Good morning, everyone! I'm in search of a progression guild that raids at least 3 times a week. I am a tank and I want a permanent raid tank slot. The only reason I'm not continuing with my current guild is timeing--they are on mountain time and I am on EST.

I am dedicated and knowledgable about Paladin tanking; but I also realize that, because I'm a new player, I still have a lot to learn. I am always learning! I have a great attitude, I'm a mature, young professional and I can bring leadership skills to the table (I've been guild leader in a MUD for over a year).

I wouldn't call myself hardcore, but I am looking for a guild that starts on time and is serious enough about progressing. I'm also looking for a guild that is active outside of raiding--BGs, pvp, achievements, leveling up the guild, etc.

I am only 3/12 for 10-mans, but that should be 5 (haha, I know, not much of a difference). I really want to keep progressing and getting better as a tank. I've also got some dps and an healer alt that could be raid ready if you give me a little time, but this is my main and I would prefer to tank.

I pick up quickly, I'm willing to learn/adjust, and pretty flexible (except I just cannot do raids starting at 12am server time... though I stuck it out for 2 months!) so please let me know.

You may contact me directly by e-mail at

OH! Also, I am willing to consider a faction change, but would prefer to stay horde. It would take a good group for me to do that. :D