85 Night Elf Hunter
I want to thank the Cenarion Circle RPer community, and all the planners, participants, and other contributors who helped make this year's Spring Festival happen! I couldn't have done this in the middle of the college semester without your help.

In no particular order:

To the AAMS, Alliance Branch and Horde Branch, for their support, advertising, and translations during the Ashenvale Rebuilding Event. In particular I want to thank Vasilia, Andelia and Verogoth for promoting this and our server in the World's End Tavern forums.

To Pia Presidium, most especially Gentyl and Crayautchin, for putting together their events and aiding me in running mine.

To Genevra, in all her forms, for showing up to every event, as well as hosting two of her own. Your support was not lost on me.

To Alisma, for throwing together a last minute Alliance Pride Parade, and ending the Spring Festival in a successful bang.

Also to the Ishnu Por Ah, Da Doctas, and Homeland for their contributions to the Horde Spring Festival earlier in the year.

And finally, to everyone who in some way participated! Running an event is one thing, but no event could exist without your presence.

We had more than 100 people show up throughout the Alliance Festival week, and the turnouts of individual events ranged from 10 to 25 individual players. At least 5 new applications to my guild (AAMS) alone, 3 non-RPers and around 7 casual RPer/raiders who stopped to give us their time of day, and as much as 10 new people to the server, all attracted by the events. It got to the point I could no longer keep track of all the new faces I was seeing! Now our server is in the top three for preferred RP servers for the USA, because of some hard work put in by a dedicated few, and the participation of many.

I'm proud to be a part of this community. Give yourselves a pat on your back, and have my most sincere thanks!
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90 Human Death Knight
I can say, if only for myself, no thanks are needed. You, sir, are a king among kings with RP event organization and implementation, and it was an absolute honor doing what little I could to assist you.

My only regret this past week is that I was not able to make it to more of the events. The events I was able to attend were top-notch, and I am very proud to have participated.

Thanks to you, Dusty!
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90 Human Priest
I could only attend the parade, but I wanted to say thank you to all involved so much for putting that together. I look forward to future events on Cenarion Circle!
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89 Human Paladin
Oh, Dustwing, I didn't really do anything. Really. I just showed up and also whined when my real life prevented me from showing up. But, you're welcome, I can complain about RL any time you'd like. :P

But you're absolutely right that there is a lot of thanks to go around!

But, I want to give a HUGE thank you and a round of applause to all of our new RPers and newcomers to our server! We really are a great server for RP and it will only get better if we continue to grow!

And another HUGE thank you to the non-RPers who joined in.... thanks for giving something new a try, thanks for not griefing us!! Our RP community is not just among the friendliest, our entire server's community is among the friendliest on WoW and that's thanks to everyone on it!

And yet another thank you to every single Horde player for not attacking us while we were playing pirate on your blimp. :) We did lose a few people, but it was just because the Orgrimmar guards aren't as good at telling who is a threat and who isn't as you guys are!
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