going to have to make you anew."

He stopped as the thought settled in. He shook his head in wonder as he went out to the platform where his frostwyrm, Kadrygosa, awaited him. "Perhaps the elves seek to be made anew as well.

"Perhaps we should listen," he finished as he took to the skies.
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90 Gnome Warlock
Relaxing in Imperon's favorite chair in the commos of the Ocheliad tower, Gwendyl was busy reading through papers one of the others had brought to the tower earlier.

"Boring wanted posters. Stupid alchemy recipes. Suicidal engineering schematics. Nothing interesting to-!"

The warlock stopped mid-sentence, eyes widening as he flipped to the papers containing the elf's plot. With quite a bit of interest, he read through the thing, frowning towards the end.

"It would work too. It's a shame that every time the situation seems to go poor for them, the blood elves seem to jump sides.. Otherwise they'd make great allies."

Gwendyl sighed, tossing the papers to a table and leaned back into the chair. The gnome began a quiet comtemplation. If this actually happened, there'd be hell to pay.
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
Eldantios had seen the flyer when he came into the Modas common room, taking it to his usual table, he give it a quick read. The Elf smirked several times as he read the text, grinning interestedly as he neared the end. "If they wish to insult my Queen and my brethren, I welcome them to do it to our faces." He chuckled darkly as he rolled up the parchment. "We will find the author, and the author will pay a price for this... treachery to fallen heroes and friendly allies." Eldantios rose and made his way out of the Sanctum, heading towards Silvermoon to see what he could uncover.
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90 Gnome Death Knight
*Letter addressed and sent to Derscha Kettlebomb, AAMS BootyBay Branch Manager*

Dear Derscha

I hope this letter finds you well and not too disturbed by the apparent absence of your desk. Never fear, I am in fierce negotiations to get it back and anticipate its return in the almost not-to-far distant future.

[Spriggel fretted over the wording for several minutes before deciding there really wasn't anything better she could say at this time about the desk, so she continued:]

Enclosed you will find an anonymous, but important, letter (which I have kept a copy on file here in Ironforge just in case you lose the original) that I thought would be of particular interest to our Service.

First and foremost, is our Silvermoon office staffed at this time? And if so, we should make certain they are aware of the contents of said letter as I would expect we may be called on, given our unique position, services, and background.

Also, I would recall to you our difficulties here in Ironforge just this past year and have you reflect on that situation and the parallels to be seen in the one documented herein. And in this light, I would volunteer my expert filing services to the Silvermoon branch.

As you should recall, when we had the difficulties last year, you relied on my expert document control and office management to get the AAMS, Ironforge Branch office, in shipshape for the random police inspections. My patented filing system insured that when we needed to find any documents we were able to find them immediately or definitively declare them lost for good.

With our main office in Caer Darrow now closed, the Ironforge Branch office is next best situated for supporting any additional personnel help that our Silvermoon office (if we have one) may need. I am not discounting our Undercity Branch office (I have heard nothing but good things about them), but I’m sure they have their hands full at this time with their normal duties.

Please pass this on and let me know if my unique services will be required.

Sincerely yours
Spriggel Lockbolton
AAMS, Ironforge Branch Office Manager

[Spriggel nodded to herself, quite pleased. This was a much more professional sounding letter than she usually penned (in her opinion).]
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100 Blood Elf Death Knight
Kiloaeda sat at Summer's Rest, feet up on the table, putting mystic glyphs to parchment. Finishing the sign of the crane Chi-Ji with a flourish, he reached for another sheet only to find the laminated bamboo case he had been using was empty. With a vexed sigh, he dug deeper into the pack until his hand brushed the unmistakeable texture of parchment.

To his surprise, the parchment was already covered in writing. His eyes scanned the sheet. He felt his chest tighten. He shook his head, and rubbed his eyes.

"If only Theron had listened."

He briefly weighed the risk of recycling the paper against the inconvenience of getting out of his chair to buy more parchment.

"That was at least a year ago at least. I don't think anyone even read this then." He muttered to no one in particular.

With a shrug, he turned the parchment over and in a single continuous stroke inked the mystic runes of the crane on the back.

From outside the screens someone shouted "HEY! Shoes off the table!" He ignored the voice. "AND FEET!" How did she know?

Lowering his boots from the table, he finished his plum wine in a single swig. Rising, he headed off in the direction of an auction house.
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
**written in code**

Dear Kiloaeda, do not despair. This isn't over. There are those on both sides of the faction fence who grasp and agree with your original points, and are quietly expending their considerable energies toward renewed freedoms for the Sin'dorei. This may ultimately result in greater liberties for all our brethern in the Horde, but for now we must focus. Theron did listen. Be assured. While Proudmoore's rather immature response in Dalaran may have quelled any obvious overtures between Theron and the Stormwind King, all is not lost.

We must, for the time being, sidestep the zealots who would betray anyone to justify their twisted perspective; and in that sense, I urge you to continue corredsponding with all of us but with caution. Until such time as Garrosh can be "replaced" we must dance on the edge of both swords: his and Theron's.

Keep the faith, friend, and trust that the glorious legacy of our People will progress into a new and brighter future. May the Gates of Quel'Thalas always be open to the true of heart.

