Volstagg, Champion of Justice

85 Goblin Shaman
When told how inspiring he is, his only response is "Only So Much". Volstagg may be the most honest, caring, and helpful person in the world of Azeroth. He has inspired me to be a better person, therefore I am compelled I must share his legacy with all the people of Azeroth.
During the second war, tragedy struck as Volstagg was orphaned. His mother passed during his child birth and father shortly after, due to an unfortunate smelting accident. He was therefore raised in the Stormwind orphanage. He spent most of his time, in the up stairs window of his room, glaring gaily at the paladins training below. Many times he approached the church doors, wanting to enter the grounds, but the stench of the many hobos reeking from inside always drove him away.
Several years passed, and at last Volstagg’s sixteenth birthday had arrived. No longer did he have to resign alone in the orphanage. He left the orphanage and turned to the light. He trained long and hard, however, his attempts never seemed to impress the elders. Volstagg, who was now aged around twenty-seven, was now ready to graduate. The elders, to who still never approved of Volstagg, decided to give him an impossible test, a test so difficult, that they themselves could not accomplish it. The elders ordered Volstagg to conjure a bubble around him, a bubble so powerful that it could absorb all damage taken for twelve seconds. Volstagg then felt a central field of power, unusual to his normal levels. He raised his hands and *poof, a bubble surrounded him. Amazed, the elders jumped out of there seats and approached Volstagg. And after twelve seconds passed, the bubble faded away. The elders looked at each other, and then ordered the most powerful magi in all of Stormwind to come to the church. The magi one by one blasted their most powerful spells into the shell, but for twelve seconds, the magic had no effect. Amazed at this power, the elders demanded Volstagg to show them how he had done it. So from that point on, Volstagg was the high paladin of Stormwind.
Several years down the road, after Volstagg had taught an abundance of paladins the power of bubble, he was able to retire his position as a trainer and thereafter travel the world, purging evil on sight. His first encounter involved a young orc, to who stole a loaf of bread from Lord Wrynn’s personal bakery; the orc was slain immediately by getting quizzed on prominent industry, involving the creation of catapults.
Many years passed, and Volstagg’s travels had cleansed the world of many evil foes, ranging from opening King Varion Wrynn’s jelly jars, purging evil spirits from livestock throughout Azeroth, and probably the most amazing incident, charging alone into the ocean, after the vicious orc, Snackpak.
The most famous incident in all of his life, as of right now, fell on a regular evening in Tol Barad, as an elite squad of horde were ambushing alliance behind the their base camp. Many alliance rushed forward, however, as they saw their attempts to bring down the elite squad futile, they fell back. Cyclop, to whom, was hiding in a nearby cabin, was the first to notice Volstagg. ” The tides have turned,” Cyclop shouts out with a cowardous howl, as he retreats to the safety of the Stormwind portal,”Volstagg has arrived! But just be sure not to die and lose your buffs!” And for once in his life, Cyclop was correct. The tides did turn, Volstagg rushes in, his hair glistening and wavering in the wind. With such force he chucked his magical shield at the enemy foes, and at once they all fell! No longer to ever be an issue again, at least until they spirit rezzed and ran back.
Words cannot describe the amazing features that Volstagg has, and how those skills have affected those around him. Since then, Volstagg is seen in the Stormwind bakery, eating muffins with the strange shaman Hugzy, interviewing the angry hobos around Westfall, and of coarse most often leading the notorious coward, Cyclop, in Tol Barad. Please everyone who reads this thread please send Volstagg, in game thanking him for his notorious deeds. Thank You

P.S. He also likes goat milk.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
My eyes are bleeding, and all I got out of it was that someone likes goats milk.
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