What are your early WoW memories?

85 Goblin Warrior
Holding the boats at Menehtiel Harbor with The Legion of Doomhammer against allies

The STV gorillas and panthers wiping and CCing the first Horde PvP raid before anyone was 60.

Chances at Xroads looking for prey

Getting MCed on the blackrock chain

Kiting Korrack The Bloodrager into allies in AV

LoD kitting dragons into Org

The blood plague that escaped from ZG

Twistars 200 man raid on IF that crashed the servers

Camping STV for hours with my guild in retaliation for some one camping Mishka

Nerf These owning AV, Qwinnlynn and Jaycfug AV madness

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85 Tauren Warrior
Playing with dialup

Playing a melee hunter until level 36 because I didn't see a single person until that level, so no one told me what to do.

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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Me being a priest, and trading Power Infusion with Pharmacist to smite people down.
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Using Eyes of the Beast to find out who was attacking Darnassus because I thought that the Horde could attack me there
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Reguarly wiping in normal instances just because CC wasn't done right.

Where just about every pull had a mob that could fear.

When pulling actually meant pulling. As in pulling the mobs to the group.

Farming all of the blue dungeon gear on my warrior and hunter.

Learning how each class played.

10 man UBRS that still can't kill the last boss.

Having to go buy grimoires for warlock pets.

Horde having this weird class that would drop totems, but that was alright because we had a class that could bubble.

BRD being so long that you had to break it up into groups and take breaks.
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10 man UBRS that still can't kill the last boss.

15 man UBRS where no one had the key
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80 Gnome Rogue
Being feared into a pack of core hounds and wiping an entire 40 man raid.

Not dismissing my pet in Gnomer and wiping an entire party.

Buying int gear from the AH because I thought it was better for my Hunter at lvl 40.

Downing Hakkar for the first time in my guild (after attempting for weeks). It was epic! Pure epicness.

Being ganked by Tokro or Icutyou.

Spending weeks farming gold for a fast mount because dailes weren't introduced until TBC

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warlocks wearing leather
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90 Dwarf Paladin
The mass amounts of skeletons lining the floor in the corridor to BWL.

Epic wars in Silithus on the way to AQ.

Getting steamrolled by Myrmidon Legion in AB...constantly!

AV's that lasted for DAYS.

Tubers in Felwood, and snatching the other flower buffs for raids.

Raiding for 5-6 hours with Synergy, then running Scholomance just to use the alchemy lab (or going back into BWL after a soft reset) to make flasks for the guild.

All night fishing trips to Feathermoon Stronghold...<3 them Stonescale Eels lol.

Getting drunk and vendoring the first epic i ever looted late one night. (was lucky to get it back, though!)

40-man Onyxia and having to buff Kings on everyone...you know, the FIVE MINUTE version!

and finally:
Rolling out of Auberdine on my level 12 paladin to go questing, only to come across some Horde hunter named Tokro coming up the road... :)
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85 Blood Elf Mage
Q'ing for AB, WS and AV and waiting for hours....

Trying to get to BWL and having to run back to your corpse like 5 times before you could get in the entrance....

Going into BWL as a guild, just to steamroll thru the alli...

Benediction and all the Rank 13 grinder <3

40 man raids, lol

raiding alliance cities :P

Windfury for a shaman before it was nerfed

Tanking MC on my shaman with Mootalia after getting High Warlord

Honor system, lol

soo many more
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100 Dwarf Warrior
Playing WoW on my OLD old PC.

Running Windows XP on an HP Pavilion desktop PC with a 1GHz P3, 256MB of RAM, onboard video, 1.5meg DSL connection.

The first time I ever went to IF, about the time I got to the main gate, my FPS dropped to nothing. I was still apparently moving but couldn't see where I was going. I fell into the little pit under the AH bridge and crashed the game. Logged back in, no FPS, crashed again. I almost never got out of there. I had my hearthstone set to Thelsamar until I got a better PC.

Oddly enough, I really had no problems in other areas. Just crowded places like IF or occasionally Stormwind. I thought that computer was going to explode in a big mushroom cloud the first time I tried to do an AV.

- Epic AVs that lasted forever, once I upgraded to a computer that could handle them.

- A 10-man group with everyone pitching in gold so we could pay someone to open the UBRS door for us.

- Being rich because I had 500 gold.

- Helping my priest friend farm his Eye of Shadow. He was going on about how it had such a bad drop rate and was going to take forever, we probably wouldn't get it on the first night of farming, etc. On about the 2nd or 3rd thing we killed, BAM, it dropped. Took all of about 10 minutes. I think he just about had a stroke.
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90 Night Elf Priest

Massing at the flight path to battle head on head epic battles with horde guilds to gain access to raid entrances.

Bugged MC quest for night elf priests which gave me game master title for a day & enabled me to whisper horde.

No honor in battlegrounds for healing.

Mind control un-nerfed.

Benediction quest on a 2 hour respawn timer where you needed enough consumables for a whole raid. Wiped by the grim reaper due to a mage running through the tunnel at an inopportune time

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85 Human Paladin
pvping with a warlock being able to fearlock someone from 100% - 0%.... ah good times.
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90 Night Elf Priest
Hmmm. I can remember running halfway across a map then suddenly falling off my tiger -dead due to curse of doom.
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Southshore/Tarren Mill
Gadgetzan PvP
August Legion/Synergy/AFO alliance group raid on Splintertree post.
Cib (Dude is #%#@in hilarious)
Getting chased out of Netherguard for ganking my own guildmates with Myrmidion Legion (6v40)
Duels with Shadowreaper
AQ Gates
Ganking guilds on their way to Naxx in vanilla to waste their world bufffs for boss kills.

Ganking two DA priests on the Benediction quest....and accidentally my own guildy.
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100 Human Warrior
05/16/2011 12:00 AMPosted by Kodi
Getting chased out of Netherguard for ganking my own guildmates with Myrmidion Legion (6v40)

Lol, I remember that
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90 Night Elf Priest

Ganking two DA priests on the Benediction quest....and accidentally my own guildy.

Mean, mean, mean!

Stratholme holy water
Oil of Immolation
Crystal Charge from Ungoro
Major Mana Pots
Mageblood potion
Scrolls, Scrolls, Scrolls / class bufffs
Night Dragon's Breath - Felwood
Whipper Root
Dark Runes

2 hour respawn for the NPC.
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Lol, I remember that

It was worth every angry tell.

And Svena I knew what I was doing. My own guildy was an accident tho. She almost murdered me.
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85 Tauren Death Knight
calling zacard a newbie
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