Narcotic Damnation is a raiding/PvP/Leveling/Social guild. Level 23 (atm), large g-bank with many helpful items for leveling and raiding, as well as our own guild vent.

Yes we are all of the above. There are many members in the guild who are only there for the social and leveling aspect of being in a guild. There are also many members who are based entirely in PvP. The majority of us are radiers seeking serious progression.

At this time we have enough people to (for the most part) get two solid 10 mans or a decent 25 man going. We are having an issue with people showing up to raids. This is a problem for us as we have many members who want to get into raiding and should be raiding.

Current recruitment is basically for anyone who is willing to show up EVERY week, know thier class and role as well as the current raiding fights. Multiple toons with multiple roles are plus!

Our goal is a SOLID 25 man run EVERY week, or two SOLID 10 man runs.
Schedules permiting we would like to start like so:
10 man schedules: Group 1 - 7 server, Tues, Wed, Fri, w/ the occasional Sun
Group 2 - 7 server, Wed, Fri, Sun, w/ the occasional Mon
25 man schedule: 7 server days are somewhat open as the group is not ready to begin

We have a high number of people who want to be dedicatd raiders and our goal is to get this moving ASAP!

Our current raiding experinence as a guild is:
Blackwing Decent - Magmaw, Omnotron, Maloriak, Chimeraon, Atramedes
Bastion of Twilight - Halfus, Valiona&Theralion, Ascendant Council
Throne of the Four Winds - Conlcave

If you are interested or have questions, leave them here, or talk to me or another officer in game. Toons you may contact:

Please do not message a random guild member who is not on this list. Look forward to hearing from any of you with serious wants to be in this guild. Thanks guys! :D