Guests from the Horde and the Alliance gathered this Monday evening at the Ruins of Stardust in an attempt to repair and restore the ancient settlement. Wild growth by corrupted elementals and a shortage of materials plagued the effort, but teams from both factions were able to bring in needed goods and clean out the worst of the corruption.

    Guests arrived from both factions and planned the steps for the renewal effort:

    Workers set about different tasks:

    Both the Horde and the Alliance were on hand:

    Supplies came over the lake on kodo-back:

    Sadly, neither gnomish tinkering nor elven magic could coax more than a brief flash of light from the moonwell:

    Guests enjoyed a quiet moment in the forest on their breaks:

    The elemental growth required constant clearing:

    New staff helped the AAMS field a larger translation team:

    Farewells to both factions at the evening's end:

The AAMS is obviously thrilled with the success of this event. We were pleased to be a part of the Alliance's "Spring Festival," and extend our thanks to the Horde guests who crossed faction lines to be with us peacefully.

We will continue our renewal efforts next week, choosing another location -- and everything that the staff has proposed sounds like it would have a new twist, so join us to dodge lava spouts, combat horrors from beyond the grave, or something even stranger as we move on with the Renewal Projects!

Aeldgyth Whistlespark
Branch Manager, AAMS Alliance