Stale WoW is stale

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Stix, I don't know how you do it really, being a guild leader all these years.

Best officers on server.
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So here’s a summary of what I’ve been monitoring over the last week or so in my “Stale WoW is Stale” threads throughout my communities I follow. This is listed top down, from from #1 listed reason down.I estimate that these responses come from about 50 individual posters throughout 4 different and unique communities. I think it's a good cross section of WoW and probably a good start to evaluate what's going on.

Apologies ahead of time if I homogenized your specific response.

#1 Reason WoW is NOT stale:
The People, guild, community. The Vanilla communities are stronger than the later ones, but Vanilla forced a sense of community. Newer players are fading quicker, and those guilds with strong sense of community are still thriving. Community can keep the game alive.

Top Reasons why WoW is stale

#1) WoW has turned into a grind. Feels less of a game and more of a job. AH, Quests, Farming, same thing, same place. Steak Seafood Salad Sizzler!

#2) The anonymity of WoW is killing the experience. Instaqueue tanks and healers with entitlement attitudes, vote kick too easy – empowerment of the troll in-game. Vanilla forced community, Cross server everything is pushing the player base away from interpersonal values and towards trolling.

#3) TBC was the best expansion, but not because it fixed broken Vanilla – there was structure – you had to hit XX raid instance before you do XX instance. Not just attunement, but difficulty. Cata is a bit vague “Where should we go tonight?” There was less grinding and more fighting bosses.

#4) Raid lockouts are hurting. Splitting 10’s and 25’s have been fracturing the guild and the community. (Multiple reasons cited. – same cause/effect)

#5) Like getting sheeped in an arena match 4x in a row, The Cata raids have a diminished returns on excitement. Definitely started with an “Oooo” and “Ahhh” but for some reason, has lost it’s greatness quicker than before. Maybe it’s a 7 year old game and limited mechanics to work with, maybe it’s desensitization of epic’ness. Regardless – it’s something that’s happened.

#6) WoW has a maturing playerbase that they need to keep attentive to. The 18 yr olds are 24, the 28’s are 35, etc. The perception is that Blizzard is catering to the top raiders for raiding, and the masses for grinding.

#7) There is no set raiding structure. It would be better if you had to kill TotFW first to get into Bastion, and maybe there was a ½ way mini-end boss in Bastion that unlocked the next raid. That was there was clear progression measures, but just a 11/12.

#8) WoW has lost it’s sense of adventure.

#9) There were a few threads on Vanilla yearning. I categorized this into a “I want something fresh and new” Only the next MMORPG is going to do that, and no one has stepped up well enough to challenge the big dog in this arena. But Rift, Champions, Warhammer, Star Wars, etc…

I hope this information can help out other guildleaders, officers and players to know what is motivating, demotivating others across WoW. I know I will be making adjustments inside CHAOS due to these responses. I hope you all can make our community better with this information.

It seems that Blizzard is not uneducated on these matters either - LFD tool is adding a "trying to queue like realms together" in it's LFD tool.
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I think.. you are putting too much thought into this now :P
But I already gave my stance on it.
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I think.. you are putting too much thought into this now :P

Just summarizing and consolidating.
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Maybe WoW is stale for you, IDK if you played the same Vanilla that I did but from what I read you obviously didn't. First of all Vanilla was VERY broken, I enjoyed it as much as the next guy but I guarantee you could never go back to it. PvP was rock, paper, scissors and the only competitive PvP was BG's which obviously meant nothing although they were fun. PvE was broken as well and every class was forced into one spec because blizzard was too lazy to itemize epics for every talent spec.

Although I would not play Vanilla again I do miss epic world PvP. This is a PvE server so most of you never got to experience world PvP to its fullest extent.

You are feeling nostalgic and it makes me miss Vanilla too but I know I could never go back to it.

Exactly what kind of meaning are you hoping to get from PvP (or the game in general) other than it being fun? Does a 2xxx Arena Rating hold some sort of meaning? Are you self-actualized at 2400 but merely a hollow shell of a human being at 2100?

I think fun is the point. PvP on this server in Classic WAS fun. It was fun b/c it was server based and if you did more than just a little of it you got to know your allies and learned to respect your adversaries.

And since you apparently weren't on this server in Classic, I can tell you there was in fact many enjoyable nights of World PvP between South Shore and Tarren Mill. Perhaps it wasn't the "fullest extent" of World PvP that you enjoyed on your PvP server that involved ganking lowbies while they were farming Peacebloom. That's some serious stuff I know.

