The Case for Sin'Dorei Separatism

90 Blood Elf Warlock
If there were disadvantages, from a family perspective, to Wenna's choices, she didn't dwell on them often. Yes, it might have been better if she had followed the wishes of her parents in her training, but today was not a day for that old regret. Today was one of those when a Warlock's minions scampered around the City, darted in and out from behind rocks in Eversong Woods, and reported back to her with some of the most interesting information! Such a fascinating pair of warrior types had arrived, and for all the world it looked as though they had set up camp in the woods. How odd. With all the comforts of several inns, why would the Death Knight linger outside? Wenna wondered what their intentions might be, for the younger one was wandering Silvermoon City carrying one of Kiloaeda's original parchments. Are they friends or midguided zealots who dance to Hellscream's fiddle?

Wenna finished her mint tea and the last bite of a Dalaran donut. Such a delicious afternoon treat should be followed by a lovely stroll around the City. Wenna smiled and whispered to herself, "It is possible I may bump into that beautifully armored Paladin....quite by accident, of course....and ask if he is lost and needs help."

She mused, perhaps he just needs a little direction....
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
Rhowenna Hawkspear stood again looking out over the balcony of the Shrine of Two Moons. This was not the first time, indeed, it may have been the hundreth time she stood in the early morning mist, sipping her tea, and gazing in wonder over the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. In all her life she had not imagined that any place could be as beautiful as Eversong Woods, but the Vale had been even more magical, more serene. She had seen much of Azeroth and met most of the races in her travels, but nothing had prepared her for the enchanting, welcoming Pandaren people and their Vale.

A sob escaped her lips and tears rolled down her pale cheeks. She shuddered as images of the Dead Scar flitted through her mind. No matter how often one enjoyed the magenta and golden trees of Eversong, no matter how far away from it one might move, it was impossible to forget the Dead Scar and what had caused it. When Arthas and the Scourge rolled through Quel'Thalas the land was as permanently changed as were the people who lived there and called Silvermoon their home. So many had died trying to save their homeland and so many had fled in the aftermath. And here it was, happening again.....

Somehow this was worse. The Scourge was certainly a creation of evil, but it was a foreign evil, was it not? Arthas Menethil was a Prince of the Alliance whose mind was twisted and whose evil was unleashed upon everyone without mercy and without any intent except the total extinction of every sentient race on Azeroth. The Lich King was dead and the Scourge dismantled and so now it should be better, isn't that right? Wenna shook her head, almost as if she were clearing cobwebs from her mind and vision.

But it wasn't better. This morning, just like the last few mornings, Wenna's moments of meditation and hot tea in the cool morning air, her joy at watching the sun rise over the Vale of Eternal Blossoms had been....destroyed. For there it was, the Dead Scar come again. Oh, this was a crater rather than a long trail of destruction, but it was the same kind of destruction nonetheless. The damnable Goblins under Hellscream's command had excavated an enormous portion of the Vale, set up their hideous machines and were digging into the very heart of Pandaria. It looked like a war zone in the area between the Golden Pagoda and Mogu'shan Palace....and this time it was the Horde who was responsible. It wasn't the Alliance. It wasn't some foreign invaders. It wasn't an unknown evil. NO! It was the Horde! It was her own peoples, and somehow it meant that all of this was partially her fault. Wenna's mind could barely grasp the reality.

Another tear streamed down her face and she tossed the rest of her tea over the balcony. "This was too much!, she thought" She had been urging Kiloaeda to caution and patience. She had spoken often with Lor'themar and assured him that their people were fine for the moment while he finished his work on the Isle of Thunder. But this! This...this RAPE of the Vale was too much. Garrosh Hellscream was a maniac, an insane, bloodlusted Orc maniac. Orcs! That was the issue, the damned orcs. They destroyed their own world and invaded ours. The native peoples of Azeroth had spent thousands of years and several wars fighting Orcs.

A serving boy from the Inn cleared his throat behind Wenna. "Miss, I've been told to deliver this letter to you." Wenna turned slightly to see a fresh-faced youngster handing her an envelope. His face registered both fear of her and concern over her tear-stained face. "Thank you, young man." She handed him a gold coin and watched him disappear quickly into the building. She tore open the envelope.

