DPS Tips?

85 Night Elf Hunter
So I made a hunter, and loved it...great for Solo lvling and PvP (Really liking it in Tol Barad :P)

But! My DPS in a heroic can sit anywhere form 8k-9.7k, depending on buffs, and such...

With that said, I have used a very basic BM rotation, and a pretty good spec I found online, so I kinda figured that it would do ok in raids, but I have been told by several ppl that it will not. That Survival is the way to go.

Now, as a WoW n00b (started when cata came out) I am in no place to argue....

So, my question is.....Will BM hold up as well? Or is Survival the way to go, and if so...any tips on a rotation. I often find myself waiting for Black Arrow, and Explosive Shot to CD, and Kill Command+arcane shot just doesn't seem to be cutting it.

so if you l337 Hunters can help out this huntard it would be greatly appreciated...

My iLvl is a little low for Raids I know, but I am running as many heroics as I can to get specific pieces of gear, and figured It wouldn't hurt to get in the habit of a new build, spec.

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85 Dwarf Hunter

edit - around 15-17k on dummies / BH10 in 346 blues / charity epics. I don't play this hunter much, itemization / spec / rotation is far from optimal. Careful Aim is going to artificially inflate dummy DPS a bit, so be aware of that. Don't expect to be consistently doing top DPS in 4+ pull trash packs either, usually it's boss fights that people care about.

For a beginner rotation, open with Serpent Sting and Chimera Shot. Always do Steady Shot in pairs to keep the speed buff. When Chimera Shot is off cooldown, use it. Otherwise, use Aimed Shot once you have 50 focus, or when the Fire! buff is triggered. Again, this is far from optimal, but it's easy to do, and seems to work pretty well on stationary single-target fights.

Only other thing to remember is to use Rapid Fire when available, (and not under the effects of Heroism/Bloodlust/Time Warp) then Readiness and Rapid Fire again when it expires. Try to use fast Aimed Shots when you have one of these haste buffs.

Nothing wrong with BM, and I'm no expert, just outlining what seems to work for me.
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85 Orc Death Knight
smash the keyboard harder
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