2.1k+ rated player LF active 3v3s

85 Orc Warlock
Hello PvPers of Nazjatar (or trolls of Nazjatar). I've been looking for active 3v3s about all of cata for constant teams that stay active and don't just play for points.

I've been 2.1k+ rating on my arms warrior (can go fury if you prefer that) 2k+ on my resto shaman alt (can go elemental spec if need be) and 2k+ on my affliction warlock alt.

The comps I prefer are:

TSG (unholy dk/hpally variant)
WLD (Warrior Lock Druid)
WSP (Warrior ele shaman holy pally)
WSD (Warrior ele/enh shaman resto druid)
WPD (Warrior Ret pally Resto Druid)
WDP (Warrior Feral Druid Hpally)

WSP (Warrior ele shaman holy pally)
Shadowcleave (Unholy DK Aff lock Resto shaman)
Shadowplay (Aff lock Shadowpriest Resto Shaman)
Wiz Cleave (Aff lock ele shaman hpally)
Wiz Cleave (Frost Mage ele shaman hpally)
Wiz cleave ( Frost mage aff lock resto shaman)
RLS (Rogue aff lock resto shaman)
Heroic RLS (Rogue shadowpriest resto shaman)

WLD (arms/fury warrior aff lock resto druid)
Shadowcleave (unholy dk aff lock resto shaman/druid)
Shadowplay (Aff lock Shadowpriest Resto Shaman/resto druid)
Wiz cleave ( Frost mage aff lock resto shaman)
Wiz Cleave (Aff lock ele shaman hpally)
RLS (Rogue aff lock resto shaman)

My play times are usually 3pm-11pm on good days and 3pm-7pm on other days and weekends I'm usually really flexible. I would like people that are at least 1700+ exp or willing to learn and progress at a reasonable rate. I don't want to play with ragers/elitist. I would like people who know what focus macros are and use them.

So you can PST me in game I may be on any of these toons:
Grimzoul: Warrior
Grìmzoul: Shaman
Grímzoul: Warlock
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85 Orc Warrior
I don't have KFC up there or Starcleave. I do however have an open mind on comps as long as its not retarded.
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85 Orc Hunter
WHO THE F^&% names those team comps?

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