If you're a casual raider but have more skill than time please read this. We like parents and grown ups that have jobs and children. Attendance is never required if you give us advance notice. Life is always more important.

We're recruiting casual raiders that want to make good progress in a short amount of time. We raid 2-3 days a week. Wed and Sun are the 2 main days. 2nd group will be starting on Tue and Thur. Raid times are 9-12 eastern time. Lvl 23 guild. 8/12 and poised to run through the last few bosses and start HM's while gearing up and getting ready for Firelands.

We are actively recruiting DK- tank/dps, Warrior- tank, skilled Lock or two, resto/balance druid. We also accept just about any other class/spec as we try to fill out a 2nd 10 man group. We expect you to be properly geared, gemmed, enchanted. We don't raid a ton of hours per week so if you join you need to pull your weight to keep getting invites.

Contact me in game for additional information, or apply at www.ravingsushi.com