"Dearest Rhowenna, I trust this finds you well. I am hearing varied reports and require you to act on my behalf until such time as I may assign command here to someone else. Please, if you would, investigate reports of Taran Zhu excommunicating the Horde from the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Then travel to Orgrimmar and see if it is true that Thrall has returned. Finally, I have heard that Vol'Jin is alive and leading the Darkspear in revolt against a recent attack by the Kor'kron Guard. I need not explain to you the severity of all of these reports, and what they may mean for the Sin'Dorei and for the future of all of us. Fly quickly, Wenna! Time is of the essence! -Lor'themar"

"Vol'Jin is alive?" Wenna spoke the question aloud even if there was no one present to hear. She turned and moved quickly toward the Inn, summoning a minion as she moved. The portals inside were her quickest method of travel, but before she stepped through into Orgrimmar, she had one more thing to do, and sending a minion would have to suffice.
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
**A note carried by warlock minion**

To the Death Knight camped outside Silvermoon City: Sir, I would have welcomed you to Quel'Thalas myself had not matters of an urgent nature called me away. It has come to my attention that your traveling companion, a Paladin, is making inquiries inside Silvermoon City as to the author of a particular document, written some goodly time ago. Normally such things would be of no concern to me, but recent events in Durotar and Pandaria's Vale of Eternal Blossoms have escalated to a boiling point and none of us will be spared if we linger too long among the niceties of a more civilized time. I do not know why you are seeking the document's author, but may possibly be of some help in pointing you toward answers. If you are unaware of recent events concerning Orgrimmar, the Darkspear, and the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, I suggest you utilize urgent travel measures to investigate these yourself, and then we may have more to say to each other. You may contact me by sending word through the minion who has delivered this note. -Rhowenna Hawkspear
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
Kreydes Rapture stared at the warlock's minion, " I hate demons..." He thought long and hard about sending a response to this Rhowenna Hawkspear.
"... Oh what the fel, " Krey thrust his sword through the warlock's messenger. Looking down over the corpse as it faded away, " Thank you, I will have a look myself."
Krey walked over to where his wyvern was stabled, smiling under his helm. Killing a demon early in the morning always meant the day was just going to get better.
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
Krey looked out of the Big Blossom Mine, lined with the corpses of goblins.
"Well..." Krey walked over to one of the corpses, " As they say... the dead tell no lies."
He then cast Raise Dead on one of the corpses, hoping to get some information about what had happened before the spell wore off.
" Ugh, what the fel?!" The Goblin screamed as he was getting up. " What did you do?! I was almost there!"
" Hold it there little guy... I just want to know what happened here." Krey responded.
" Twenty gold, " the Goblin replied.
" You've got to be freaking kidding me! This isn't permanent so what are you going to do with gold?"
" Take it or leave it buddy." The Goblin replied smirking, " This is once in a lifetime information, so you should just be thankful I'm giving it to you cheap."
" Being con'd by a damned dead Goblin... HERE!" Krey counted out 20 gold and handed it over."
The Goblin took the gold and counted it out, all the while Krey was tapping is foot wondering how much longer he had before the Goblin died... again. " Well... Garrosh hired some of us to come down here and search for an artifact, I'm not sure if they found it. As a bonus, I'll tell you a little bit of extra information, the Kor'Kron...." The spell had wore off and the Goblin toppled back over.
Krey looked sternly at the dead Goblin, tempted to raise him again but not wanting to pay the gold he was probably going to be charged. " That really helped..." He then reached down, retrieved his gold and walked back to his wyvern. " That's the last time I raise a Goblin."
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
Krey stepped through the portal to Orgrimmar at the Shrine of Two Moons. As soon as he arrived in Orgrimmar he was set upon by a group of Kor'Kron Elites, guarding the portal.
" What's your business in Orgrimmar elf?!" One of the orcs shouted at him.
Krey looked around, judging his chances at just killing the group and still managing to escape the city. " I was just passing through, I've been gone a while."
" Leave Orgrimmar and do not come back. The next time we won't give you a choice."
Krey just nodded silently, " As you wish..." He made his way towards the gates of the Valley of Strength, noting the changes and number of Kor' Kron running around. Trolls were being led to the Valley of Spirits underguard or in chains. Off to one side Gamon was brandishing his axe, surrounded by orcs, taunting and threatening him.
As he exited the city, there were massive war machines and barricades being built. Trolls were being executed, and guards roamed the entire area on worgs. He paused, taking it all in, taking mental notes of the setup.
"KEEP MOVING," an orc screamed at him as he shoved him forward, it took all of Krey's restraint not to cut off his head. " Get out of Durotar, when we have need of the elves, we will tell you."
Krey just bit his tongue and walked south towards Sen'jin Village.
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27 Blood Elf Warrior
Veylla stood in shock as she finished reading the parchment. Her face darkened in anger and her knuckles whitened with pressure as she crumpled the flyer in her balled fist. How dare the author call her Lord stupid and foolish, how dare the author question the wisdom of his leadership.

