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In an attempt to rekindle the extremely successful Saturday ICC and ToC GDKP raids of WotLK, Members of Osmosis will be attempting BWD,BoT and ToTFW starting this Saturday (4/23) at 6pm server.

Do you have an alt you’d love to raid on, but no space in your guilds weekly runs, or perhaps you missed an entire dungeon this week? Well a GDKP raid is a great place to either start gearing that alt, or make sure you don’t miss out on a chance for that item you greatly desire this week.

If you’ve never heard of GDKP a brief overview can be found on WoW Insider here:

Or a more in-depth breakdown of running a GDKP at Elitist Jerks here:

If reading someone else’s long post about GDKP isn’t your style, here is my quick breakdown of what we’re attempting to do.

G-DKP stands for Gold (DKP), in other words your pocketbook is your dkp pool. There will be minimum bids set for all epic items that drop and a public bidding will take place for each of these items. The raids will be a set length 6pm – 9:30pm and an end boss will be announced 30min prior to raid end. We will attempt to kill as many bosses as possible in the allotted amount of time.

Loot Rules:
There are no mainspec/offspec rules, and no maximum bid, so the individual who holds the highest bid at the end of each auction will win the item. Gold will be exchanged with the “pool-holder” and the item will be master-looted to the winner.
At the raids end, the entire pool will be split evenly between all those remaining in the raid.
Participants must stay through the raids end to be eligible for a split of the pool.
All epic drops will start at 2000g with a minimum raise of 200g.
Maelstrom crystals will start at 1000g with a minimum raise of 100g.

Why do a GDKP? Here is a succinct list from the EJ post that will sum it up better than I.

- It's fun
- The raids are usually more successful than /random raids
- You can make lots of money (even if you didn’t buy or need any items)
- You can get items you want and still make a profit
- You have good control over your ability to get items you want (aka by how much you're prepared to pay for them)
- GDKP runs attract geared mains who don't even need the instance, because of their profitability.
- People are unlikely to leave GDKP runs early (You only get your share of the pot if you stay to the end)
- People are compelled to play better, because it's in their personal financial interests (You might get replaced and lose your pot if you're bad)
- You can get gear for your offspec, profession patterns, orbs etc with no "MS>OS" type restrictions
- GDKP runs can be quite self sustaining. Once word gets out how successful GDKP runs can be, better players will start wanting to go. Better players further increase the chances of a better run, and it's an upward spiral from there.
- It's easy to find replacements for people in successful GDKP runs, even if you only have one boss left to kill.

Some social rules that will govern each run and if broken can result in the loss of your raid spot and forfeiture of your share of the pool.
- Excessive afk time or disconnects.
- Excessive swearing, racist, sexist or otherwise demeaning vent or raid chat.
- Extremely low performance, inability to follow simple raid instructions.
- Intentionally disrupting bids or the bidding process while an auction is taking place.

These rules and the loot rules will be explicitly stated in-game, in raid chat before each run begins. This is done to protect everyone involved. If something goes wrong, this statement of the raid-rules is what the Blizzard GM's will use to hold people accountable to various policy's, such as their 'scam policy'.

If this is something you or someone in your guild might be interested in, please feel free to contact Hoobajoo, Jedrek, or Ezpz in game.
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Feel free to contact me on one of my alts as well. I'm usually on Alexxie or Shaftxx if not on Ez.
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Money money money money
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Poop. I would totally be interested in this if it was run earlier on a Saturday like it was back in WotLK. I've been itching to do a raid on this guy.
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85 Tauren Priest
First raid went pretty well , went 2/4 in bot and 4/6 in bwd no wipes to any of the bosses and everyone walked out with almost 5k gold
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Bump for 4.1 time!
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