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Steamwheedle Cartel, not Stormwind City...those of us who love the artform that is holistic gaming, which includes virtually every aspect of the MMORPG experience, need to make an assertive push for RP on the server. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed that public RP, which used to be a staple on SWC, has all but slipped away and like "V," I know why you did it. Still, the hordes of unreported griefers (be they unreported to guild masters or game masters), the rise of easy raids and high level dungeons/character strength progression, the SWC diaspora (many of whom have appeared upon Wyrmrest Accord or Moon different forms), and the ensuing 'de-facto' acceptance of the fact that SWC has simply become a "PvE" server...they're not right. There are multi-purpose guilds out there that emphasize RP and every other aspect of the game.

Please, for the love of all that is holy, save our server...bring RP back. Let your characters live...and when griefers appear, take their name, the location of the problem, the exact nature of it, the time (server), and report them to the GM, then search for their guild and, if available, the guild charter. If they are violating it, then report them to the guild master. Griefers -do- step down, generally speaking, if they're going to lose face in a guild. Beyond this, a simple /ignore will do. They're just a part of what we have to deal with and while we'll never know exactly what measures GMs take against them, I think that RP has largely vanished because most have simply stopped fighting it.

If RP is truly gone, then I guess the game's lost value for me. I don't know whether you miss the period during which RP was prevalent, but I do. I hope you'll join the effort to bring it back. If you're looking for a guild, The Embassy and The Hammer of Magni are solid RP guilds...I'm pretty sure the Eighth Lordaeron Unit would jump in if people expressed an interest. I'm rambling...but if you've ever loved RP or if you've ever -thought- about RP, now is as good a time as any to jump in on the opportunity.
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Hate to say this but um...

Who cares? Roleplaying is a choice. My main continues to choose it though she is part of a very non RP PVE oriented guild. Do they berate or patronize me when they see me in org wearing my typical RP regalia and acting "different"? No.

I think you're looking too far into it. If you want RP go and find it. Downloaded the mods such as Flag RSP or MRP (My roleplay). Fill it out appropriately and look for people with similar tags. RP servers are filled with a variety of people for many reasons, sadly, most of which have nothing to do with RP. You cannot stop these people nor should you be able to. You cannot RP police a game in which RP was not the core value regardless of what the server is "geared" towards.

Things aren't going to change because you post 3 paragraphs of banter in which most people will just skim through. Things will change if you try to do the "big boy" stuff and it works. Big boy stuff being events, and weekly gatherings like that one alliance guild does for worgen tavern night or whatever the hell they're calling it.

TL:DR; Oh look another "We need RP" thread. This will solve the problem for sure. *coughs*
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Hm...I suggest a ride ride for roleplay. We all meet and just ride from one tip of one of the continents to the other. I may be letting my new mechano hog influence my decision on this.
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Immolate, I hear you and understand what you're saying. However, you're making the faulty assumption of stating that I'm not attempting to do anything about it. So, given that I am giving you the respect of having read your entirely hypothesized argument, allow me to issue a rebuttal.

First, I think that RP might just be second to the wretched state of the SWC economy, but there's little I can do to change that, outside of offering whatever I craft at reasonable prices in the hopes that it'll adjust the market a bit. However, the server is classified as an RP server and should be treated as such. Please read the full post to understand exactly what I mean by that...

I actively work toward getting people to RP through the usage of multiple RP channels, RP mods, RP guild recruitment, and public RP. I've invited some people I learned were still interested in the concept to an event tonight. That's irrelevant, to the chiefest point that you seem to make, which is a damning statement on any RP server...that the policing of the server is pointless, which is absolutely incorrect. I don't make the statement that RP servers are for RP alone...that's silly, however griefing should absolutely NOT be tolerated. WRA polices its servers pretty firmly against people that grief or condemn RP and RP is quite dominant there. Yes, I have some toons there and no, I have no intention of moving because I have always been at SWC and want to foster its strength, rather than just watch it decay. Don't get me wrong, I think that people should be able to do what they desire on an RP server, but when they are -ACTIVELY- seeking to destroy the activity (RP), which many have, -then- you have an issue that requires what you have addressed as "policing". "Policing," in fact is simply one method by which we can ensure that everybody involved has a reasonable experience...RPers can RP without trouble from trolls/griefers and standard PvE'ers and PvPers can do their activities as they please and engage in OOC fun. However, the belief that we should be willing to allow people to flame RP freely is silly. Perhaps you don't have this issue in the Horde, but Alliance side, I've seen it too often to discount. I RP on Hordeside, as well, with toons in Steadfast and Rekkashi, but I would step up to griefers Hordeside, as well...and I think, if you were RPing and they regularly destroyed your events, you would as well.

Now...taking your assumptions and having effectively discounted them, I'll point out that I'll continue to push for RP once in a while on the forum, "police" griefers, recruit for The Embassy, and encourage RP on the Alliance side. I'm sure Horde members have their own issues to deal with. For Alliance on SWC, I'm still convinced the chiefest problem is lack of RP styled gameplay on this server.

Again, I have -no- issue with PvE or PvP main gripe is with griefers and the main issue that not only me, but several others are working to remedy, is the issue we have with RP on our side of the server. After recruiting and discussing the matter in general yesterday, I found that these thoughts definitely were not uncommon.

(Minor edits for wording at approx 11:29 on 4/24/11)
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Frivolous: That set off some of the most outrageous imagery in my head, I just pictured an amalgam of every race and known vehicle trundling across mainland Azeroth, water-walking and path of frosted over water, Goblin trikes and Draenic elekk, worgs and kodos and choppers, etc...would be fun to arrange for virtually reason, though. :)
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04/24/2011 07:28 AMPosted by Immolate
Things will change if you try to do the "big boy" stuff and it works. Big boy stuff being events, and weekly gatherings like that one alliance guild does for worgen tavern night or whatever the hell they're calling it.

aaWOO! We be big boys!
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04/24/2011 07:28 AMPosted by Immolate
If you want RP go and find it.


There is plenty of RP on SwC. I have seen it. Guild groups here and there having a bit of a chat. You're not in that guild? Oh! That's why you didn't know about it. I suspect there is even more RP going on in guild chats...

If you want RP... make it! Would be nice if you invited others. This forum was reformatted so you can't really check my posts back a year, but... I don't just talk the talk.

Make RP.

Sled dog analogy: If you aren't the lead dog the scenery never changes.

{You did notice the guild of the OP, yes?}
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...those of us who love the artform that is holistic gaming...

Holistic Gaming... does playing WoW in the nude count?
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Bump for restoring Steamwheedle Cartel to its former glory. And in the name of the God Emperor. Just because.
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Bored? Nothing to do? Then /join SWCRP chat channel and do a random RP event!
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I am for the all race all continent ride!
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