The game is stale for many people b/c they have been doing the same thing (essentially) for 5+ years. It's not that the state of the game in Classic was tremendously better than it is's simply that the game still offered new experiences.

You can give NPC's new skins, homogenize classes, or wrap the abilities of 5 bosses into one to make PvE "more challenging" but in the end, many people have simply seen it all before.
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^ well said.

I am just going to claim that as mine tying in with the "wow can't be entertaining 24/7". =)
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How about just one of you alliance raid guilds xfers to horde? I've been running the Censusplus addon and our warcraftrealms horde status is now green after a few weeks of running it constantly when I'm online. The results are about 4k horde toons total between lvl 10-85.


Come play! We're fun!

Wars wants you Alli to come play with him. But where did he go? Poof!!! He disappeared.
Wait whats this... A recruitment thread, surely he didn't post there.

Uh oh, he did and now look what happened... He all of a sudden vanishes from LB.

And ooh no whats this, the guild that was recruiting suddenly gets a new druid. And OMG!!! They are ALLI???

Guess he didn't want the alli to come play with him he wanted to secretly be one of them.

But wait, what about this quote.

Honestly I find Cata more refreshing because I'm with a good group of friends who are really trying to put something good together. We know each other, and we're here to help each other succeed. Put the work in, and we all keep in contact in-game and out.

What it comes down to is, are you playing the game with friends, or not.

Hmmmmm, sounds like warsy didn't want to be friends anymore.
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Yay incoming 9 posts of drama! And then we forget about it forever.
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Honestly I find Cata more refreshing because I'm with a good group of friends who are really trying to put something good together. We know each other, and we're here to help each other succeed. Put the work in, and we all keep in contact in-game and out.

What it comes down to is, are you playing the game with friends, or not.


Also, I miss the Skywall-only BGs, it created a very fun competition but waiting in queue 30 minutes on Alliance got old.

The vanilla PVP rank system was NOT good... C'mon. I lived in a *#*%hole in Ontario with nothing better to do, but it was way too time-consuming. Also, missing 1-2 weeks for whatever reason would completely screw you.

40-man raids were epic, but hell to organize. Right now I just find it lame that they share the 10 and 25 raid locks...

The main issue isn't the grind, is people considering everything a grind. If you don't have any fun running BGs or PVE, why do you even play?

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I don't think the game is stale. I think community is making the game become stale.

If that even makes sense.
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Hmmmmm, sounds like warsy didn't want to be friends anymore.

Oh, lawl. So. I forgot I had this character ignored until he finally decided to post on his main in another thread. Big grats to Kaiyne for trying to troll your own guild!
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@Stell, I appreciate the kind words. If your volume of playtime increases, do check us out.

Bringing Stell to the HORDE is my personal goal. Been harassing her for like 2 months.
The inner Goblin is calling you Stell, come to the dark side, you know you wanna. Just give in.

(For those who would care to remember me, I was Dedlok in Vanilla, Gnome lock)
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stix if you think wow is stale, leave skywall me you would enjoy good progression.

A couple things. As from my 1st sentence in my OP, I'm plugging along having fun. While it may or may not be stale, I'm having a good time.

Also, what I've noticed is that the community that you surround yourself can make or break the game. If you are a d-bag and hang out with other d-bags, eventually, that d-baggery will catch up with you and you will leave the game cause of "community". Likewise, if you are a normal interpersonal functioning human being, you will hang out with other like minded people and that community will be one of the major influences on you to stay in the game.

Leaving another server just delay's the inevitable for someone like you Venom. It's like pressing a $30 reset button. You left Skywall and were gone from here for a few months. Eventually, you looked around yourself in a raid and went "Damn, I'm swimming knee deep in douchbaggery with these guys" and started to come back to the forums and plan your next server transfer to xxx realm to try to find people who don't know you.

It's just like Superthrust of Vanilla - that guy was a plague wherever he went. No server transfer can help people like you or him.

I'm quite happy where I'm at 8/12 and having fun.
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05/25/2011 11:52 AMPosted by Venicide
i see my guilds recruiting post is surprised skywall would do that, its commonly done on many other servers...its called cross realm recruitment.

i am not the one who reported the recruitment thread, but there's a whole forum set aside for cross server recruitment. spamming individual realms is bad form especially considering how many guilds on skywall itself are currently recruiting.
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