WTB Incubus. No, not the terrible band.

90 Troll Priest
Seriously, what does a female voidwalker look like?
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04/14/2011 06:50 PMPosted by Vear
Seriously, what does a female voidwalker look like?

Whatever Blizz decides it to look.

As a former Warlock (healers are in dire need nowadays I hear) I approve of this.

I would also approve of the "Stable" idea (maybe call them "Shard Bags" for old time's sake) for more demons and the idea of making Enslave Demon the Warlock equivalent to Tame pet.

I have about 3 demons (off the top of my head) I'd visit in TBC areas to take them home.
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90 Troll Priest
Demon barber shop?
85 Draenei Death Knight
04/14/2011 03:49 PMPosted by Zarhym
I'm happy to share we actually do have plans for offering players a choice between male and female versions of all warlock demons. This is a task already in our system, though I don't have a time frame for you at the moment. Other art tasks could always take precedence, but we're committed to making this happen. :)

Thank you very much. This makes me very happy.
90 Dwarf Shaman
Female Imp: Same model, more feminine voice
Female Voidwalker: Pink?
Incubus: Leather wearing belf-type thing that whips itself
Female Felhunter: Add noticable parts to both genders? This one I have noooo idea.
Female Felguard: Shivarran
Female Infernal: Bow on head. As per WoWInsider
Female Doomguard: New face, breastplate?

*shudders at most of these thoughts*
does this mean i get female elemental totems? and female spirit wolves?
100 Orc Warrior
Long question, but short answer:

In popular culture representations of this sort of creature, the female (succubus) tempts and seduces weak-willed mortals with her smokin' hot bod. The male (incubus) skips all the temptation business and simply forces himself upon unwilling mortals.

See the difference? One is a magically-induced embarrassment situation, and the other is a real-world crime. Bringing the first one into a game is silly and generally seen as harmless, the other strikes way, way too close to the bone for a fantasy game.

And yes, we kill people all the time in this game, which is also a real-world crime. Don't ask me why that's okay and this isn't, I'm not a sociology professor, despite my fetching monocle.

I would have a demon that !@#*s my target on my warlock if they added it.
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Incubus weren't that bad when they first came out, they just got much much worse.

Cool idea for the demons, tho.
Oh please, please, please do not make the incubus look like a male gnome with horns wearing a leather harness. That would be way too sexy for your average player.
85 Human Warlock
04/14/2011 07:41 PMPosted by Helayne
Oh please, please, please do not make the incubus look like a male gnome with horns wearing a leather harness. That would be way too sexy for your average player.


I've been pushing for a sexy male version of the succubus (incubus) for YEARS. It's about time that Blizz acknowledges us gamer women out here!

Bring on the winged half-naked male blood elf in leather harness. WOOT!!
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