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<Threat Level Midnight> is recruiting competent players for raid progression. We currently have 8/12 on farm and are forming our 2nd 10 man group. Immediate raid positions are open for healers and DPS classes.

Background: Many members of the guild are currently serving in the military together, and have been for quite some time. Due to uncontrollable schedules, quite a few of us became fed up with progression guilds that resorted to "core" 10 man groups and shunned players who could not attend more than 75% of the raids. Thus, in April (one month ago!), many of us real-life friends and co-workers transferred to the Draka server to start our own guild. Ever since we started raiding together, we have seen very quick progression and have been having a great time. Our roster quickly filled up, causing us to have too few raid spots for all guild members. Because of this, we've begun active recruiting for more players to fill slots in a 2nd 10 man. We are very accepting of players with busy real-life schedules, whether it be due to classes, family, and especially military matters (we've all been there)! If you are a friendly player, agreeable, and put forth a solid effort in raids, then you are definitely who we're looking for!

We are currently 8/12 on normal mode. Ascendant council is going down tonight, followed by Cho'gall either tonight or next week. After that, we'll be working on Nefarian (a Nef kill is a priority for us over Al'Akir).

Current Openings: Our current priorities are resto druids and shaman, holy/disc priests, and DPS classes. However, if you are an exceptional player that can attend often, we'll find a spot for you!

Expectations: The officers expect raiders to either "accept," "decline," or mark "tentative" to in-game calendar invites. Also, we expect members to come to raid night with a basic knowledge of the fight (e.g., watching a video on Tankspot or similar source) and reading about the abilities on wowhead.com or wowpedia.com. We also expect members to brings class/spec appropriate raid food and flasks for their main and off-specs. If you have never done these fights, but are willing and able to learn, that is perfectly acceptable! Just let the raid leader know that you need a strategy rundown.

Loot System: Loot is done on a purely "need for MS" system. Once you get a MS item during that raid lockout period, you cannot roll again on a MS item unless no other MS person needs the loot. It's fair, simple, and keeps everyone happy. Off-spec loot is also free-roll, IF your character can actually use the item, and nobody needs your potential OS item for their MS.

Raid Schedule: Currently, the 2nd 10 man group is running on Wednesdays and Mondays from 6:00-9:00 server time. Raid invites go out 15 minutes before that. Our first pull is at 6:00! Come with your gear 100% repaired and rdy to pull trash!

Vent: We have our own vent server. The ability to hear the raid leaders in vent is required. You don't have to speak in vent, but it is definitely encouraged/desired.

Guild Bank: We want our mats to be used by prospects and raiders. If you need gems/enchants, ask the officers and we'll get it for you, if you've been pulling your weight with the raids.

Gchat: Most of our "hanging out" in game is done in guild chat. We don't usually hang out in Vent during non-raid times. The environment of the guild is very friendly and fun, with most players over 18, so yes, some of our jokes are a bit off-color and adult-oriented.

Ultimate Goal: Our ultimate goal is to have a fun, laid-back guild that downs bosses routinely for this current tier (Tier 11). We WILL down Nefarian before the Firelands raid hits. Also, aside from raiding, we'd like to expand the guild with players of all walks of life and schedules.

Alt Recruiting: We recruit alts of all levels. Just ask an officer for an invite. Also, if your main is 85 and isn't quite raid-ready, feel free to ask for an invite if you're looking for a guild while you gear up in heroics!

If <Threat Level Midnight> seems like the place for you (and your friends if you have any on Draka), then please feel free to send an in-game whisper to Riun, Buitenhuys, Elegasm, Papadopolous or Knuckleface. Also, you can reach Riun, the recruiting officer at TLM_Recruiting (at) yahoo.com.

Thanks! We hope to see you in game and look forward to speaking with you!
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