Assassination or Subtlety?

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I'm a casual player who mostly plays PvP. By casual I mean I don't do arenas (except for points here and there) or RBGs, I mostly stick to random BGs. I simply don't have the time it takes to play at a really high level. My question is, for a casual player would you recommend assassination or subtlety?

From what I've read subtlety has higher mobility, and other good tools like Preparation, but it's much harder to play than assassination; considering the positional requirements and such. I guess my question really boils down to is the learning curve worth the effort for a casual player. I hardly use macros or keybinds (other than the default); yes, I understand this leaves me at a disadvantage, but I don't feel I play enough to get used to that sort of thing.

Just looking for some opinions on what you guys think would suit me better. I've looked around online but everything I seem to find is for high level players that do arenas. Any help would be awesome. Thanks.
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You haven't considered combat?
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I have, but pretty much ruled it out. Everywhere I read combat is considered far beneath the other two. I'm sure I'd be willing to give it a shot if the reasoning was good enough. Got any?
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play sub, its not hard really. yeah, assassination has less binds and buttons but its also retarded in bg's. id rather be doing half assed as sub than be getting kited half way down the field as assassination.
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04/15/2011 12:11 AMPosted by Lunaes
I have, but pretty much ruled it out. Everywhere I read combat is considered far beneath the other two. I'm sure I'd be willing to give it a shot if the reasoning was good enough. Got any?

From what I understand, it's not the hottest in arenas. However, for battlegrounds, I find it immensely powerful (just from what I've noticed leveling up).

Combat's pros:
> Imp gouge basically means gouge on demand that lasts for up to 6 seconds.
> Unlike assassination, you can actually use gouge.
> Imp kick is a 3 second blanket silence -- basically, think imp counterspell with less than half the cooldown.
> Throwing specialization gives you access to a 40 yard spell interrupt that slows the target AND does damage, provided you have at least one combo point.
> Imp sprint breaks roots...pretty damn handy.
> Killing spree can be used as a gap closer.
> Combat's 70% slow is physical (can't be dispelled), is auto-applied on attacks, procs like crazy, and lasts 8 seconds.
> Nice damage cooldowns, but all rogue specs can claim this.
> Less reliant on cooldowns than sub.
> I'm finding the damage isn't half bad so far...might change by 85.

You might want to give it a shot. It's only a few gold to respec, and you might find you like it. Just don't advertise you PvP combat if you try it...dedicated sub rogues like to flame you if you do.

If you want to play it safe, then just go sub. There's nothing wrong with the spec, and assassination just doesn't have enough mobility to function really well in a lot of cases (despite it doing pretty retarded damage from my experience).

EDIT: I forgot the most fun treat combat has: ~9 second kidney shot. >:D
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I'm a fan of sub, always have been always will be. I don't really do BG's pr arenas anymore because I'd rather do raids now. But In world PvP, sub tops in my opinion. Just the ambush alone to gank a player is win. Play around with each spec, see what you like ^^
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I'm Mut and love it, however I never do a BG without a pocket healer. I can honestly say go Sub if you are looking for fun and to improve your over all performance. Once you are geared you absolutely destroy dragonslayers and fresh 85's on a comedic scale in randoms.
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If you do decide to play sub, make sure you keybind at least backstab and ambush. You can't very well click those and still be able to get them off
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If you don't have much time, it'll be easier for you as assassination. It's more noob friendly and doesn't require as much gear to be effective.

I was mut for the longest time and went sub a couple months ago and absolutely love it but it took some time and gear to master. Now I absolutely annihilate but there's a learning curve.

That said, if you do master sub it is a far more rounded spec with lots of options for every situation with good mobility. Mut gets kited, it's true, but doesn't happen as much in BG's as you'd think so tunnel visioning a healer works pretty well.

Mut is easier but sub is more fun and more difficult imo.
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I'd like to point out of you have bad latency you may want to go Mut. Beware however without prep you'll need to learn how to time your cd usage very well.
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im having fun with combat atm
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Sub = Awesome mobility, decent survivability (improved recup, preperation incase your vanish is off CD) and a good burst ability on a one minute cooldown.

Assassination = Awesome damage, lame mobility.

Combat = Haven't tried in PvP so I couldn't really tell you.

That being said, Sub gives you a chance against classes like hunters and mages which would otherwise kill you. And all high end players play sub. Doing random bgs, its pretty much w/e you want but if you ever get serious, there's simply no other way. Or so I've been told.
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For "casual" PvP, combat is certainly a viable option.

Between blade twisting, imp kick, imp gouge, throwing spec and 9sec kidney shots you can shut down healers like no other, which isn't to mention smoke bomb and the mind-numbing + wound poison combo.

It has better mobility than assassination, but pays the price for it's control with the lowest damage of the three rogue specs.
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85 Human Warrior
Sub no matter what there is no other spec for pvp.
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Nothing to stop you from having both and switching!

Generally, I'd recommend sub for you.

PvP boils down to:

Highly organized pvp (Arenas/RBGs)- if you aren't running these, that takes a lot of the pressure off. If you ARE, then run what the comp you are running needs.

Large group pvp, vaguely organized- you see this in patches in all BGs, but the 40 man BGs have a lot of it- two opponents meet. Some just zerg, others pick clutch targets. People blow pretty much all cooldowns right away, both sides have heroism going. Sub is great for this because if people switch to you, you can disengage and reengage a different section, continuing to contribute. You will have a decent amount of contribution because your cooldowns will be active a lot, and you can use your control just about anywhere and something good will happen. Mutilate being less mobile hurts it a lot- not because there's nothing to punch, but because your target will escape while three melee switch to you. Your *side* isn't outnumbered, but YOU might be. Shadowstep makes this much better.
Then, if your side is losing, you can escape without dying, and prep makes that much easier.

Small group pvp, vaguely organized. In this case, mutilate can help more because you are probably bringing the +magic damage buff and you have a decent amount of sustained damage. The amount of damage that can happen to you in an eye blink is much lower, and the chances that a healer will notice and correct the situation much higher.

Solo pvp on a road or at a node- in this case, because you are casual, you will probably want sub. Assassination is better against a few types of classes, but sub can stack a lot of cooldowns in a short period of time and help overcome a gear difference.

So I'd say, go sub for now.
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04/15/2011 12:20 AMPosted by Elinthiaqt
play sub, its not hard really. yeah, assassination has less binds and buttons but its also retarded in bg's. id rather be doing half assed as sub than be getting kited half way down the field as assassination.

If you're getting kited in a bg just switch to a different target. For someone who just wants to do bgs, assassination is fine.
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