Dragon Riders of Pern

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So. Started by Anne McCaffrey, continued by her son Todd. What do you think of the books, which ones have you read, your favourite character, yadda yadda. I'll even be nice and post the little introduction that's always given, at least in the older books.

"When is a legend legend? Why is a myth a myth? How old and disguised must a fact be for it to be relegated to the category 'Fairy-tale'? And why do certain facts remain incontrovertible while others lose their validity to assume a shabby, unstable character?

Rukbat, in the Sagittarian sector, was a golden G-type star. It had five planets, and one stray it had attracted and held in recent millennia. Its third planet was enveloped by air man could breathe, boasted water he could drink, and possessed a gravity that permitted man to walk confidently erect. Men discovered it and promptly colonized it. They did that yo every habitable planet, and then - whether callously or through collapse of empire, the colonists never discovered and forgot to ask, left the colonies to fend for themselves.

When men first settled on Rukbat's third world and named it Pern, they had taken little notice of the stranger-planet, swinging around its adopted primary in a wildly erratic elliptical orbit. Within a few generations they had forgotten its existence. The desperate path the wanderer pursued brought it close to its step-sister every two hundred (Terran) years at perihelion.

When the aspects were harmonious, and the conjunction with its sister planet close enough, as it often was, the indigenous life of the wanderer sought to bridge the space gap to the more temperate and hospitable planet.

It was during the frantic struggle to combat this menace dropping through Pern's skies like silver threads and Pern's tenuous contact with the mother planet was broken. Recollections of Earth receded further from Pernese history with each successive generation until memory of their origins degenerated past legend or myth, into oblivion.

To forestall the incursions of the dreadful Threads, the Pernese, with the ingenuity of their forgotten Terran forebears, developed a highly specialized variety of a life-form indigenous to their adopted planet. Such humans as had a high empathy rating and some innate telepathic ability were trained to use and preserve this unusual animal whose ability to teleport was of great value in the fierce struggle to keep Pern bare of Threads.

The winged, tailed, and fiery-breathed dragons (named for the Earth legend they resembled), their dragonmen, a breed apart, and the menace they battled, created a whole new group of legends and myths.

Once relieved of imminent danger, Pern settled into a more comfortable way of life. The descendants of heroes fell into disfavor, as the legends fell into disrepute." (Anne McCaffrey, Dragonflight, xi - xii)
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05/04/2011 09:44 AMPosted by Iceflyer
which ones have you read

I have one big copy that has three books in in. But there are so many words. I'm only on page 16 XD
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I love the Dragonriders of Pern books, some of my favorite characters are Menolly, Weyrwoman Lessa, Masterharper Robinton, and of course all the dragons :) I've read another series of Anne McCaffery's about a girl lost in space ??? can't think what its called now... but it was good as well, she is one of my favorite Authors.
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I have to say that this might be the worst series I have ever started reading. I say started because I read the first three books and stopped there. It is the only series I have ever started that I did not finish, and I even read all of Goodkind's Sword of truth series, so I can muscle through garbage when I have to.

The first three books had basically nothing happen. They learned time travel, they had 2 single combat knife fights, they found mini dragon, they built a guy a house and they found out they are from another planet.

Thats sums up three books. No bad guys, No conflict.
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There might not be overt conflict, but there are issues between the different Weyrs, and it ends up causing some subtle conflict that way.

I loved the books, or at least liked them a good deal. I read one of my Grandmother's books that was a compilation of three books. I'm not sure which ones they were, but they were probably the first three.

I read them a long while ago (probably about 5 years by now), but I'm pretty sure Robinton and Lessa were probably my favorite characters as well. Inventions in fantasy are always really cool, and as such the inventors are usually one of the characters I enjoy.
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Maybe I'd like them if I read them in order.

It's been so long since I was on a sci-fi kick, I really can't remember. I think I have one or two hanging around, I am just trying to remember who did The Sword of Shanara.
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Terry Brooks is the mind behind Shanara. I've enjoyed most of his books.

