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85 Tauren Paladin
As the title says a few others and I are looking to start a pug raid that has the same people mostly every week.

I did this during WoTLK as well on my pally and I was RL and we went 6/12 H pre- 30% which I know isn't to insanely difficult but for a pug that wasn't as structured as I want this to be and didn't have the same people every week ( had to bring in 2 new people every week). Now I know your saying isn't this a lot like a 10 man guild well yes and no. I don't like guild drama and during Wrath I didn't have any drama because of the fact we didn't see each other 7 days a week. Now I know your thinking WTF have you done your like 6/12 this is not my main a little information on my main Creepur on Staghelm (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/staghelm/creepur/advanced )

A little information on your RL:

I'm now 9/13 H soon to be 10/13 H when Cho goes down
I've been playing the game since release but didn't start raiding until WoTLK
I was 11/12 H in Wrath because my guild stopped raiding about 6 monthes prior to Cata release.
I've been raid leading since Naxx but, I am not a RL in my current guild.

I would like to start raiding ASAP we will raiding on Fridays and Saturdays at 6 server to 10 server PM.

Some requirements before I start listing what we need:

You MUST be 6/12 at least preferably more.
351 ilvl I'd rather it be higher but if you show you can pull your weight I'm fine with that.

Attendance is a really an important thing for this because if one person is gone it could cancel raiding for an entire week so I would like 90% attendance if you can't attend sometimes that's fine but please try to have a replacement and warn me at least 24 hours ahead of time.

Current Needs:

Melee dps: closed

Ranged dps: 1 spot open

Healers: 2 spots open

Tanks: closed

To contact me add me on real-id (tmac594@gmx.com), contact me on live on either staghelm or antonidas whichever I happen to be on or mail Xerodeeps. Looking forward to meeting you all.

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85 Night Elf Rogue
I posted under Creepur my bad this is my rogue if you need to contact me on him and this is also who I'll be Raiding on
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85 Night Elf Rogue
2 healing spots are open we only have a resto shaman as of right now tank spots are filled and dps has 1 ranged spot open. Changing the days we raid to 1 day a week but that isn't decided which day.
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85 Night Elf Rogue
1st raid on saturday 6pm server- 10 server current group filled. Keep sending in if you still want in though in case a spot clears
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