Rhowenna Hawkspear
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100 Blood Elf Death Knight
Ms Hawkspear,

Thank you for your kind words. I don't know how it came to you that I was the author of that work, but it is true that I am the one who wrote it and I've left far too many corpses in my wake since then to bother with denials. It will suffice to say that I didn't care if I would ever see Orgrimmar again in any case. I apologize in advance if my own reply is not so encouraging.

How many of your kin died in the assault on Eversong? How many friends withered when the Sunwell was destroyed? How many more did you hunt and kill in Outland for their service to the prince? And at the Sunwell? Assuming any were strong enough to prevail against the arcane withdrawal and held out as Vereesa's regiment did, how many were murdered by the Forsaken for their experiments, or blown up by Garrosh's madness at Theramore? And what was Theron's response?

I don't presume to answer the former, but this last one I can say: He sat drunk and stupid on the Sun Throne, pretending to lead.

Back when I printed those flyers, I had a hope. That hope was to avoid a costly new civil war. It was my wish that we would come together with our estranged kin and save as many of our kind as remain in this world by a mutual return to tradition.

Regrettably, Theron's wisdom has been slow to arrive and the events of Theramore and then Dalaran have only served to drive us apart. Not all of this can be blamed on Theron (those familiar as I am with the politics of Dalaran know that Aethas Sunreaver is an ambitious man whose machinations will be the death of us all) but his lethargy in dealing with Horde politics has cost us dearly in ways we can ill afford.

Now, manipulated by Aethas, Theron has set his myopic sights on the wrong target. I will not be satisfied with the death of Garrosh unless the Banshee Queen dies first. Only his fool pride stands in the way of her insane ambitions. His premature demise would only clear the way for atrocities not seen since the Scourge--the target of which may well be Eversong. When this happens, based on his history Theron will either stand idly by in bewilderment or resume his place as Sylvanas's lapdog. Neither can end well for our kind.

Though my hope is gone, I will never stop fighting for Silvermoon. Should you find yourself in need of an ally to that end, do feel free to call on me.

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90 Blood Elf Warlock
**written in code**

Kiloaeda, then I shall hold hope for the both of us. You have named rightly, if only partially, a list of funerals we should rejoice at attending with Aethas Sunreaver clearly at the top. I do not believe that Lor'themar is as blind as you think, but he is clever enough to play the fool and keep his head down until Aethas makes a fatal mistake or the case against Orgrimmar becomes fully developed. (And perhaps these two events shall follow hand-in-hand for surely Aethas conspires for Theron's position in league with his pandering to the Orc agenda.) For now we wait. Even the smallest move made either incorrectly or prematurely could jeopardize more than just our two lives. From Angrathar to the recent events in Dalaran, you have seen enough betrayal to last several lifetimes, and there is plenty more to go around. There is a storm approaching, for now just beyond the horizon of Quel'Thalas, but you will be needed at Silvermoon when it breaks. None of us have forgotten what Putress did, nor will either side forget Theramore. I say again, this is not over. Be careful, Death Knight. I will need an ally to the ends we both seek, and it would be very nice if you were still around so that we may call on you. Strength and patience to you, friend.

Rhowenna Hawkspear **carried by private messenger**
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
Lightbreaker approached his brother cautiously as he stood looking down over the Stairs of Destiny. " Brother, a letter has arrived that you should read."

Krey accepted the letter without a word and nodded towards his brother. He briefly skimmed it over before asking, " And how long has this taken to reach Outland?" Krey then dropped the letter to the ground. " This letter reads betrayal and dishonor, but I suposse it IS time to return home." Kreydes turned to walk through the portal, back into Azeroth, " Come brother, we will see what this is about."

Kreydes paused at the portal, looked over the Horde guarding one side of the stairs and the Alliance guarding the other side. He then shook his head, laughing to himself, and stepped through.
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
Kiloaeda, I have spoken with others. It might bolster your flagging hope if you were to speak with my new friends as well. Dalaran is a hornet's nest although my business partner there, Timothy Jones, can provide a quiet place for us to visit if you prefer. How about a picnic in Eversong Woods in the near future, some place where only the Springpaw and rabbits will be listening? It seems we are drawing some attention and not all of it may be friendly. You know how to contact me. -R
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
Kreydes made his way to Silvermoon, stopping at each capital along the way ((portal hopping!)). What he saw and learned along the way filled him with disgust at what the Horde had become, but mostly that his people had participated and allowed it.

" Brother," Krey spoke to Lightbreaker as they neared Silvermoon, " what have our people become."

" There is still hope for us, Krey, there are many who would see us returned to glory."

Krey, stopped at the entrance to the city, " Find these people and bring them to me. We will do what we can to help them, but until then, " Krey looked at the home he had nearly forgotten, " I will not step foot in this city."
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41 Blood Elf Paladin
After speaking with his brother, Lightbreaker took a copy of the flyer and walked through the streets of Silvermoon.
" How the fel am I supossed to find who wrote this without a name..." As with most of the Rapture family, he shrugged and continued walking through the city, he was bound to bump into someone sooner or later.
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