[OOC] Five Years of the Drunken Kodo!

100 Blood Elf Rogue
For five years the Zephyr Crew on Thorium Brotherhood has been bringing the Horde (and sometimes wandering Alliance) types an RP event located in Ratchet (Northern Barrens). Every Tuesday and Thursday from 9-11pm the Crew's members put on the event to encourage server role play and provide a Tavern environment for characters to wind down after a long day's / week's / month's work of battle.

Many kudos go out to the characters of Saraquael, Bloodaxe, Marosemius, Gaurth, Grubgrabber, Maranwe, and others - and (of course) the players behind them that have made this possible. Without their tenacity and willingness to show up twice a week, every week, for five years (or close to it), this event would have not been possible.

We will continue to keep the drinks and the conversation flowing, because we enjoy this event as much as you do.

Thanks guys!

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No one can say that TB RP has ever died since the Zephyr Crew formed.

The Drunken Kodo is ol' reliable. None of us go every week, but we appreciate it nonetheless by being, even sometimes, the only outlet left.

On no other server is the phrase, "Well, there's always the Kodo" a more appealing idea. Fun will damn sure be had!

A toast to Caeryn, Saraquael, Drosh, Gaurth, Marosemius, Bloodaxe, Maranwe, Grubgrabber, Washue, Sihu, Darda -and let's not forget Jehotay!- plus all the people past and present that have helped this place carry on. I know what a thankless ritual it can be.

I've tried doing my part, but I just can't compare to these guys.
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69 Undead Hunter
Happy Birthday, Kodo.

I remember when the ZC was first formed, and the Kodo after that. Not all who had their hands in these events are remembered, but the legacy of both the forgotten and the recalled live on in them.

Keep on keeping on.
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100 Orc Hunter
It's pretty wonderful to look back on the last five years. I've such affection for the entire ZC family and all of our friends and cohorts. May the the fun keep on rolling!
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85 Troll Hunter
Five years already? Don't seem that long. I have but one thing to say to that.

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100 Undead Priest
Happy birthday, Kodo!

So many memories!
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85 Tauren Hunter
Congrats to you all; your RP event is so cool! ^_^

I've only been to the Kodo a small handful of times... I keep meaning to go back, I really loved it.. I just work on Tuesday nights and end up sleeping too late on Thursdays (I work graveyeard shift and 9-11pm server is 7-9pm my time... Thursdays are my nights off, and after a grueling work week, sleeping until midnight is like the wonderful, lazy feeling of sleeping in until noon on a Sunday for a "normal" person, heh). But I do still hope to get my sleep in order and make it back to the Kodo someday, maybe even be a regular at some point!

My thanks to Caeryn for organizing it and inviting me for the first time... Imminent Rueage will always consider Zephyr Crew a beloved sister guild, and we do so hope that the feeling is mutual. ^_^

What few times I've been, Saraquael has always been so warm and chatty with my character... it is very hard to RP someone who is so painfully shy IC (as far as actually getting *to* RP, rather than just being ignored as a wallflower), and I do thank Saraquael for giving me the opportunity to speak a few times, rather than just emoting social awkwardness all evening, heh.

I also remember a really nice Forsaken who RPed some with me... I'm so ashamed to admit that I don't remember his name, but my interactions with him were interesting to me, and he was always sitting around crunching on peanuts and offering peanuts to passersby. If this is a regular character quirk of a particular Forsaken that anybody actually recognizes, I hope someone will pass on that even what little bit of RP we did was really cool to me.

Sorry to blather on so very horribly (it's a well-documented habit of mine ^^;;)... but I just wanted to say congrats again to you all on keeping the Kodo running so smoothly for so very long, I really like it even if I hardly ever get to do it, and I really hope I can go back someday soon! ^_^
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A friendly reminder that the Drunken Kodo is still up and running.
Every Tuesday and Thursday at 9pm until 11pm.
Look out for those friendly <Zephyr Crew> faces!
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100 Blood Elf Death Knight
Thanks for the update. To date, haven't the chance to get out there to check it out!
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85 Tauren Warrior
Just a reminder that we are still open and will be in Ratchet tonight at 9pm server time.
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85 Tauren Warrior
I remember my orc warrior climbing a shelf and nearly starting a fire with an engineering trinket in the Kodo, way back in vanilla.
Pleasantly surprised to see you guys are still around.
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Happy Birthday, guys!

I had many good times at this event. I'm glad to see it's still living on.
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You guys are the last hope for RP on this server
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90 Tauren Shaman
Wow! Grats to The Drunken Kodo, our Last, Best Hope for roleplay! May it never become our Last, Best Hope for Victory (A La Babylon 5). Incredible that the team behind it has kept it going for 1/2 decade...
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