Rate the DK name above you

70 Dwarf Death Knight
Thank you Zane. I'm glad someone understood the reasoning behind my name. Also, as I'm a tank, I sacrifice myself for the group and maintain my status in the realm of martyrdom.
Edited by Martyr on 4/26/2011 10:24 AM PDT
85 Undead Death Knight
But aren't Martyr's dead?

He's a death knight, he was a Martyr for whatever cause he supported and then was brought back by the Lich King

Also, stop counting gear into the scores this is a rate the dk NAME above you not rate the DK above you.

But I thought the flowers complimented his name quite well.

Edit: Oh it's you dwarf, you've already been rated so let's stick to your original rating I suppose. Someone rate Zane, i'm bad@rating.
Edited by Calamity on 4/26/2011 10:25 AM PDT
85 Worgen Death Knight
pretty good name, not a fan of the guild name though

ewwww symbols
85 Worgen Death Knight
6/10 not really much to say about it just that some kewl name/soul might get a better rating.

My name was my nickname in the marine corps and i stuck to it lol
88 Blood Elf Death Knight
4/10 because the marines suck. lol. go army.
85 Human Death Knight
1/10 because you have dk in your name ...
85 Gnome Death Knight
1/10 wahhh?

but have you seen my dance?
Edited by Whornado on 4/26/2011 11:11 AM PDT
85 Night Elf Death Knight
@Whornado - 2/10. Midgets don't get to be... yea <.<
Edited by Cliché on 4/26/2011 11:10 AM PDT
85 Human Death Knight
7/10 kinda original
85 Night Elf Death Knight
04/26/2011 11:14 AMPosted by Tyraskanks
7/10 kinda original

Oh, I do love irony.
85 Human Death Knight
Eh, 8/10 for the irony alone.
90 Human Death Knight
8/10 Equitum is a pretty cool guy, eh plays deathknights and doesn't afraid of anything.
85 Human Death Knight
7/10 Sounds kind of like E-Java which I think gets served at virual coffee shops in the computer generated world of 2nd life, or some sort of programming language. I guess it has a bit of lore flair though.
65 Draenei Death Knight
7/10 works for me Ray
90 Human Death Knight
8/10 reminds me of FFT for some reason.
86 Tauren Death Knight
Do me and keep in mind im a new 85
55 Worgen Death Knight
90 Night Elf Death Knight
5/10 just cuz I don't get it.

~ Salty Deathknut.
85 Human Death Knight

Not very creative.
85 Undead Death Knight
7/10. I do enjoy names that are cool-sounding and original, and that's an average to good one. Unfortunately, it sounds a tad bit like clitoris.

Can we pretend it's spelled without the E? I made a spelling error.
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