[H] Stay on Target 6/7 Firelands

We are currently raiding 10 man raids but our goal is to return to 25 man raids. We raid two nights a week for 4 hours each day. The following are the roles/classes we need to achieve our goal of returning to 25 mans.

Currently in need of healers and DPS, specifically:

LF Resto Druids, Holy/Disc Priests, Resto Shaman
LF Boomkins, Warlocks, DPS Warriors, Elemental Shaman

This will keep class diversity. The list above is by no means the only ones we are looking for, just what we currently lack. Any exceptional player is always considered so please APPLY!

Guild Charter:
SoT is, first and foremost, a raiding guild. We like raiding. However, we also like doing other things, so our raiding is done on a very light schedule. Currently, that schedule is 9pm-1am Weds and Sun, server/Eastern time. Leadership may introduce a third raid time, if deemed necessary to maintain progression.

While we are generally a mature bunch, from time to time degeneracy is hilarious. While the gutter is a fine place for humor, it is expected that the tone remain jovial, and that the boundries and sensibilities of the membership be respected in general. This is no place for minors, as they may be exposed to topics and language which is best left for adulthood.

SoT operates as a team, not a set of individuals who happen to show up at the same time. Selfishness is a trait that has no place. This is especially true in the realm of loot - we seek it to advance the group so we can take on harder challenges, not for personal gratification.

We aim to have a small set of raiders, in order to maximize the effectiveness of every drop and to minimize the number of members who ride the bench. Attendance is very important to this - the higher the attendance is, the smaller we can keep the roster. Leadership would appreciate fair warning on any upcoming extended absence, so that arrangements can be made so raids continue without interruption.


Being on such a light schedule, raids are run with efficiency in mind. Pulls are fast, rest is infrequent.

Not only does this result in more progression per hour of raiding, but it turns mundane trash into a meaningful challenge.

TL:DR We raid 8 hours a week, we need competent players with like minded focus and ability to know the in's and out's of your class.

Please contact any officer in game: We have many many many alts. Just make a toon on Bloodhoof and ask for an officer.

Apply at: stayontarget.guildportal.com

Current 10 man raiding:
Firelands 6/7 Regular

Old Tier raids:
BoT 1/4 Heroic, 4/4 Regular
BWD 1/6 Heroic 6/6 Regular
TotFW 2/2 regular
Ruby Sanctum 1/1 Regular
ICC 12/12 Regular
11/12 Heroics
We did get drakes in 25 and 10.
TotC: 5/5 Regular
4/5 Heroic
Ulduar: 14/14 One light in the darkness.
Obsidian Sanctum: 1/1 Including 3 drakes
Naxxramas: Full clear.
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Need more peeps. Head to our site and post an app.
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Bump. Updated.
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oh man, if Shock is in charge of recruitment, you guys are doomed! <3
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I agree! Bump, added new classes.
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Bump city. Doin da Butt
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Updated and bump.
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Bumpin, for bumpness
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I am Poop Dog! Gangster Specter of Defeat! You know that!
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Bump for a good guild, great players.
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