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The summer is nearing, and with the summer comes my lack of a proper internet connection. I'm currently a college student, and while at college I have a sturdy, cable internet connection which allows me to raid as often as I desire. However, when the summer comes (and therefore I can no longer stay on campus without shelling out more money than I'm willing to), I will go home, where the only internet connections I have found to be possible are dial-up and satellite, both of which are, as you might guess, horrible for playing any online games.

I've checked out DSL and cable internet connections, but none are provided where I live (in the middle of nowhere). I'm making this thread for any possible input on such internet connections which I have not had the knowledge to seek, as I would very much enjoy not having to give up online gaming for three months. Any help is appreciated!
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yah wat sun said would be the best
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I feel our pain. I was able to raid during TBC and WotLK because it wasn't overloaded with well @*@% I stood in the fire so I die instantly mechanics. Or I missed that interrupt so we wipe mechanics.

Heroics are just not possible on satellite internet. Dialup has lower latency but you will not be able to raid because it doesn't have enough bandwidth to handle raids.

Your best bet is to find a friend that lives somewhere with decent broadband and stay there on raid nights.

Or if your blessed with cellular signal (my house doesn't have cell signal) I would go with the tethering a phone or air card options. If you have a laptop and a power inverter you could allways camp a hotel or mcdonalds parking lot on raid nights.
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Mcdonald's (at least in my town) don't have the best internet connection and a few of them have shotty connections... one day you can get connection and the next you can't... check it out and make sure that you can everytime you want.
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McDonalds Not-So-Happy-Later-Meal
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What would happen if you were to bring a massive desktop into a Starbucks and set up for a raid?

Also, you can always check out local LAN centers if you're willing to shell out the cash.
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04/09/2011 11:25 PMPosted by Sunshah
A few cellular phone companies provide internet service using wireless USB modems. I dunno how much the service is or if it would be available in your area, but I'd say it's worth checking out.

Yeah, my grandparents live out in the middle of nowhere, and they've tried to get something other than dial-up for the longest time, but they now have Sprint 3G internet, which works just as well as cable internet. I've been able to play WoW without any issues so far. Give it a try, it doesn't hurt.
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I don't know if you have them near you but Panera's also has free wifi I believe. Also, you tend to find more people with laptops there than in a McDonalds... A bit easier to blend in, until u add the headset, gaming mouse and additional keypad >.<

I hope you get it figured out Shino! We would miss you! :*(
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04/09/2011 11:25 PMPosted by Sunshah
A few cellular phone companies provide internet service using wireless USB modems. I dunno how much the service is or if it would be available in your area, but I'd say it's worth checking out.


I'm currently using my T-Mobile phone's wifi hotspot as an internet source.. I have "unlimited" usage, however it's costing me $95 a month for it which is a bit more expensive than a usual internet, but least it's mobile.
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Starbucks, most hotels, McDonalds, Hastings, might even try your local pubilc library. I know it sounds odd, but a lot of public places have routers. The fire station comes to mind also. And police station, just don't go inside and ask for a room! If you have 3g then an air card is your ticket. Good luck with the hunt.
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3g Air Car = win.

If your broke, and have a laptop, I used to snipe McDonald's Internet by just Setting in the parking lot on raid nights. Most hotels have free wifi as well.
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