As for Pern... read all of them including the first two by her son and stopped there. It really got rediculous at the end and I'd just had enough of Anne science by that time. As a young teen I absolutely /loved/ them. Reading them as an adult it brings back fond memories but too many contradictions etc.

Favorite character = F'nor and Canth hands down.
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i've read them all. (Own them all, too.) my fav of them all is the original "DragonRiders of Pern" trilogy, but my favorite character has to be Menolly. i used to be a regular contributor to FortWeyr13 (an official RP group) and my fav character to play was my weyrharper.

Anne is my fav author of all time (with Mercedes Lackey a close second). i have everything she's written that i can get my hands on. i'm sure there are some collaborations and such that i haven't had access to, though.
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My favourite character by a long shot is Fiona. She's part of the newer books, including one by Todd that's either coming out soon or was recently released. =D

After that comes Lessa and Ramoth. Though I had a fire mage on the ptr named Flar. =D
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I didn't find the series to be particularly well-written, but it did have a few choice kernels of ideas. That's often enough to keep a reader engaged, and I think it's one of the reasons her works inspired so much fanfiction (especially after she lifted the misguided moratorium on it) and fanart.

F'nor was probably my favorite character, especially when he stopped being a F'lar clone and started getting some character development through his tragic relationship with Brekke.
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05/05/2011 07:18 AMPosted by Calexandra
with Mercedes Lackey a close second

No! How could Lackey take second to anyone! /keels over in shock. Hah, it's alright. I'm terribly biased since I practically learned how to read while following the adventures of Talia and Elspeth.

On topic! I do own a few of the Dragon Riders of Pern books, but I sort of inherited them from an older sibling. I think I may have tried to get a start on the first book, but I was too impatient and never managed to finish it. Maybe one day I'll get it done. :]
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I really liked her books. One thing that really stood out for me is the science in her books. Obviously, there are many things science can't account for. What science is in her books is usualy near enough truth to be beleivable. The one place where she lost me is in the book All the Weyrs of Pern. She stretches that extra inch where it becomes pure fantasy and science loses it's credibility.

By far Jaxom and Ruth are my favorite characters by a longshot.
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I love McCaffrey's Rowan series much more than the Pern books. The Brain and Brawn series holds more appeal as well.

But of the Pern series, I think the Harper trilogy is the best.
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I read Moreta's Ride and The Skies of Pern and they were really boring.
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I liked these books a long time ago (when I was younger), thinking back on it, my tastes have changed and while I love the "Lore" and concept of the world (very rich world, with many intriguing elements) I don't think I'd like this series as much anymore. The science really made the series awesome for me when I read it.

I read Dragon Riders Trilogy, Moreta, Dragonsdawn, All the Weyrs of Pern, and the Chronicles of Pern: First Fall.

But again, my tastes in Science Fiction have changed a lot since I read these books.

I also remember another series by Anne McCaffery the "Rowan" series. It was on par Science wise, and similar in style, just more "standard" Science Fiction in setting (futuristic earth/space flight/etc).
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1st: Dragonflight.

missed some short stories, read about 3 of her son's work.

Favorites were Dragon's Dawn, and the Harper Hall trilogy.

Ruth is favorite dragon by far though.
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05/11/2011 03:49 AMPosted by Suifleam
But again, my tastes in Science Fiction have changed a lot since I read these books.

I agree on the changing tastes. Even back when I enjoyed the books, I found the strongly-enforced gender roles annoying, and have even less tolerance for them now. (Which is probably why my favorite characters were Mirrim, who wanted to ride a fighting dragon, and Menolly, who wanted to be a Harper.) Of the Pern books, my favorites are the Harper Hall trilogy; of all McCaffrey's books, my favorite is Crystal Singer, though not its sequels.
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I've read one of the books
Its been forever since then.
I'll have to look it up online and start buying them. =)
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My guild is named in tribute to McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern. Loved the whole series.
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