She shook her head in disgust. She had to believe that there were reasons for Garraosh’s behavior. Who was she to challenge such actions? Her only concern now was those like the writer of this hearsay. They were the true enemies of the Horde, slowly picking away at its strength from the inside, causing it to turn on itself from the inside. She would have none of it. She would report this immediately.
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
Niptok stood trembling in front of his mistress, "The lesser minion did not return, my lady. He was sent to Eversong Woods to deliver your message but I felt the energy change. He dead, lady. Something bad happen out there, and now that Death Knight he be gone."

It took all of Wenna's considerable patience not to backhand Niptok across the room. It wasn't his fault, of course, but she had hoped the Death Knight and his Paladin friend would at least be intrigued after being contacted by her, for crying out loud! It's not like the note came from a milk maid! She ground her teeth and dismissed the anxious imp. "Thank you, Niptok. That will be all for now."

How was she to get in touch with him, or at least determine his position in all this? Kiloaeda must be informed.
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
*written in code*

Dear Kiloaeda, I have failed to contact the pair who briefly visited Silvermoon. I fear the Death Knight killed my minion which does not bode well for his intent to reply to me, and now both he and the Paladin have gone. We are making steady progress in the Barrens and Vol'Jin is proving to be both charismatic and something of an ambassador with the Alliance forces who are helping us. My contacts in Stormwind indicate that King Wyrnn has his doubts, but as we all know, war often makes strange bedfellows.

I hope this finds you. You've rather dropped off the map and it would be most helpful to know how you would have me proceed, even if you would rather not say where you are. -Wenna
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100 Blood Elf Death Knight

Kiloaeda placed a tile on the board before him as a hozen servant brought him his mail.

His opponent, a young Pandaren Lorewalker gave a perplexed hum. "The wind favors you, Death Knight."

Kiloaeda glanced over his mail while waiting for his opponent's turn. Scanning the note, he reached absently for ink and pen. So many pieces were moving on the board which was Kalimdor. To complicate matters, ghosts of those he thought long-buried had begun to stir. People were asking questions he would rather they not ask. They would find the trail. The trail would lead to him. It was only a matter of time. Would anyone still care who had killed a few (or more) Kor'Kron now that the rebellion had started?


Not the rebellion he had wanted, for sure, but a rebellion. It figured that the trolls would betray the horde first. Could it even be called 'the horde' now that it was collapsing?

The Lorewalker had placed his tile and was grinning toothy pandaren grin. "But the wind is fickle. It can change in an instant!"

Kiloaeda glanced at the board. What had looked like a winning hand a moment ago was quickly fading. "Indeed." He murmured as he began scrawling a note with one hand while the other played over his potential moves.

Ms. Hawkspear,

I am aware of the Troll rebellion. I haven't decided if it is a good thing or not. They do not see the greater threat posed by the undead in Tirisfal; they merely react in a much delayed fashion to the aggression of their neighbors. If Vol'Jin had the least bit of foresight, he would have made good on his threats against Garrosh long ago and prevented the suffering of his people.

