90 Human Paladin
I do enjoy going around low level places with friends and just ccing them for a good 15mins but don't usually kill low levels
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90 Draenei Death Knight
half hill is efing awesome. i havent enjoyed myself at the expense of others this much since original guild wars ganking.
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
10/13/2012 01:00 AMPosted by Thethird
half hill is efing awesome. i havent enjoyed myself at the expense of others this much since original guild wars ganking.

Don't get me started on half hill. The guards have just walked up to me and killed me for just standing there. I have no idea why, but if I had to guess it is my damned haunted memento.
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I gank lowbies if they have names like Swaggernaught or Swollger or are in any guild with the word swag in it.

Me: "Oh, its a level 40. I think I'll leave it alone."
*Looks closer*
Me: "Swaggerenterclevernamehere, from the guild Swagwhatever hmm? Okay he dies."
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If it was grey I'd stay away... until I started leveling alts and have been ganked by 90s repeatedly.

Now... crap rolls down hill my friends. lol
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90 Draenei Shaman
I honestly don't care for ganking, I just joined a PvP server because I thought that's the way the game should be enjoyed. If a member of one faction sees a member of an opposing faction, doesn't it just make sense that they should have the option to attack you on sight? I do admit that it's annoying at times, and occasionally the feeling of winning or losing raises some pulses but I have never gotten frustrated about lowbie ganking until this cross realm thing was implemented. By making my monk and by reaching level 80, I had to start questing and running dungeon finder to be efficiently on making good time to 90. It was in Deepholm that I ran into Horde in every zone (all 90s) just one shotting people as they stepped out of the sanctuary zone or just swooping down from nowhere, one shot me, and move on to the next alliance.

This didn't bother me until they were doing it often enough to make it feel like they were camping me but I knew they weren't. I ended up getting on my main and hunting particular zones for hours at a time killing lowbies only just to pay forward. It didn't feel great to kill a character I knew had no chance, but it made me feel like world pvp existed once again =] So I gank all lowbies as I run across them, but don't actively go hunt them anymore because now my monk is 90.
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72 Blood Elf Paladin
I wont go out of my way to kill someone that is too low of a level for a fair fight, but I will Gank them forever if they attack me first. Pretty much same goes for people my level. I'm too busy leveling to wanna fight a druid for 10 minutes, but once I'm 90... it's on.
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88 Blood Elf Mage
Just because you are on a pvp server doesn't give you the right to stalk people.'s not ganking anymore; it's gone way beyond that. A friend of mine was being stalked on his lobie with me and another person. He would only kill my friend tho and not us. But as soon as one person logged out onto a higher level to find this stalker and take care of him; he was no where to be found. It's possible that he was on our server via the stupid cross realm party crap and that's why he didn't even show up on the server. He wasn't level 90 but he sure thought he was a "tuff" guy stalking my friend until higher levels than him showed up. Find something else constructive to do people. If your gona gank; do it once and get over it...move on. It's really getting old.
And Dawns Blossom has become the new Crossroads....people can't even turn in quests or get them for that matter. Blizzard you made this new expansion force people to quest and they can't even do that without being repeatedly killed.
I don't know how this can be fixed but something needs to change. Reporting people doesn't do a bit of good.
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100 Human Paladin
Ganking itself is in my opinion perhaps the purest form of PvP. It teaches a player that at certain low levels, there are places that are more dangerous to quest in, as opposed to others that might be safer. For example questing near an archaelogy dig site, or near a place designed or known for pvp might cause you problems.

Now with the new cross realm system there are alot more people in all the zones so your more at risk anywhere. This adds more excitment and thrill to the way of leveling by quest.

Now if ganking really bothers you as a player, then don't play on a PvP server, simple as that. PvP servers are designed to be this way. Perhaps a Normal or RP server would be better if ganking is against your ways of thinking

* Myself I gank a hordie any time I can, One- for payback on the few times I was ganked at lower levels, and Two- because it's very fun and entertaining to me.
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90 Orc Warrior
The tears of those I have ganked makes it all worth doing. I dont camp unless someone spits on me then just out of the principle I need to teach that lowbie respect.
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