portals in shattrath/dalaran?

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When the portals were removed from Dalaran I made 3k gold the first night by simply camping the spot they were and selling ports. Over the next few days I made another 5k doing the same thing. By the time I got over it I had made over 10,000 gold beaming you guys around the world.

Now everyone is based out of Orgrimmar and Stormwind. I sell ports there. So you can have your Dalaran portals back, we're finished with 'em.
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I've got 2 points.

1. It's not that hard to get out of Shattrath and Dalaran, there is a FP in both of them, or you can simply fly back.

2. Do you really think that people are going to say "OMG THERE IS ONE PORTAL TO STORMWIND/ORGRIMMAR IN DALARAN I BETTER GO SET MY HEARTHSTONE THERE SO I CAN GET TO STORMWIND/OGRIMMAR QUICKER!!" No, because if they want to go there that bad they will simply set their hearth to Stormwind/Orgrimmar.

It's really not a big deal anyways, only people with the IQ of a cracker are going to go back to Dal/Shatt just to get to their capital city faster.
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04/27/2011 02:27 AMPosted by Zeander
It was incredibly easy to get anywhere you wanted in the world with out having the Dal/Shatt portals.

You're joking right? Easy? Uh...no.

Well, it depends who you're talking to. For a max level character with assorted items, it is pretty easy.

I can go to Outland or Northrend basically any time I want with a neck and a tabard, and my alchemist alt gives me freebie access to Stormwind via Potion of Deepholm. From Stormwind/Orgrimmar, you can get to both sides of Kalimdor easily.

The only place that's kinda hard to get to (for Alliance, anyway) is the northern Eastern Kingdoms, where you basically have to fly to Ironforge, then fly to Quel'Danas, then fly back to Light's Hope or Ebon Hold. This is kind of a royal PITA for Alliance Death Knights, but as the Hero Class they just have to man up and take it, I guess.

For lower level characters, or characters without access to Blessed Medallion of Karabor and Argent Crusader's Tabard/Ring of the Kirin Tor/Jaina's Locket, travel is considerably less convenient.
85 Goblin Rogue
So my Jaina's locket isn't completely useless anymore :O I wasn't aware of this...
Oh look, the players were right and blizzard was in the wrong, again.

I'm not surprised, I knew this would happen.

You a geneous.

^ lol this makes Bashiok my new favorite community manager. Anyways, thank you so much for putting the portals back! :D
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I agree with you on that, developers need to be aware of the wants of the people who play the game. Maybe not everyone supports this issue, but obviously enough did that blizzard was inclined to change this aspect of the game.
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Big deal that they did it , i for one found them usefull in the first place and they dont need an explanation for small stuff like this just be happy they did it and stop complaining.
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Here is the way I see it I am a Mage I port people when they ask for it the reason why Blizz Implemented the ports to and from shatt/dal and Org cause I dont play Alliance never will so I dont know the cities however this is irrelevant, Mages sit in cities all quiet like type/who and you can clearly see they are there you could port to whatever place people are asking from but they got stuck up the so called QQ is very relevant and I dont think its anyones fault but the !**@#%@ mages who refused to Port so I will do you a favor Mages who think they lost out on some kind of profit I am currently playing the worlds smallest Violin Just for you go Mine and pick some Herbs to make up for it.
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2. Do you really think that people are going to say "OMG THERE IS ONE PORTAL TO STORMWIND/ORGRIMMAR IN DALARAN I BETTER GO SET MY HEARTHSTONE THERE SO I CAN GET TO STORMWIND/OGRIMMAR QUICKER!!" No, because if they want to go there that bad they will simply set their hearth to Stormwind/Orgrimmar.

Someone early on in either this thread or another said exactly that.

I was confused too.
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I for one am glad some of the portals are back up. And I would like more of them to be back up. I became an engineer specifically to have some more options for getting around. It is still not easy to get to Outland though. I think a portal to shatt should be placed in dalaran at least. As an engineer I can go to Area 52 but its still several minutes of flying to get to Shatt from there and yes, I do have a limited time to play so I hate spending so much of it in travel. And as a new player to my current realm, I have certainly never completed the Black Temple, so the blessed medallion is not something I'm likely to get soon. I did buy the kirin tor ring (which was very expensive) but you have to wear it to use it which is a bit annoying, I would like to get the tournament tabard but that's going to take so long considering all the other stuff I want to get from the tournament and again, the limited amount of time I have. However I will soon have the northrend wormhole and then I'll be happy. Just wish I could get a wormhole to Outland too. I am still trying to finish dailies there and get dungeon rep so it is quite annoying to have such a hard time getting there.

So, Blizz, thanks for putting portals back in and could you please put in a few more? cheers!
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04/28/2011 09:40 PMPosted by Bashiok
I can't believe no one came up with the conclusion that Blizzard screwed themselves over when they decided to give us no new race capitals for Goblin and Worgen, and no new neutral city. You really hate players returning to Shattrath and Dalaran that bad? They wouldn't have to if you would have been smart and gave us what we always got, a new expansion city where everyone can sit, hearth, and spam right-click its network of portals. But instead you rob us of a new city, and have the balls to take away the portals from the Wotlk city that we're still stuck with?

Nyah hah hah! /twistmustache And you'll never be able to untie her before the train arrives!

*cue dramatic old-timey piano music*

LOL that is all I have to say. that post was AWSOME! XD...
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You a geneous.


However I suppose Blizzard is full of humans and Humans make mistakes unlike us Taurens.. Now if Blizzard was full of Taurens then maybe no mistakes would ever be made. ;O)

And they'd have a right to EXPECT a herd mentality. Win-win, right? I don't want to be the guy cleaning the bathrooms, though.
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I just reactivated my account because someone told me the portals were back.

Now I find that it's only 1 portal and the ones to UC TB and Silvermoon are still missing (insert Alliance equivalents).

Cancelling again. Yes, it's that important to me! I get around a lot and I point blank refuse to go back to using zeps/boats. They are a waste of my playing time and annoy me immensely.

I still thank you Blizzard for making this step in the right direction. Call me when the rest of the are back:)
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We had a number of instances where people were coming back to the game after not playing for a long period, in some cases years, and having a really difficult time finding their way to where they should be.

Stormwind and Orgrimmar portals now exist in Dalaran and Shattrath to help them get to the relevant cities in Cataclysm; one for each faction, and only those two portals exist to facilitate that intent.

Um, if a is person coming back to the game after a long absence and they spawn in Dalaran or Shatt then they should know how they got there and therefore how to get back. Its not like you randomly spawn in these places. If the person hadn't played the game since Vanilla then they should spawn in the Vanilla content and therefore won't be lost.
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It was incredibly easy to get anywhere you wanted in the world with out having the Dal/Shatt portals.

if your 85
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