Dim though he may be, even Vol'Jin cannot possibly believe (no matter how many minor battles he wins) that Sen'Jin can defeat Orgrimmar without a greater power to back it. He has yet to seek Theron's aid, but I fear that if he should, Theron would join this fool's errand without a second thought. The best outcome would be if the two sides were to destroy each other. The battle would no doubt weaken both the Darkspear and the Kor'Kron to the point where even timid little Varian might be persuaded to attack the survivors. With Kalimdor secured by the Alliance, Theron would be forced to revisit his dealings with Varian and achieve the release of the prisoners of Dalaran by negotiation rather than force. Perhaps in exchange for the life of Aethas Sunreaver? He would not be missed.

To maximize the damage to Orgrimmar before the Darkspear are annihilated, I will support this rebellion and encourage you to do the same. Meanwhile, I think we should both seek to relay to the alliance whatever information we can regarding the plans and forces of both sides. If you do not have contacts within the alliance you should forge some discreetly.

Keep searching for that Paladin and Death Knight. I will deploy my own agents to do the same. If they can be trusted, we could certainly use all the help we can muster.

Lastly, if you can, prevent Vol'Jin's messengers from reaching Theron, do. Also pull any strings you can to forestall Theron from committing forces of his own volition.


The Pandaren grew impatient. "Enough stalling! Time to play!" He tapped the table for emphasis.

The play became clear in an instant. Kiloaeda signed the note with a flourish. His eyes met those of his opponent and he smiled a thin, knowing smile.

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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
Krey rested against a tree just outside of the Crossroads. He had been to Sen'jin Village earlier that week and agreed to assist in the assault against Garrosh and the Kor'kron. There had been many battles across the Northern Barrens, without much time for rest, but this was a beautiful night, and Krey took the opportunity.

"Cousin!" A shout came from a rider coming towards him. As they got close, he noticed that is was his younger cousin Ziconia. "What are you doing lying about?! There are orcs to kill!"

Krey replied with a slight wave, " I've been fighting. Now I'm going to enjoy the night, and take a nap."

Zic pursed her lips and stared at her cousin, " What? You can't be serious. You're a death knight, this is what you do."

"And you are a priest, shouldn't this conversation be reversed?" Krey andjusted himself into a more comfortable position. " To be honest, these battles are becoming a chore. I am going to wait here until I decide that something is more interesting."

With that Zic rode off into the night, and Krey fell asleep, dreaming of killing demons.
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96 Human Warlock
**Delivered by minion messenger, written in code**

Kiloadea, forgive the delay in responding to your earlier instructions; however, I have been implementing them in ways you might not have imagined. You are, of course, aware of the infamous Orb of the Sin'dorei which Kael'thas has bestowed on a chosen few. In following the illusive path of the Warlock Jubeka to the Black Temple I discovered that other such orbs exist and immediately set out to discover their properties and whereabouts. As you shall see when next we meet, I found one such and have (apparently permanently) disguised myself as a Human to better infiltrate Varian Wyrnn's court in an attempt to influence his view of the coming war. The ploy is working and while my appearance may be changed, the Sin'dorei blood in my veins remains the same as does the determination we both feel to respect, defend and protect our People against abuse or neglect by any outside force. I will be out of touch for a few weeks. My recent appearance in Stormwind and obvious interests in the activities of Wyrnn and also the Kirin Tor have not gone unnoticed. My correspondence to anyone now is limited since I am sure it is being filtered.

Garrosh's ceaseless buildup in Orgrimmar is appalling and the wholesale execution of Darkspear continues. We cannot imagine, for even a moment, that the Kor'kron will not act in a similar way toward our People if they feel we lack commitment, or even for no reason at all.

My Alliance contacts are growing and their commitment to our shared goals is more evident every day. Lo'Gosh will be a stalwart arm to have at our side when things break open, and I have recently helped Jaina Proudmoore to recharge the Staff of Antonidas, which she believes will be of substantial arcane assistance against Orgrimmar. Storm clouds are gathering, and no longer on the distant horizon. Our beloved Silvermoon City and our own dear People should be prepared. Guide them, K. Please, guide them.

I will report back when it is safe to do so, but know that I keep in touch with Lor'themar and his commitment is as strong as my own. Until we meet again....

May the Gates of Quel'thalas be ever open to those of pure heart. -Rhowenna Hawkspear
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