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100 Night Elf Druid
Well, I don't know who you ran into.

But 1, anyone who knows me or my guild KNOWS we don't put up with that type of behavior.

2. If you didn't contact me or the guild in-game to say something it must not have been important to you. But posting in the forum sounds more like your attempting to grief instead of actually trying to be an adult in a situation.

3. If you say we tried to get people kicked. Is it because you or a friend of yours was standing in fire? In LFR even fire isn't bad, but we DO kick trolls and people who go OUT OF THEIR WAY to grief the WHOLE RAID. I personally have initiated kicks on people who mass pull trash or hunters who refuse to take off pack. And in these situations, our people whisper them first. When they become belligerent then I have no issue with kicking them.

4. Do you even know the name of the person/s your complaining about? Or do you just enjoy complaining? If so, LFR is a great place for you and your play style to stay. Since nearly all of the great guilds on this server don't put up with whiny BS.

5. A more useful place for your vigilance is probably to join the grammar police in trade chat. I'm sure your skills could be of use.

That is all...
Stay Shiny
(Now Recruiting)

P.S. Its oddly great timing. Because I was about to post another recruitment thread. But shiny is building back up its momentum and we're always looking for new players who want to kill without the drama.
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90 Human Warlock
Bumping for some of the nicest people on Fenris. I may be gone off the server now (I don't raid much at all any more, no time), but I'll still always remember you guys.

To you, Ooh Shiny. /toasts
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100 Dwarf Priest
So I misclicked leap of faith a few dozen times.
It happens. Move on.
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100 Night Elf Druid
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