LF 2v2 or 3v3 Arena Team

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Hello fellow Zuluhedians!

After no luck in game trying to find a good match, giving this a try.

About me - Obviously looking for an Arena team. Either 2v2 or 3v3. Something steady every week, having fun first, while progressing in ranking is the goal. Looking to avoid the muck of our servers friendly experts... "ZOMG YOURE NOT 2200 YET???" kind of players. I have ZERO ego about the game, and play for fun, not titles.

Spec - Shadow. I'd really like to stay SP. I simply have no desire to play Disc. Just not my style. Full honor gear, with about half epics. 3821 resil (no resil gems), all top enchants and gems in game atm.

Computer - Have Vent, all necessary addons, no lag or disco problems.

History - Used to be hard core raider through BC into LK, then got really burnt out about mid way thru WotLK. Tried arena and loved it. Ran with various guys over the last year, but never found someone who could put in 1 designated night a week to get further than 1600. Basically just doing our 5 matches a week, we pretty quickly hit that mark.

Expectations - To avoid the trolls who will quickly jump in with the "ZOMG I CAN OMGFACEROLL THAT COMP TO 2200". I can only honestly say that I would like to go higher than where I've been. I've never even been near 2200, but would love the challenge of seeing how good we could be.

When to play - I play a lot in the day, but this is NOT the best time for me. Many family and other distractions wouldn't be fair to any team. I'm looking to play 1-2 designated nights during the week from about 7-10est. Meaning having vent on, no interruptions, and I'm ready to focus.

Comps - Any viable comp. If you think you and I could do some damage as a 2's group, lets give it a shot. If you think that a solid SP could help your 3's team, lets try that.

I learn fast, and am motivated. Anyone with more experience than what you see here, won't be wasted, I assure you. This is all I'm doing in the game ATM. No raiding, no BG's, no dungeons. Well maybe the occasional BH.

If you want to talk send me a note or tell in-game.
I'm usually ganking in TB somewhere.

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Bump for the broski
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