Secretly disabled WoW player (until now)

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04/14/2011 03:27 PMPosted by Nethaera
I wanted to follow-up with a bit more input into this thread with some information that you may find helpful. Awhile back, UI developer Slouken had developed an addon called “MovePad” which would allow people to use the mouse to move around the world with. This is something we are planning to implement as an option in a future content patch. We would also like to encourage everyone to share any additional small script functions or changes that might help make better addons for disabled gamers so that we could look into the feasibility of adding these into the game as well.

Its really great to have your support, and by extension, the support of Blizzard! I think we are planning to have a page of useful addons, and this will certainly appear on it!. Anyone else with similar add ons, I would appreciate to see them as well!
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Good job :)

I had a hunter in my vanilla raiding guild who was very good dps. He wasn't on the top of the charts all the time; but he was near. He had some sort of paralyzement also, where he was only able to use one hand.

I give mad props to the people who can learn and be good at this game with that kind of disability.

*Edit* We were also top horde side; second server wide.
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Wow, so motivating. Your awesome kid. I'd be honored to have you heal me ;)
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This is definitely one of the rare posts that trolls just can't/shouldn't touch. It's amazing you've been able to adapt to WoW and I wish you the best luck in your endeavors! It takes a lot of strength to stand up for yourself when in some ways you might not be as strong as someone else physically, but it's a whole different ballgame when you stand up to help other people feel stronger and more confident in themselves as well.

I salute you!


Who. Flippen. Reported. This.

*Mad face*
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Keep goin' man.

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Entire first page=no trolls or ragers....well done sir, I think you should get an in game feat of strength for that.
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Dude, you are truly inspiring, I'm sure that one day, you will do something great. You are very brave, and I admire you for adapting to the game this way.
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Just a thought, since your site will be dedicated to help disabled players play WoW, could Blizzrad not sponsor it or something along those lines?
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Hey Guys

I'd like to comment on this situation as i dont care if people talk

I also am a disabled wow player who has played the game since jan 06 . I also have a condition called CP (Cerebral Palsy) however my case is a little different as I am able to use my arms but where things get tough for me is my legs I was born with cp and have a hard time walking / standing i usually have to sit down soon because i cant stand long periods. I also have a visual disability which makes wow kinda hard at time I am totally blind in right eye so i have to play wow using one eye which gets tough. I just wanted to say that I fully support the idea of having a website for disabled players of games to have a place to mabe figure out other solutions like you mentioned.

I currently attend college and am getting my associates degree in software development and am certified in html 4.01 (webdesign)

My biggest problem that I am working to overcome is the Visual stuff of doing raiding and such that mover really fast paced as I don't generally think as fast " Bad hand Eye coordination"

anyway if anyone wants to talk about the subject we gotta figer a way we can stay in touch
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im not sure if this is a real vid but if it is it might be relevant.
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My biggest problem that I am working to overcome is the Visual stuff of doing raiding and such that mover really fast paced as I don't generally think as fast " Bad hand Eye coordination"

anyway if anyone wants to talk about the subject we gotta figer a way we can stay in touch

First off, I think there are addons that, say, make a noise when you stand in "bad" stuff in raids, and these may help you. Secondly, these kind of conversations that you want to have are the exact kind of conversations we hope to take place on our site's forums.
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(to the OP) ROCK ON DUDE!
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Walaman..... You Rock!
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04/14/2011 09:23 AMPosted by Mhorgrim
Ok, so just to get the OP's discussion back on track. I got word from the MMO Melting Pot ( that they thought the OP's post was outstanding and sends their support. Since they can't post on US Server Forums, they asked for us to post back. Keep up the good work Walaman, I commend you for the efforts. I do hope you are able to provide further support for those who have adpative challenges and your work will help them over all. For what it's worth, I highlighted this in my own WoW Blog

First of all, I want to pass on my thanks to those at MMO Melting Pot. Secondly, I saw your blog and was touched that you chose to write about this thread. Thanks for your support!
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@ the OP- You are my hero for your bravery in sharing your story and for working to make it easier for others in a similar situation to enjoy this game.

Best of luck!!! <3
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From a fellow CP baby, I feel you.
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I noticed that this post was moved to the UI and Macro forum. I'm hoping that this is more than just basic clean up of the general forum, but a "nod" from Blizzard, as if even they want this thread to have a chance of being stickied. And after reading the CoC, it seems that I am allowed to post my own email, just not the email of other players. So if you want to contact me, my email is (Hopefully I did not misread the CoC and if so I apologize)
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