Is there still a PvP Community on Malfurion?

85 Human Hunter
Does anyone know of an active group of people, guilds or alliance of guilds that actively PvP together (World, BG, RBG, etc)? Since I have returned to the game in March, I was trying to foucs on getting my gear to an entry raid level status and now I am looking for some coordinated PvP. I try not to stay in /trade too long in order to preserve my own sanity but when I am in there I do not see any mention of organized groups forming.

My whopping ~400 Res would be a hinderance to a dedicated Rated BG or Arena group so I don't expect to be carried or tag along. I am looking for people in my same situation that have an intrest in coordinated PvP play. Can anyone point me in the right direction or /channel?
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85 Dwarf Shaman
/join arenapimps

This is the Alliance PvP channel. You can also talk to someone in <ITS MORPHIN TIME>. I dunno their recruitment standards, but they're pretty much the only PvP-exclusive guild Alliance-side.
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85 Human Hunter
Thanks Fred. I will try out that channel and see how it goes.
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85 Gnome Warrior
I guess you missed it, but it's ok here you go.

Yeah pretty much this is the only pvp guild on the server. I set up a group every weekend for rbgs. Overall we put in about 20+ games each weekend.

Will you get into my group over guild members, most likely not. But hey if you want to try to set up your own rbg group go right ahead, really though. There are tons of people wanting to do RBGs, but I can only lead so many groups and no matter what my guild is a priority to invite. I mean there are members from ascensio, rise of origins and other guilds constantly looking for rbgs, but someone just has to start them.

Malfurion can easily become a place where we could just use arenapimps to pug our own RBG groups, but everyone just waits on for me. Oh well one day.
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85 Human Death Knight
Hi i see that there used to be a PVP community. But i do not think there no longer is. I can not seem to find any groups. If u know of any guild or group of people who do arenas or RBGs would be kind if u could post it here. I like to Pvp and would like a chance at it.

Thank You
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Thread is almost dead BUT ... After months and months of seeing no one spamming trade lf rbgs, I'm starting to see some chatter again in trade. Some guilds are trying to recruit for rbgs, and once in awhile I'll see a pug in group lf the last few ppl. I'm gm of rotational habits, and this seems to be the only pure pvp guild on alliance side, i think theres one or two on horde, not sure. I'll plug my guild now; need 1 geared hpal for main team, and a 2nd team is orming now to get established before MoP
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Any updates as to pvp alliance guilds on malfurion?
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90 Undead Priest
malf pvp died in cata. xfering is your only option at this point. (for arena anyways)
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90 Troll Druid
Gladiator Snugglyz has returned as a druid!

Looking for a Healer and Hunter for our 5s currently, will be running mage/boomkin/rogue/hunter/xhealer
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90 Undead Priest
i'll heal you noobs. priest or shaman; you choose.
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90 Goblin Priest
as a former glad i was hoping that coming back to malfurion might bring about a tiny bit of rejuvination to the pvp scene but its as dead as can be, especially if you're horde, just don't even bother -- xfer asap
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90 Tauren Druid
I find it funny that my thread from 2 years ago gets bumped ever so often. Hi to all of you Malf's!
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85 Undead Priest
I have a priest a hunter and im plying a warrior right now. I am also looking for an active guild of PvP'ers preferably Alliance.

Would be interesting in starting one if there was enough interest from posters.
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