How to beat a frost mage?

85 Night Elf Hunter
I know that as a hunter (or at least this is what they tell me) I should be able to beat frost mages, but I just can't. They seem to be the only class in the game atm that can just straight up wreck me. I Master's Call out of the initial nova just to be hit by a deep freeze. Trink out of that, and as soon as I pop rapid fire and trink, they iceblock for the main duration of it. By the time that's up, it's cone of cold, ice lance, deep freeze, etc. Is there anything I can do to up my win:loss ratio against mages?
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It sounds like he's popping Cold Snap to get off another Deep Freeze. After you Master's Call the first root and trinket, if he pops his ice block, use Readiness and wait for his block to wear off. If he uses a root on you, pop Deterrence immediately to make his Deep Freeze miss. Then Master's Call the root and open up on his clothie butt. Also, don't be afraid to use Silencing Shot.

Mages are a tough matchup, but with liberal use of interrupts (we have three on a less than 30 second cooldown - Silencing Shot, Scatter Shot and Feign Death) we can break up their rotation enough to control the fight more effectively.
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85 Orc Hunter
If a mage is smart enough to stay in your face the whole fight (which they easily can) you don't stand a chance. Most however are use to staying their distance, this is your advantage.

-Use Ice block time to regain focus as steady shot will still work.
- I prefer to silence right after Ice block because most seem really vulnerable here.
-Having the right pet can make the difference, spiders are pretty weak vs mages. I like something with some kind of slow.
- Other than that, it's burst burst burst with rapid fire.
- Remember to use cooldowns wisely, and try to chain silence/rapid fire with readiness.

But honestly, if you really want to chew up mages, go BM.
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I don't think you can regen focus with steady on immune targets. At least I've never seen it, and I have focus gains turned on in scrolling combat text.
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85 Undead Hunter
You can get imp steady to proc, but no actual focus. :<
You can shoot his pet though for both focus back and imp steady.
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100 Orc Hunter
If a mage is smart enough to stay in your face the whole fight (which they easily can) you don't stand a chance. Most however are used to staying their distance, this is your advantage.

Good mages will try to sit on you if they cannot LoS. Root them at range with a spider. If they blink toward you, you can disengage away.

Remember that if they do freeze you, their frost spells crit for crazy damage because of their Shatter talent. This is a good time to use Roar of Sacrifice.

Tranq shot is your friend to, they are clothies after all and if you can get rid of those pesky shields they can be squishy.

Engineering bombs are an extra interupt if you're doing BG's or duels.

The poisons from snake traps are annoying for Mages.
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85 Blood Elf Hunter
Play Dead and Shadowmeld.

Warning: This may require a Faction Change or Race Change
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90 Undead Mage
You shouldn't lose to Mages, but you already knew that. Use your spider or gorilla root. Trinket first deepfreeze, keep Concussive Shot on the mage at all time. Use Master's call, scatter, traps everytime they get close to you. If you are stuck in a nova and they foolishly cast a frost bolt, feign death it at the last second. You should down a mage in roughly 2 or 3 Chimera shots, with the damage you do between its cd. If you are stuck in a frost nova and you have nothing to stop it's casting pop Deterrence. Use it twice if needed but you shouldn't have to use it. Use snake trap for mind numbling poison.

Use your Silence when the need arise. It boggles the mind that the Hunters above me say they lose to Mages. I guess it's true, Hunter has a pretty high skillcap.

Oh yeah, and tranq shot their Barrier for one less nova to worry about. Good Hunters hard counter Mage currently.
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85 Undead Hunter
04/15/2011 04:49 PMPosted by Loaxxlol
Oh yeah, and tranq shot their Barrier for one less nova to worry about. Good Hunters hard counter Mage currently.

That's where you're wrong.
Hunters haven't really hardcountered mages for a while.
We're one of the best classes against them in arena, sure, but it's not a hardcounter anymore.

1v1, it's heavily in the mages favor now anyways.
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90 Dwarf Hunter
The thing about mages, if they give you an inch, take a mile.
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